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There is no doubt in saying that smart phones have become the crucial part of our lives. I am sure that it is the first and the last thing that you see after getting up in the morning and before sleeping. Ever thought, why is this important? As more individuals use smart phones, these devices have shaped how we do business, how we meet people and how we shop. Because of the speed at which we can get things completed at the fingertips now, the world has significantly changed thanks to mobile apps. However, it’s not that easy to incorporate different business needs into a mobile app and here comes the role of mobile app developers. They are experts who know the exact nuances of inculcating the best needs and integrating them with the latest technology.

If we look at some of the statistics, then it has been reported that mobile apps accounted for nearly half of global internet traffic in the year 2017 and will continue to rapidly grow until the end of 2022. According to the leading research and analytics portal firm Statista, in 2017, consumers downloaded 178.1 billion mobile apps to their connected devices. In 2022, this estimated figure is predicted to grow to 258.2 billion app downloads.

Considering the above insights, top mobile app development companies can take huge benefits and offers different kind of mobile apps for the customers. But, in this highly competitive market, developing an app, which is engaging to the customers is not easy.

Today, many app startups are struggling to make their Android and iOS app demanding among users. On an average, there are 10 different apps that a person has on its smartphone. The top reason behind it is that we don’t like to stay on just one app because we get bored easily. Yes, It’s a fact!

Here is the table showing the app usage among different genres-

Daily App Opens? Millennials Generation X Baby Boomers and Older
1-20 times 49% 63% 84%
21-50 times 30% 28% 14%
More than 50 times 21% 10% 2%

In the above image, it has been clearly depicted that Millennials who grew up in a more technologically driven world, likely use apps more than older generations. This totally depends on the type of app, as there are different category of apps are available on Android and Apple play store.

Well, in spite of high demand and usage, there is a fact that most people delete an app because they weren’t using it. A surprising number of people delete an app simply because they need storage space on their phone. It is true that the best iOS and Android app developers
work hard to create apps. So, to have a user download your app and then later delete it, is really a frustrating situation. If this is your situation, then don’t worry! I am going to make you aware about the elements that can make an app so addictive that the user keep stuck to it for long!

5 Essential Methods App Developers Should Follow

Offer Daily Dosage of Amazing Goodies

Everyone loves the gift! So, one of the best ways I have found to keep users connected with your app is to offer free goodies. For instance, if you have an e-commerce app, then you can help your users with coupons and deals that they can’t resist. Similarly, If you have an app of travel booking, then offering amazing deals and cash backs on tickets will surely attract users. You can also include a phrase according to which the user will get some kind of benefit on daily login.

User Communication

For every mobile app, the most important thing is user communication. There is no doubt in saying that the communication spice up the things like no other and can make anything addictive. Let’s take an example of PUBG mobile gaming app
! It is true that the app is very much popular among people and one of the major reasons behind its success is the ability of the players to communicate with their squads. So, it’s time to develop an app that can surely

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Offline Availability

Nowadays, users expect internet access nearly everywhere but sometimes it is not possible. In that case, an app that works without an internet connection is useful for anyone needing to use an app while flying on an airplane, stuck in a subway tunnel, or in other similar situations. One of the best examples is that many people who travel abroad may have limited access to data because they do not want to pay international fees. In such scenario, an app with offline availability will be like a fortunate thing.

Bring in FOMO

FOMO or ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ is now moving markets and is a key driver of the experience economy. In fact, for the mobile app development sector, Fear Of Missing Out is one of the best tools to drive the users to open the app again and make it addictive. The major thing you need to do is adding some unique element in the app that app user doesn’t want to miss and thus, it will bring a good mobile app engagement.

 Focus on Micro-sessions

Every app developer wants user to stay on the app for the longer time. Also, in terms of apps, everyone of us wants to achieve the maximum in the least possible time. If you are going to develop a gaming app, then it’s important to give user the opportunity of doing much in small doses. By adding micro-sessions, you will be offering ample time to the user to rejuvenate for the next. If you look at some of the successful games, they let the users’ to make the most in quick-session stages. It will be highly useful.

Wrapping it Up

Today, if you have a smartphone in the pocket, you have the entire world with you. Many new businesses have been started keeping in mind the importance of mobile apps. So, if you have ever thought of developing a mobile app with your idea, then it is the right time to hire top app development company to convert your idea into reality. App developers at Fluper are expert in bringing new ideas and methods to create an app that can attract audiences easily. Connect with us now!

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