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The unending competition in the mobile app development market has caused a lot of reasons to worry for the mobile application developers around the world. The major area of concern lies in retaining the application users and obtaining satisfying app reviews. But considering the current trends and complex market situation, reliance on conventional parameters such as number of downloads, revenue collected, reviews, etc. to analyze the app store performance becomes doubtful. However, countering this issue, there are few analytical tools which can be optimized to gain accurate insight into the application performance in the Play Store and number of installations per apps.

So, let’s dig out the top 6 analytic tools that the mobile application development companies can make use of while identifying the reasons that influenced app installation and govern overall app performance:

  1. Google Mobile Analytics- Available on either platform, Google analytics is the most popular yet free of cost analytical tool that allows the developer to check out the app analytics in the same dashboard if they already have Google Analytics attached to their website and also can be easily integrated with Google Play. It helps in identifying the existing and new users and track their location, country, app version, login sessions, etc. along with rendering information pertaining to revenue generated.

 2. Flurry This is another popular and free analytics tool after Google which is popular among 170,000 developers or more in tracking more than 540,000 apps that takes only five minutes for basic integration. This particular tool is currently owned by Yahoo offering analytic services in real-time for iOS, Android, WD, and Blackberry devices aiding mobile app developers in monetizing and tracking traffic of their developed mobile application. Also, it can gather the basic information pertaining to individual device brands and models, carrier information, firmware details, and error reports, also gathering customer insights such as comprising demographics, number of active users, average session lengths, and retention statistics.

 3. Apple App Analytics- But obvious this particular free tool only facilitates iOS application developers in analyzing their app performance in the store. It filters by app version drilling out to see in which segments your application is performing better. This tool also generates a detail insight into user behavior with your application.

4. Apsalar- A mobile measurement and intelligence tool available for both Android and iOS app developers, this particular application help out mobile developers to measure the effectiveness of the mobile app marketing campaigns. The application owner gains productive insights into the user behavior with the application. This tool can be utilized to derive analytics across multiple apps in a real-time fashion. This platform is a combination of free tools, customizable dashboards and funnel creation features to aid developers in targeting specific users with application promotional strategies.

5. AppSee This particular tool does not come free of cost which, in turn, is highly dependent on the number of applications it tracks and the behavior of the users it monitors offering the clients an insight into how they use the application, allowing the developer to undertake proactive measures to raise app conversion. Also, such a tool analyze application crashes, offering interesting features such as real-time user analytics, monitoring the summary of aggregate data, and many more. The tool is compatible for both the iOS and Android devices.

6. Countly- This particular platform is an open source platform incorporating a slick interface and robust tracking features catering to iOS, Android, WD, and Blackberry devices measuring the overall app performance based on the user experience with the application. The reports are real-time aiding the clients to identify the drawbacks, frailties and the good points of the mobile application and internal user action in relation to the application facilitating the developers to design ways by converting the user experiences to raise the overall conversions.

Apart from the above mentioned tools there are few others which are equally popular and are worth mentioning here:

  • Asking Point
  • Amplitude
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel

Time to conclude

Even before launching a fully working mobile application, it is advisable to draw first useful customer reviews for the beta version of the application released in order to strategize further for designing efficient marketing campaigns. Such powerful analytical tools keep a regular track on the number of downloads and compares them with the total revenue generated along with the reviews and feedbacks of the users to gain valuable insight into what the users expect out of the application. Then again, if you confer the task of application designing entirely on the shoulders of a dedicated mobile application developer hired then you can relieve yourself from the entire headache pertaining to the app development process since they are pretty much aware of which tools to harness and how to utilize them?

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, have the experience and in-depth knowledge that they use in rendering app development and maintenance service to its clients.

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