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There has been quite a debate going on in the world of mobile app development as to what will be the trend of mobile applications for the year of 2018. But little did we consider the possibility of them disappearing completely from our lives. For the smartphone users, such a possibility appears promising with an indirect hint at something new to expect. But it is the mobile app developers who have a lot of reasons to worry since they have to mold their technology and strategize in accordance with the changing market space.

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Evolution is an ongoing process gradually replacing the existing elements for the improved versions of the same. Horse driven carts got replaced with the modern vehicles, open fires replaced with stoves and ovens and social responsibility taken the shape of social media sites such as Facebook. Likewise, the telecommunication industry has also witnessed multiple ups and downs. Mobile application development companies have already started pondering over the fact whether their applications will kiss a goodbye to the world or will eventually unfold into an unrecognizable attribute of the smartphones? To reach a conclusive answer, we have but to wait for the future but the mobile developers cannot just sit idle. So, at best we can put forward the assumptions which are designed on the current trends.

Let’s explore the possibilities that are likely to redesign the future of mobile applications.

  • Web apps will emerge above the mobile apps- You will not get these applications in the Play store and there is no requirement for installation as well. They surface only as a result of the appropriate keywords typed in the search engines quite similar to websites. The isolated factor of the mobile apps and the hindrances observed while searching them in the app store have contributed to the web apps’ popularity. Companies such as Google have already started working on this vision. Their technology will permit the usage of the applications on the devices without any need for installation. The accessibility is similar to that of websites which are likely to alter the traditional app store.

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  • Every individual is likely to own an app- Mobile application development services at affordable rates have triggered the exponential growth of the mobile apps, along with the free app development tools available in the market make it all the more feasible task to accomplish. As such we are likely to catch hold of apps for almost any possible small or individual entities similar to owning a personal website and or a blog.
  • Enable micro-interactions with apps- Micro applications such as weather apps and Facebook messengers are few examples of micro apps that occupy minimal space in the device’s memory and cater to achieving the specific functionality for which it was originally designed. Accessibility and loading are seamless due to minimized contents included in its framework.

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  • App linking- Tapping on any YouTube link on any particular page or an individual app redirects the page to the YouTube app to play the video. The link directs users to the particular application which best explain the content. App indexing allows third-party contents pop up in the search query page along with the app link to direct the user to the particular application.
  • Increase in-app functionality- The top mobile application development companies across the Globe are constantly searching ways by which the app functionality can be expanded to convert the mobile device into a life supporting system and one such example can be cited of VR enabled health monitoring apps. From unlocking your house front door to running yourself a bath, presenting ID to starting your car, apps will cater to any possible tasks at hand.
  • App streaming with Google- Works along the similar line of a concept as that of app linking, Google stream the relevant parts of the application on the user’s device on clicking a given link in a particular content. Even though this concept is not entirely a new one yet has proven to be the corrective step taken towards popularizing app-less mobile technology.
  • On-demand from Apple- This technology has been included in iOS 9 version, prompting the iOS mobile application developers to come up with such apps that allow users to download the core part of the application on installation and the remaining parts can be obtained as and when needed. In the gaming app development process, players download the assets (graphics, videos, etc.) for the initial levels and the rest is obtained on their progress in the game and omit assets for completed levels to make space.

Are we having a future without apps?

With regards to the possibilities, all we can expect is to own an application that is apt enough to seamlessly function across devices giving a native feel and performance with zero friction. So also, the custom mobile app development companies can write down the application once to get it streamed across devices. The above factors are self-descriptive, each pointing to the future where either the entire system of app installation from the store gets eventually obliterated blurring out the thin line of difference between the native apps and websites, or emerge as the one-stop solution for any possible life-sustaining functionalities.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, houses the inbuilt talent to design the applications in accordance with the changing market situation.

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Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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