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Today, the mobile app market is flooded with lots of appealing mobile application ranging from games to retail to social apps and more. In fact, it seems as if everyone is working on developing one mobile application and this actually comes with no surprise. With this exponential growth in the mobile world, the mobile app development sector is definitely the perfect investment for businesses across the globe.

There are so many types of apps in Google Play Store and iOS App Store, but one category, in particular, that seems to be getting more popular every year is event mobile apps. It is well-known that planning an event is extremely time-consuming and stressful. Owing to this, the most preferable thing on a meeting and event planner’s mind is event apps. Nowadays, event apps deliver a more valuable experience to clients and have the potential to increase your event attendance by 40%. But your app’s value is directly related to how much time and resources your app development staff put it. No doubt, there is quite a lot of work involved when it comes to developing apps at every stage of the development process. It has been recommended that before hiring a top mobile app development company, it is important to know about do’s and don’ts in the mobile app development process so that your app gains maximum downloads.

Today, I have listed 4 major mistakes by event app experts which will be surely helpful for you to develop your next event app.

No Good Reasons to Download Your App

For any mobile app, it is important to have a major reason behind this so that user will download it. Just because you are offering an event app, this doesn’t mean that your attendees will excitedly install it on their phone. In this case, you android and iOS app developers need to follow these practices-

  • Make sure there is a quick link to download the event app on your event page.
  • Promote the app in your email and social media messaging options.
  • Offer an incentive for attendees to download and connect with the mobile app.
  • Create fun campaigns around the use of the app, such as free giveaways, and exclusive access to a part of the event.
  • Give users relevant updates about your event, such as schedule changes and important announcements.
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App is Inactive

In this highly competitive market of mobile app, making your app noticeable is important and this depends on how much your app is active. Your event app’s activity stream or news feed is where your attendees will look for recent announcements and interesting posts from both event sponsors and fellow attendees. This is the crucial things to make your app even better and expand your reach to wider audiences. Here’s what you have to do-

  • Don’t repeat information from your event website. In its place, you should treat your event app like a social media platform with a highly targeted user base.
  • Have your event staff act as power users who regularly start conversations on the app and respond quickly to any kind of queries.
  • Feed fresh content to the users.

App Unable to Build Networks

In your event your mobile app, it is important to build a strong connection with the users. To build connections, some offer matchmaking algorithms to help attendees make connections, while others leverage established social networks. It is suggested that you should hire app developers who majorly focus on the basics. This is because attendees are just looking for a simple way to swap a message or contact information.

  • Games and contests can successfully promote attendees to network at your event.
  • It is also important to note that your team should also have a plan for responding to engagement after the event.

Your App is Not Interactive

The last and most important thing, which you need to focus on, is including interactive features to the app. Creating a perfect strategy and features like live polls and real-time Q&A transform your attendees into active participants.

Moreover, you need to have dedicated staff monitoring the activity stream during your event so they can respond in real-time to client’s questions and commentary.

Essential Features to Include in Event App

It’s important to plan out what features you would like to include, and a thought behind them. Only choose features that make logic for your event app and present value for your attendees. Let’s take a look at the essential feature you should include in your mobile app-

Event Calendar- When it comes to mobile apps, event calendar is a must! With this, not only can you add the details of your events both date-wise and time-wise, but also images. Most app makers even allow you to show the event listing via a map view.

Add Favorites- As the name suggests, it’s perfect for events. Within all events, users have the option to check it as a favorite. This will then create a separate menu item of their favorites, allowing them quick access directly whenever they open the app.

Social Media- It is important to use social media integration into your app. With this, you can easily add Twitter and Facebook pages or feeds, to your app, allowing users to re-share your content without ever leaving your app.

Push Notifications- Top app development companies always offer regular push notifications while developing an event app, which is useful to remind your users to know about important dates. This is especially useful for the closer event dates.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever thought to build an event app, then this is the right time for you! This blog totally assists you with major mistakes that you avoid and features to put in your next event-based app. If you are ready to begin, then you can contact top app developers at Fluper, who have done a great job in developing event apps like KidadI, Eventseeker, Eventtus and many more.


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