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Microsoft’s GitHub recently declared that it got hold of Semmle, which is a code analysis tool and aids developers and security researchers to find out prospective susceptibilities in their code. The utility takes lots of the manual job out of security testing. It instead provides a query language, which permits researchers to analyze their code with the help of the service’s analysis engine.

The GitHub team strategizes to incorporate Semmle actively to the GitHub workflow. It did not reveal the cost of the acquisition; however, Semmle, which was initially spun out of study performed at Oxford University, formally released the previous year, with a $21M Series B round directed by Accel. In whole, the organization raised $31M before this acquisition.

Shanku Niyogi, GitHub’s SVP of Product, writes in the announcement, “Just as relational databases make it simple to ask very sophisticated questions about data, Semmle makes it much easier for researchers to identify security vulnerabilities in large code-bases quickly.” “Many vulnerabilities have the same type of coding mistake as their root cause. With Semmle, you can find all variations of an error, eradicating a whole class of vulnerabilities. Furthermore, this approach makes Semmle far more effective, finding dramatically more issues and with far fewer false positives.”

The present Semmle users consist of the likes of Microsoft, Uber, Google, and NASA, and the organization’s key examination platform, with programmed code reviews, project tracking &, of course, security alerts, is accessible for without charge for open-source projects.

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Oege De Moor, the CEO, and co-founder of Semmle says, “GitHub is the one place where the community meets, where security experts and open-source maintainers collaborate, and where the consumers of open source find their building blocks.”

Adding further he mentions, “GitHub’s recent moves to secure the ecosystem (with maintainer security advisories, automated security fixes, token scanning and many other advances in secure development) are all pieces of the same puzzle. The Semmle vision and technology belong at GitHub.”

GitHub Acquires Semmle, Code Analysis Tool

Nat Friedman, the CEO of GitHub, echoes this in a post and notes that he thinks that GitHub has a “unique opportunity and responsibility to provide the tools, best practices, and infrastructure to make software development secure.”

As segment of this complete mission, GitHub even announced that it is a CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) Numbering Authority. Now, with this, the maintainers are going to be competent to account vulnerabilities from their repositories. Moreover, GitHub is going to manage assigning IDs and adding up the problems to the NVD (National Vulnerability Database). Preferably, this ought to mean that developers will reveal more vulnerability (since it’s now considerably easier) and even others who make use of this code are going to get alerts sooner.

Shanku Niyogi, SVP of Product at GitHub explained, “Security researchers identify vulnerabilities and their variants with a QL query. This query can be shared and run over many codebases, freeing up security researchers to do what they love and do best: hunt for new classes of vulnerability.”

“Because QL is declarative and object-oriented, creating a new analysis with QL is much easier than with traditional code analyzers. Customers frequently find vulnerabilities they couldn’t find with other tools and accomplish tasks that used to take weeks or more in hours,” he added further.

GitHub expects that by shortening the procedure for reporting vulnerabilities, it is going to support researchers and make sure that the data reaches impacted entities sooner.


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