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Recently, Twitter has rolled out a new feature through we can easily identify which service is used to send out the tweet. In other words, Twitter will display whether the user is using web browser, mobile iOS or third-party services. But this latest feature received mixed reactions in this mobile app development world.

Some people are extremely happy to get additional details while some are thinking it as an unnecessary addition. Although this app detail feature is not new as Twitter introduced similar tactic in 2012. At that time, Twitter was trying to rein third-party apps that were quite popular with the users. Since then, significant changes were made for users. In present times, new versions of Twitter for Android and iPhone users are available. There is no doubt in saying that both apps has brought high-demand features as well as introduced new functionality improvements.

iconSwipe Shortcut

If you want to retweet or share something then just swipe a tweet in your timeline and do what you want. The best thing about this shortcut feature is that we can view the Twitter user’s profile without leaving your personal timeline.

iconFind friends

Now, we can quickly find out your Friends on Twitter and now Twitter has added a confirmation alert when you select “Find friends”. When we upload our contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, now we can quickly find which of our friends is using Twitter.

Twitter for iPhone and Android 

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?

Twitter for iPhone

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?We have the ability to copy and post the text of tweets and user profiles. All you need to do is just press and hold to copy whatever you want.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Share feature is giving us permission to copy or email to link to a Tweet. Now, there is a link available within a Tweet that we can use to see to option to tweet, copy or mail that link.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Holding and pressing links also provides us similar options through which we can easily open the link in Safari.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Twitter has also updated the design for Direct Messages as now we can mark all DMs as read. To do this, just tap the check mark in the lower right corner.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?We can change the font size by going through Settings> Advanced.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?

Twitter for Android

Now Twitter for Android is optimized to run on various Android devices such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet & Kindle Fire.  We can download Twitter for Android from Android Market and Twitter for iPhone from App Store. Twitter has begun to respond the threats with a series of features to keep people safe. Let’s have a look at cyberbullying features –

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Mute Option

Users have the facility to mute specific keywords or phrases. Not only that, people can choose how long they don’t want to see that type of content.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Reporting Transparency

Users will get quick notifications if Twitter intervenes on an abuse reports the user files.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Safe Search

Machine learning has made it simpler to block abusive content especially when users search for tweets on the platform.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Notification Filtering

If users don’t want to receive notifications from a particular account then they can simply do that. Now, we can filter out notifications from accounts without profile photos and with unverified email addresses.

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Twitter’s user base is slowly growing and the latest innovations have attracted a lot of people towards it. Here is a rundown of changes –

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Decluttered UI

A sidebar menu is available on Twitter from where users can easily navigate to their profiles and personal settings.  Instead of having to tap through the app more than once, users can access their profiles.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Real-time reply, Retweet

Now users don’t have to refresh or reload tweets as they can watch the engagement numbers with tweets in real-time within the app.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Clearer typography and iconography

To attract the audience, app developers has changed the in-app font, made some headlines bolder to attract attention in the busy feed. Besides this, Twitter has changed the “Reply” button to a conversation bubble.

Unique features of Twitter for Marketing

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Keyboard Shortcuts

App developers have made the bunch of shortcuts in Twitter through which we can easily manage our account. New Tweet, Favourite, Reply, Retweet is the shortcuts that can only work on Twitter home screen. But if you are using the third-party app then these features may not work.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Pin a Tweet Permanently

No matter if you own a small business or an iOS app development company, Twitter can prove best marketing tool. Presently, the best thing is we can pin a tweet permanently and hence promote it effectively. All you need to do is open your account and choose the tweet that you want to pin. Tap on the menu symbol and choose “Pin to your profile page”. Now the tweet will be available on your profile page until you change it.

What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?Customize Tweet Alerts

We all deal with a large number of tweets on daily basis. If you want to track tweet from certain people then you can easily customize your Twitter account as per your wish. Twitter Moments is one of a great time saver feature that keeps you updates about everything and you need not do any additional efforts.


Twitter is the ideal platform for user engagement that is adaptable, innovative and ready to pivot to suit the needs of customers. Do you need the right business solutions for your business? Being a top-rated mobile app development company, Fluper is well-known for providing outstanding Android app development services to worldwide clients.


What’s New on Twitter for Android & iPhone Users?

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