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The most difficult part of building a mobile-first startup is not only distribution but also reach out to target customers for sustainable traction. Generally, it is seen most of the applications get failed because developers were unable to market their products. In fact, most of the entrepreneurs only focus on acquiring users rather than engaging current ones. If you want to stand out in the present mobile app development world then you should mainly focus on existing customers.

Let’s take a look at how to attract the audience –

Top Ways to Attract App Users

Top Ways to Attract App UsersFocus on App Store Optimization

App store optimization mainly focuses on keyword and conversion rate optimization. In fact, the main goal of ASO is to allow the users to find, click and download the app through the app store. The main thing that affect the app’s position is the number of downloads, user reviews, and the comments.

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If you want to optimize your application for the app store then follow these rules –

Top Ways to Attract App Users Make an understandable Title

Well, you want users to remember your app’s name and at the same time, you want them to quickly figure out what your app is about. All such tasks can get simpler by an explicit app’s name.

Top Ways to Attract App Users Write a keyword rich description

You should put app’s features in the beginning so that users get attract towards the app. The optimal number of keywords in the description is five.

Top Ways to Attract App UsersFill in the keywords

In special keywords sections, you should fill out in the app store. Just think what words customer type in the search bar to find the app. Besides this, you should strictly follow rules for your app store.

Top Ways to Attract App UsersSelect an appealing icon

To influence the number of user clicks on the app, you should choose a good-looking and interesting icon. Ensure that icon reveal the purpose of the app and also intrigue users.


Top Ways to Attract App UsersDevelop email marketing campaigns

If you already have subscribers who already trust your iOS app development company then emails marketing campaigns can really prove advantageous for you.  On the other hand, if you don’t have subscriber base then you should use social media to create a buzz about your app. Once you do, you can easily engage users with email campaigns.

Top Ways to Attract App UsersUse Social Media

In a study, it is revealed that users spend 30% of their time on social media. Most of the users access social media through the mobile device. Moreover, you should social media platform according to your target audience. For example, if your app targets millennials then you should consider Snapchat or Instagram. On the other hand, if you have B2B app then LinkedIn and Twitter are best for you. The main factor behind using social media platform is to increase likes, subscribers and spread the word about your app. For app promotion, you can use free as well as paid social media marketing methods.

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Top Ways to Attract App UsersCreate in-app & online ads

The users who don’t use social media, you should consider online and in-app ads for them. Approx 33% of users discover apps while using other applications and it means that in-app advertising is more effective than search engine ads. If you want to save money then you can negotiate with Android app developers and conduct cross advertising. For creating search engine advertisements, just launch them by using Google Adwords.

Top Ways to Attract App UsersPromote the app on your website

To make users interested in your app, ensure that you have a corporate website and also make a separate page for your app. You should avoid making the page too long. Also, don’t forget to add a download link on the mobile website. If possible, add the blog, Q&A section so that users can get extra information about the app. In a report, it is predicted by Google that 51% of users find out new apps from friends and 48% of users find out by browsing app stores.

Top Ways to Attract App Users

Top Ways to Attract App UsersDevelop Public Relations Strategy

For attracting app users, media coverage is one of the effective channels.  You should reach out to companies and ask them to place information about your app. Research about your target audience and figure out what they like to read.

Top Ways to Attract App UsersCreate Office Campaigns

With the help of QR codes, you can easily redirect a user from printed material to the app store. To promote your app, you can use banners, stickers, posters, leaflets etc. But before printing, you should consider how you are spreading them among the target audience. Besides this, you should also plan a promotional campaign and stick to it. No matter what kind of method you are choosing, just test content on a small audience and measure the success of your campaign. Before you do everything, just focus on creating a good product.


In order to attract more users to your business, it is important to use smart strategies to achieve success. Do you want to convert simple ideas into outstanding mobile apps? Immediately contact Fluper where valuable Android app development services are delivered to clients to obtain the maximum return on investment.


Being a Delivery Head at Fluper, Sukhmander is responsible for the on-time delivery of projects. With its previous years of experience, he has mastered the art of building mobile apps that fulfill the necessities of clients effortlessly. Mr. Sukhmander has become a perfect example of dedication and discipline for all.

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