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If there’s one thing the youth desires, it’s a cool platform with wonderful features to post pictures and share videos online. After all, it’s their source of entertainment. Whenever I think about this, only two names instantly come to my mind, i.e Snapchat and Instagram. With the advent of these amazing social media apps, top mobile app developers have started exploring new methods to make such kind of apps in order to attract wider audiences. These two are the most popular platforms that serve a similar purpose, sharing and distributing images and videos but that do so in different ways. In this blog, I am presenting a comparative study on Snapchat and Instagram and help you decide which platform is better for your business. Have a look-

An Introduction


Launched in the year 2011, Snapchat is a social media platform that allows you to take snaps and videos with thousands of emojis and filters, add text to them, and send them to either one friend or to share with all the people who follows you. One interesting thing about snapchat is Disappearing images. The idea of “disappearing photos” is what makes Snapchat platform so unique. Your friends can view the media you send them for ten seconds, after which it is deleted from the platform itself.

Key Metrics and Statistics

Estimated daily active users: 186 million

Number of Snaps send everyday: 400 million

Percentage of users that are women: 70%

Core users’ ages: 18-24 years old

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat77% of college students use Snapchat

Top-rated mobile app development companies have started looking up to these platforms to make their social media apps more interesting. A majority of the users of these platforms are youngsters who are totally mobile-driven and obsessed with their smartphones across the globe. Here is the graph showing countries with the Largest Snapchat and Instagram audiences as of October 2018-

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat


Launched in 2010, Instagram is a social networking service allowing users to post images and videos online to the users following them. Moreover, descriptions of the images are also posted, and often contain clickable links and topics in the form of hashtags. Instagram offers a ton of editing features including filters and photo editing that allows you to edit things like color saturation or brightness of the image. The popularity of Instagram catapulted after its acquisition by Facebook which took the popular photo-sharing app to new heights.

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Key Metrics and Statistics

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatEstimated daily active users: 300 million

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat95 Mn photos and videos posted each day

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatThe like button gets clicked 2.5 billion times per day

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat41% of users are ages 16-24, and 35% of users are 24-34

Features of Instagram and Snapchat


Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatInstagram Stories: A feature that allows users to post photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatIGTV: Lets user creates long-form vertical videos up to 10 minutes in length. Concisely, it’s television for mobile!

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatQuestion Stickers: It’s an interactive sticker to share with your audience and it lets them ask you questions to answer.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatLinking: Instagram allows you to link other Instagrammers, website, blog, or any other relevant pages within a story.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatLive: Users can go live on Instagram and followers can see a live recording of the person afterward.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatEmoji Slider: The emoji slider lets you ask more questions like how hot a pair of new sneakers is looking.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatBoomerang: Users can create videos for 3 to 4 second that bounces back and out like a boomerang.

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat

Snapchat Features

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatFace Filters: This feature allow users to add things, such as ears or glasses, to their faces via augmented reality.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatLive Feed: This feature allows users to contribute to a live story based on their location.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatVideo and Audio Chats: You can have video or audio chats with other users in Snapchat’s private messaging.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatGeofilters: Geofilters can allow users to share where they are, without sharing their open geographical location.

Comparative Study of Instagram and SnapchatBitmoji: Owned by Snap Inc. Bitmoji lets you create a cartoon avatar of your own. You can then use your avatar as a regular profile picture.

The best Android and iOS app developers deeply follow the above-mentioned features in order to capture audience attention.

Which one is Better? Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories


One of the best features added in Instagram and Snapchat are stories. Stories were first introduced by Snapchat and later implemented to Instagram in an effort to make sharing daily happenings easier and more spontaneous across social media.

Here are the differences among these two-

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat

Story Privacy

On Instagram, your Stories are public if your profile is public. Even if you don’t follow a particular user, if you can see their profile photo will be circled in color if they’ve posted a Story. Instagram has introduced “Story Settings,” which you can customize by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner from your profile tab to:

  • Hide your Stories from specific users
  • Allow message replies from only your followers
  • Allow message replies from users you follow
  • Turn message replies off completely

On Snapchat, you have full control over whom you do and don’t want to see your Stories. From the camera tab, you can tap the little ghost icon at the top and then tap the gear icon in the top right to access your settings. Here you can do following-

  • Allow everyone, just your friends or a custom group of users to view your Stories
  • Select whether you want to allow every person or just your friends to contact you


Instagram and Snapchat’s social media fall out continues on. While people usually have a preference, the similarities between the two are easy to spot. I hope this post helps you to know about the major differences both the platform has. Right now, social media apps are on high demand, so If you want to build your own app, why not consult with leading app developers? I would recommend hiring Fluper, a top-notch Android and iOS app development company, produced more than 250+ award-winning applications and having expertise in cross-platform apps, AR/VR app development, Gaming app development and others.

Comparative Study of Instagram and Snapchat

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