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Today, the importance of mobile apps in business is becoming the most imperative factor to be successful since the smartphones and tablets are changing the way of living in the high-tech world for daily needs. While the market for apps is clearly there, it’s by no means a sit-back and make millions game. The iOS and Android  app development is a heavily competitive market, and consumers are quick to discard apps that don’t work well on their phones. While developing mobile apps, some important factors you need to consider that not only influence the cost of building an app but also making you stand out and grow rapidly. So, here I am explaining some Dos and Don’ts for an App which you must follow for your killer app idea.

Mobile is the new language of marketing, communication, and entertainment, so businesses believe that moving into the world mobile app development is the key to remaining significant. One of the strongest reasons is that it is the best way to connect with users. According to Statista, customers downloaded 178.1 billion mobile apps to their smartphone devices in 2017. This figure is projected to grow to 258.2 billion app downloads until 2022.

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Why Users Prefer Mobile Apps Over Website?

Dos and Don’ts to follow for An App

Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and 14% of the time on mobile websites. What’s the reason behind this? Here it is-

If we see it from the business perspective, then there are various other reasons, too, that make mobile apps better than mobile websites. Have a look-

Dos and Don’ts to follow for An AppBetter Personalization

Dos and Don’ts to follow for An AppEase of Sending Notifications

Dos and Don’ts to follow for An AppNew Stream of Conversions

Dos and Don’ts to follow for An AppWorks Offline

Dos and Don’ts to follow for An AppEasy Utilization of Mobile Features

Looking at the above benefits, you must have understood that developing an android and iOS app for businesses have become an essential task. Next thing, you will need to do is hire top mobile app developers and get ready to take a kickass opening in the world of mobile apps.

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A mobile app development company may have access to the best technology and some of the brightest minds in the business. Still, this task will remain difficult if the app developers are not willing to learn more about all of the do’s and dont’s ahead of time.

If you want to know what are the do’s and don’t you need to check for developing a phone app, then here it is!

Dos and Don’ts to follow for An App


Decide Your Target Audience

Make sure that your app idea is followed by keeping a target audience in mind. The user always needs to come first and it does not matter what other design principles the company is considering. Designing and developing the mobile application based on their point of view will gain your app many active and potential users.

Ensure Security in Your App-

Just be confirmed that your app is not exposed to a security breach. Your corporate information, as well as sensitive user information is at stake when you ignore security actions.  You need to make sure that the security system is updated, and schedule maintenance and troubleshooting checks on your app.

Keep User Experience in Mind

Whether Android and iOS, mobile apps provide new user experiences, which the Internet doesn’t. Make use of this interface to attract people to your business or brand. If done right, it can make an app top rating and when done wrong, it can lead your app to uninstallation. You can href=”https://www.fluper.com/mobile-app-design”> hire top UI/UX designers for the best results.

Make it Device Independent

At present, a wide range of devices varying in sizes and shapes available in the market. So, you should connect with top-notch app developers who can design and develop the app in such a way that it works perfectly on all the devices whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet or a wearable.

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Don’t Stuff Too Many Features

Having too many features in a single app will increase the size of your app and will slow down its loading time. It is advisable that only the features and functionalities that are really important and relevant should be added. People don’t prefer apps that contain too much information.

Don’t Ignore the Insights from Mobile Customers

Know what your users or customers are doing with your application. Make use of comprehensive analytics that allows you to see how an application is used, what type of device it’s running on, where it is being run and what the common usage flows are through the application.

Don’t Mix Web and Mobile App

Top Android and iOS app development companies use the existing web pages for developing a mobile application. However, it is not a feasible option. It is important to note that shifting from a browser screen to a mobile screen changes many things, from screen size to user experience. So, never mix web and mobile app.

Don’t Develop Multiple Platforms at a Time

It’s better to begin with, one platform to save cost, time and efforts. Once you decide to go for Android app development and iOS app development simultaneously, you will ground yourself into many complexities. Therefore, you need to strategize your marketing plan for different platforms.

Bottom Line

Just like having a website was crucial for business 15 years ago, having a business app is essential today. It puts you as a strong business and gives an activist impression to customers. Are you ready to convert your business idea into mobile app? Do not wait! Hire Fluper, a leading app development company, which has produced more than 250+ award-winning android and iOS applications in different categories.

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