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Fluper, a leading mobile app development company, is not just an organization for people now. Rather it has become a success story to talk about or a motivation they can learn from. Yes, Mr. Anshul Sharma, the CEO of this pioneering enterprise has proved that age cannot restrict you to achieve big in life. Recently, Dr. Praveen Tiwari has taken his interview for ‘Innovate India’, which is a platform to recognize innovations occurring across the nation.

The idea behind this interview is to decipher the entire journey of Fluper that can inspire others in multiple ways. In his interview, Mr. Anshul Sharma revealed that the company was started with only 2 people and it was not easy to make it such a huge success. Talking about Fluper’s current market status, he unveiled that now there are 200 employees working collaboratively, in order to grow worldwide.

Moreover, we have been given the tag of ranked 1 in the UAE, when it comes to building incredible mobile applications. When asked about the importance of marketing skills, he said, “Every aspect is important but whatever you develop or produce is useless until it reaches the consumer and to make it reachable to consumers marketing and sales are necessary.”

How Fluper Came into Existence?

As mentioned by Mr. Anshul Sharma, the term Fluper is a combination of two words “Fluid” and “Performers.” It was started only by 2 people with a vision to simplify the life of users by offering them outstanding web and mobile app development services. There was not much space, and the profits they earned at the beginning were negligible. However, they have decided not to give up rather they tried to give it a fresh start every time they fail.

5 Mistakes that Were the Biggest Learning of Mr. Anshul Sharma

  •  The organization was started under the guidance of Mr. R.K. Sharma, father of Anshul Sharma. Why he considered it as a mistake because later he realized that his father has a different vision, which is fine as you cannot except someone else thinking in a similar way.
  •  Another factor that can be counted as a mistake was the lack of experience. He started the company without any business roadmap. What he all did is worked at different companies without any salary just to get some experience.
  •  Lack of connections was the third major mistake. This is because it is significant to have good connections, in order to grow your business. However, due to the lack of the right direction, he failed to analyze his target audience.
  •  A sense of fear is one of the key mistakes when he started his business. According to him, no matter how good your choices are, you need to be obstinate to grow further. This is where Mr. Anshul failed at the beginning.
  •  A perfect team with an accurate vision is what you should always focus on if you want to start your own business. Nevertheless, he realized this point later and this is how it becomes his fifth mistake.

Fluper is featured in ‘Innovate India’ as a Revolutionary App Development Company!

What are Our Achievements?

Commenced in the year of 2013, Fluper is a Web & Mobile App Development Enterprise that has attained a unique position in the market now. One of the biggest factors behind this is a team of seasoned, as well as passionate professionals consists of app developers, business analysts, project managers, market researchers, etc. With 8+ years of experience, Fluper has delivered 250+ projects successfully by maintaining 80+ client retention rates. We have successfully raised 5 Million USD fund and become a reliable organization for many.

Crossing all the barriers, the organization is certified by IBM and NASCOM. Strategic Consulting, Product Management, Chatbots, Product Design, Mobile App Development, Web Development, and Quality Assurance are some of the core services offered by the corporation. What makes it a worth investing company is the on-time delivery of projects. It even offers 9 Month free app marketing to its clients. In addition, the corporation works for the happiness of its clients and offer them the best possible outcomes.

Final Thoughts…

To capable of providing immaculate services, Mr. Anshul Sharma has burned the candle at both the ends and being interviewed by such a personality is the biggest symbol of the success of Fluper. It was another honorable moment for the enterprise. The journey doesn’t end here; we are ready to welcome the New Year with new enthusiasm and goals.

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