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Mobile App Development is in trend nowadays. From startups to big enterprises, everyone is ready to embrace a new digital word. One of the most popular approaches to developing these mobile apps is an agile scrum. This is why; Fluper is following this process for developing an app.

What Agile Scrum Method is?

Scrum is a usually utilized sub-domain of the agile process. It has recently turned out to be an expansion to handle big and complex projects that previously have taken a huge amount of time to complete. Agile software development focuses on these core values:

Individual, as well as team interactions over tools and processes

Working software over complete documentation

Responding to modify over following a plan

Customer association over contract negotiation



With the help of Agile Scrum Methodology, the latest features are built incrementally in sprints.  With each Sprint, you can get releasable Increment of Product or Software.  It allows the product to be released earlier enabling advantages to be realized before.


Keeping quality is one of the key principles of building an app with Scrum. Testing appears at every Sprint; allowing the frequent analysis of the working product as it develops. This permits the Scrum team to see quality problems in advance and allows them to do adjustments if required.


Scrum Development persuades active Product Owners’, as well as, Stakeholders’ involvement all through the Products development. Hence, transparency is much higher for the main stakeholders. They can have both, the tracking of the products and projects progress, which helps to ensure that expectations are efficiently managed

Flexibility / Agility

In conventional development projects, developers use to write a huge specification up front and inform entrepreneurs how expensive it is to modify anything, especially during the project. They don’t make changes and utilize a change control committee, in order to keep the minimum. On the other hand, in agile development, modifications are expected and accepted. Quite often, the time scale is set and detailed needs emerge and evolve as the product is created. For this to work, it is critical to have a delicately involved Product Owner who knows this concept and builds important trade-off decisions

Cost Control

The above method of fixed timescales, as well as, evolving necessities allows a fixed budget. The product’s scope and its features are flexible, rather than the cost. As we are building complete slices of functionality, it is possible to calculate the actual cost of app development as it precedes that will provide us a more precise view of the future development activities’ cost

Business Engagement

The active indulgence of a product owner results in high transparency and progress. Moreover, it gives the flexibility to do the changes when needed, create much better business engagement and customer satisfaction. This is a significant benefit, which can build much more positive, as well as, enduring working associations

A Valuable Product

The capability of requirements to occur and evolve and the potential to embrace modify assist make sure the Scrum Team develop the right Product which provides the predicted value to the users or customers.

It is quite common in traditional projects to offer a “successful” project in IT concepts and figure out that the Product is different from what was needed, hoped or expected. In agile scrum development, the focus is on building the right product that will provide the expected value, as well as, benefits

 Time to Market

As per the research, around 80% of all the business owners or market leaders were prime or first to market. With the superior revenue from incremental delivery, the process of agile development supports the tactics of early and frequent releases. No wonder, why this methodology has captured the attention of lots of entrepreneurs.

We can summarize the advantages of Agile Scrum Methodology in this way :

Enhanced Business Value

Better Quality Management

Increased Transparency among the Team

These key benefits are sufficient to open new doors for your business. Therefore, we, at Fluper, follow Agile Scrum Mobile Application Development methodology to build scalable, robust, and innovative apps. With over 8+ of industry experience, we have delivered 300 projects globally with 95% client retention rate.


As per a survey by Stack Overflow, 85.9% of 101,592 international software developers utilize the agile process in their work.

Another survey from Agile Sherpas revealed that marketers use some form of Agile, in order to manage their work

46% of the organizations have already used or planning to use Agile or hybrid agile method over the last 12 months.

76% of the users choose an enterprise agile planning utility to increase their projects’ visibility.


As mentioned above, the SCRUM is an agile development approach which focuses precisely on how to handle tasks in a team-based Enterprise Application development environment. Fundamentally, Scrum is derived from the activity, which happens during a rugby match. Fluper is utilizing this approach in Android app development, as well as iOS app development and ensures that you get a useful mobile app. It contains three key roles that have these responsibilities:

Scrum Practices Process of Scrum Testing is as mentioned below:

iconScrum’s every modification or iteration is called Sprint.

iconAll the details are placed in the product backlog. It will help to get the end product.

iconDuring each sprint, the topmost items of the product backlog are chosen and changed to sprint backlog.

iconFluper’s team works on the specified the sprint backlog

iconWe check for the daily work

iconAt the conclusion, we offer product functionality

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Scrum Master

It is responsible for setting up the team, removes obstacles for growth, and sprint meeting.

