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The mobile industry is continuously growing to an endless scope as new apps are added to app stores on daily basis. Mobile app development is not expensive but it requires an enormous amount of time, efforts.  The best way to develop a mobile app is to consider positive as well as negative aspects so that you can escape from app failure. In this blog, I have listed down the reasons why mobile apps fail and the top 10 applications that you should never install in your Smartphone.

Harsh Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

Harsh Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

An app generally gets fail due to lack of solid strategy. Suppose you are just creating the app to earn money then you have already committed the first gaffe. Users generally love those apps that are capable to solve a problem.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthIf your app is unique and appealing but on the other hand if it is not fulfilling rules of Google Play or App Store then no one can prevent you from app failure.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthMobile app testing is probably the most important thing that Android app developers should consider at priority. This is the main factor determines the success and failure of the mobile app.

Don’t Install These Apps under Any Circumstances

Don’t Install These Apps under Any Circumstances


Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthQuickPic

QuickPic was one of the most popular apps but this app was deleted from Google Play without prior warning. This app was introduced by Cheetah Mobile. It is revealed that this Android app development company immediately started uploading users’ data to their own servers and that was the major reason behind this app failure.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthClean Master

Clean Master is an insanely popular speed booster, battery saver, and phone optimizer that have 600 million users and 26 million five-star reviews. This app was made by Cheetah mobile that is known for packing ads, bloatware, and nag screen into the apps. Now Android has its own native handler for assigning RAM and ensuring it’s all being used in the most optimal way. Alternatively, you can use SD Maid.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthUC Browser

UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers in India as well as in China. The worst thing about this browser was that it tracks users’ search queries without encryption to Google and Yahoo India. Besides this, IMEI number, Android ID, and Wi-Fi MAC address are sent without encryption to Umeng and users’ Degeo location data also transmitted without encryption to AMAP. Diversely, you can prefer Chrome and Firefox but still there exists fear of privacy concerns.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthClean it

Clean it is a junk file cleaner that’s been installed 10 million times. This app was listed in the worst app because most of what it advertises is detrimental to your phone. For instance, clearing cache will ultimately slow down your phone, clearing RAM only leads to more battery usage, and killing running apps do not save your battery as claimed by this junk file cleaner. Contrarily, Greenify is the best option for clearing junk files.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthES File Explorer

It is probably one of the most popular file explorer apps. If we talk about its free version, it has been pumped full of bloatware and adware. The worst thing about this app was it endlessly nags you to download additional apps via non-disable-able notification bar pop-ups.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthDU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

It is another battery saving app that has the insane number of downloads. You will be surprised to know that it has 7.6 million five star ratings. This app does not have the ability to charge your Smartphone fastly. The most annoying thing is that it is also the king of adverts. Fancy speed graphs and cool animations are useless. Well, if you are seriously interested in your Smartphone’s battery stats then opt for GSM Battery Monitor.

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Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthDolphin Web Browser

It is an ad-free, flash supporting; HTML 5 video-enabled browser that has 150 million downloads. The worst thing is it saves users’ incognito mode website visits in a file on the phone. Just like UC Browser, it is a tracking nightmare. Well, mobile app developers have made Chrome, Firefox, and Lightning for you.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthPhoto Collage

It is a collage creator that boasts 120 different frames, fun backgrounds, and addable text. Photo Collage has lots of ads and this is the worst thing about this browser. Instead of using this, there exist plenty of photo editors that you can use. For heavy duty work, Photoshop is the best application.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthMusic Player

It is an application through which we can play audio files that are already saved on our device.  The most disappointing thing about this app is that it has lots of ads, eats through data plans. Needless to say, this app is responsible for destroying phone battery and no user needs such an application. In fact, people also have commented about this on Google Play various issues i.e., massive battery drain, consume a large amount of data.

Top 10 Miserable App Ideas on EarthAlmost Every Anti-Virus App

A well-known desktop anti-virus app that was rejected by people as it was involved in miserable activities. If you install software from third-party sources or if you have a rooted device there exists a couple of caveats.  No matter if you are installing software from third party sources but ensure you’re installing a full-fledged security package from a recognized provider.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the most harmful app that you should ignore to safeguard your smartphone. If you have an idea for an app brewing in your techie brain then get in touch with Fluper that provides outstanding services in Android/iOS app development according to the needs of clients.

Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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