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People’s lives are being improved by apps, which also give developers like you the chance to create in ways that have never been possible before. As a result, millions of developers and more than a billion consumers have access to the App Store, which has developed into an interesting and active ecosystem.

Apple has just Updated Apple app store rules that outline the requirements that every app must meet to be accepted for publication in its App Store. Several parts that will see Apple adopting a tougher stance on App Store fraud, scams, and developer misbehavior are among the more noticeable improvements launching today. This includes a new procedure that tries to encourage other developers to hold bad actors accountable.

What is Apple App Store rule?

What is Apple App Store rule

Apple App store is the largest app market for iOS apps that offers a wide range of iOS apps to global Apple users. It was founded in 2008. After that the number of iOS apps is continuously increasing in the App store. According to recent data from Statistica, there are around 3.8 million non-gaming apps and over 1 million gaming apps in the Apple App store.

Considering this statistical data, leading iOS App Development Companies are focusing to develop applications of unique ideas and captivating user interface

The App Store offers users all over the world a safe and trustworthy platform to find applications that adhere to our strict privacy, security, and content criteria. To allow unique, secure and trusted apps App store has some guidelines. Its lengthy document lays out the requirements that apps must meet to be accepted for publication on its App Store. Any reputed Mobile App Development Company follows this guideline before publishing an app at the Apple App store. Recently, Apple has Updated Apple app store rules. Here we’ll see where the rules are updated.

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Updated Apple app store rules:

Apple has improved App store guidelines. Apple’s Developer Code of Conduct has undergone a revision, which is one of the major upgrades on this front (Sections 5.6 and 5.6.1-5.6.4 of the Review Guidelines). Apart from that other changes are also happening in the Updated Apple app store rules.

Changes to Developer Code of Conduct:

  • In the Updated Apple app store rules the developer will be terminated from the Apple Developer Program if they engage in recurrent manipulation, misrepresentation, or other fraudulent activity, according to guidelines that have been greatly expanded in this area. Apple maintains it from the past to stop repeated breaches of some developers. But, this time it was stated explicitly in the rules.
  • According to the Updated Apple app store rules, if any developer performs any act that is against the developer code of conduct, the developer’s Apple Developer accounts will be cancelled.
  • Updated Apple app store rules also specify that the particular steps must be taken to recover the account, including sending Apple a written statement explaining the changes they have made, which statement must then be accepted by Apple. The developer’s account could subsequently be reactivated if Apple can verify the modifications were performed.
  • In theUpdated Apple app store rules, Apple included a new section about developer identity this release (5.6.2). This is done to make sure the developer isn’t misrepresenting other, legitimate developers on the App Store and that the contact information for developers supplied to Apple and consumers is correct and working. This was a problem, especially in a well-publicized case of App Store fraud involving a cryptocurrency wallet app that defrauded a customer of his whole life’s savings (about $600,000 in Bitcoin). The reason the scam victim had fallen for it was the app had been rated five stars and had the same name and symbol as another firm that produced real crypto devices. (Unlawfully, that is.
  • Updated Apple app store rules give clarifications to the terminology surrounding App Store discovery fraud (5.6.3) to more explicitly condemn any kind of manipulation of App Store charts, searches, reviews, and referrals. The former would include taking action against the flourishing industry of fake App Store ratings and reviews, which may boost the rankings and visibility of a fraudulent app.
  • This is also mentioned in the Updated Apple app store rules that the Consumers who are provided inaccurate prices outside the App Store to increase installations would be addressed by the referral crackdown.
  • A different part (5.6.4) of Updated Apple app store rules covers problems that arise after an app is released, such as unfavorable consumer feedback and complaints and high refund rates, for instance. According to the statement, Apple will look into the program for infringement if it discovers this conduct.
  • Another modification of Updated Apple app store rules would enable the developers to challenge a rejection if they believe there was political prejudice or other forms of unfair treatment. Developers could previously appeal App Store judgments and propose rules revisions, thanks to Apple. The developers may now report potential violations they discover in the applications of other developers directly.

Other changes in Updated Apple app store rules:

Other changes in Updated Apple app store rules

  • Updated Apple app store rules for “hookup” applications to make sure developers realize that porn and prostitution are not permitted on the App Store, which is frequently a problem with the fly-by-night hookup apps that deceive consumers.
  • When appropriate, creator content applications are required to abide by the standards for user-generated content, which means they must have effective moderation, content banning, and reporting capabilities.
  • Updated Apple app store rules introduced the option for licensed pharmacies and regulated cannabis businesses to enable purchases, assuming that they are legal and authentic.
  • Developers of criminal activity-reporting apps must collaborate with their regional law enforcement. (The app Citizen is a current illustration of an app gone wrong because users were looking for the incorrect person. That degree of irresponsibility could be ending at this point.
  • In addition to music and video services, cellular carrier applications can also contain additional categories of subscription apps.
  • In the Updated Apple app store rules, it is clear that developers can contact anybody they like, but they are not permitted to send advertisements to users who have downloaded their apps from the App Store about how to make purchases elsewhere.
  • There are plenty of drinking games on Apple. Stop delivering them.
  • Account deletion is a need for apps that provide account creation.
  • Additional explanations on in-app gift card purchases, app metadata, bug report submissions, and more have been added. But they weren’t substantial adjustments.

Why did Apple Updated Apple app store rules?

Why did Apple Updated Apple app store rules

This modification was made to stop what is known as a “catch and release” scenario, in which a developer is caught by Apple but afterwards undoes their modifications to carry on with their wrongdoing.

Apple informed that it has 500 app reviewers working across 81 languages who observe new situations every day that need to be taken into consideration in revised rules and regulations. According to Apple, it uses the knowledge it gains from each unique problem it runs into to improve its systems, algorithms, and training to steer clear of future problems of a similar nature. The business thinks the new Code of Conduct regulations of Updated Apple app store rules in particular will provide it with the tools necessary to more effectively combat App Store fraud.

Final thought:

This Updated Apple app store rules will help you to plan for your next iOS app in a new way so that it cannot be rejected by the Apple App store. It’s better to hire a reputed iOS app Development Company for your iOS project as it has the required professional experience and expertise to develop the iOS app following Updated Apple app store rules. It helps you to avoid the complicacy of App store guidelines and launch your iOS app in one chance and the predetermined dates

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