Product Owner

A Product Owner builds product backlog, accountable for the functional delivery, happens at every iteration and prioritizes the backlog.

Scrum Team

This team manages its own work and completes the sprint or cycle

Product Backlog

It is a repository where all the requirements are tracked with the complete details.

We, at Fluper, make sure that the backlog is managed and prioritized by the Product Owner. Also, it gets delivered to the scrum team. It is possible for the team to request new addition, modification, or deletion.

Agile Sprint Backlog and Preparation

In this step, our Mobile App Development team chooses the backlogs they are going to target in the current sprint. Basically, sprint backlog consists of the list that helps in the planning of a project. It is quite helpful to complete a mobile app development project on time. Generally, these sprint backlogs are segregated into workable actions. As soon as the team agrees on the backlog items, the sprint starts.

Regular Scrum Meeting

The next step, we follow after beginning the project backlogs, is a practice known as daily scrum. In this, we go for daily meeting every day for approximately 15 minutes. In this regular scrum, everyone in team analyzes the last day work, along with the day’s plan. This step makes it possible for the team to decide the daily work progress. Moreover, the daily scrum meeting enhances the work speed and enables the project complete as soon as possible.

Agile Sprint Review

After every agile sprint, Fluper’s team demonstrates what was designed to the stakeholders. Also, have a look at the steps where we got stuck and those which was done properly. The findings of a single sprint turn out to be the action statement of the consequent.


 In this step of the Agile Scrum App Development methodology, we make sure that the increment is completely ready. The increment is the final result of a scrum hence; the motive of everyone involved in the scrum is to provide an increment, which is entirely on its own. Moreover, we make sure that it follows all the quality standards

Learn. Repeat. Enhance

The cycle gets end once you get the increment. Therefore, it is again repeated in the consequent sprint. If I talk about sprint planning then it selects the next set of items or tools in the Product Backlog. Also, the sprint cycle begins once again.

Once our team performs the Sprints, the Agile Product Owner at the same time ensures that all the items available on the top of product backlog are performed.


Implementing agile scrum methodology is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, with the help of an efficient Mobile App Development Company, it is possible to get the best of it. Fluper is one of the recognized companies, expert in deploying agile scrum approach for developing a robust app. It works with the aim to give short iterative cycle, which offers a lot of opportunities for improving and learning. According to mobile app developers, agile app development technique is one of the best practices to build an app.

Additional Skills Making Us Trustworthy

A. Cross-Platform Development

App developers have to be flexible, particularly for organizations’ mobility. As we know there are several ways to build an app, cross-platform app development has become one of the popular methods for the same. Our specialized team at Fluper, is capable of building mobile innovative and advanced cross-platform development across the globe.

B. UI/UX Skills

UI and the way it affects UX is quite crucial for app development because of the fact that it decides the success of your mobile application. Poor UI design may lead to poor accessibility, which doesn’t encourage users to devote more time to your app. Our efficient team has the competency and sufficient skills to build a perfect UI/UX design so that you can get a huge customer-base easily.

C. Knowledge of Multiple Programming Languages

There are different programming languages to build your app and every language has something unique about itself. As a well-known mobile app developer, we have the knowledge the diverse programming languages.  Some of these languages include Java, Javascript, Python, C#, Objective- C, etc.

Mobile app development is indeed a dynamic industry, which is continuously evolving and upgrading. Therefore, choosing the best development partner has become the core necessity of a business.

Being the Leading Mobo Agency worldwide, we claim to give you the best applications with flawless working, and Agile Scrum Methodology helps us to achieve this. Hope, all the benefits, along with the complete procedure of building an app with this strategy is cleared to you.

If you have an idea to grow your business with a bug-free and feature-rich app, then we are here to help you out. Get in touch with our experts to convert your business into a brand.

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Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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