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Mobile app development companies in Dubai has been busy finding ways to simplify the complications usually faced by entrepreneurs during the initial years of the startup. Since UAE is gradually growing up into a business hub of the world courtesy it’s globally centralized location. Either in terms of large-scale multi-national cooperatives or small-scale business hubs, the nation is offering ample job and business opportunities drawing migrants in large numbers around the world. After all Mobile technology is revolutionizing our approach towards life and the mobile application development companies design solutions in terms of mobile applications to cater to varied requirements pertaining to our day-to-day activities. Technology is there to aid people in managing their work and life better.

Likewise, there are mobile applications designed by the top mobile application development companies especially to help the budding entrepreneurs in their day-to-day work.

Let’s explore each of the 8 applications individually that are developed for startups:

  • Eureeca-

    Raising funds and acquiring appropriate investors can really steal away a person’s peace of mind especially if he or she has just embarked on the startup journey. But Eureeca comes to the rescue of such helpless entrepreneurs. It is a global equity crowdfunding platform permit members of the investor network covering a range from casual to angel investors to institutional firms in purchasing shares as well as offering operational businesses access to capital. Also, the businesses that are solely interested in raising funds can also leverage this network for capital, strategic connections, and expansion into new venues.

  • Google Drive or One Drive-

    Storage and sharing of files necessitates smooth running of the internal affairs of an organization permitting seamless usage and unhindered exchange of information among the employees of an enterprise. Google and Microsoft come to the rescue offering free storage facility for the ocean of data and information with individual accounts that eliminates the need to invest in large-scale servers and storage during the initial stages of the startup.

  • Pocket Analytics-

    Digitalization has opened venues for companies to get accurate insights into their key customers through tools such as Google analytics, websites and social media pages. But the information such drawn from different sources are usually scattered. So Pocket analytics can be utilized for proper assimilation of such data. This mobile application consolidates all these data from different sources into the singular platform which can be accessed anytime even if you are on-the-go. Sale figures, a volume of traffic generated for the page and graphical representations of other such related data are easily stored for future usage. Also, information in the form of graphs can be altered through easy drag and drop features.

  • Tripit-

    Being an entrepreneur, you are required to make frequent journeys to different places and often on short notice. Such a schedule spares minimal time for you to arrange properly for the trip and inform key persons about your travel plans. This is where Tripit comes handy. Forward all your travel bookings to ‘[email protected]’ and you will be surprised to see the efficiency with which this application organize your entire tour, share your travel plans with concerned persons, stores your trip details, create itineraries, as well as syncs it to your calendar as a reminder. The information is also available online if you log onto tripit.com. Also, Tripit recognizes reservation availability from among 3,000 booking sites including cruises, restaurants, concerts and much more.

  • CamCard

    It is the application that is specifically designed to manage and exchange business cards which forms the perfect assistant for sales, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and business people. The application scan and store business cards, exchanging e-cards, notes, and reminders that puts an end to the accumulation on your workstation. Just click an image of the business card and the application scans the same to store the contact details on the phone. The application also updates the contact details onto a preselected email and syncs across all your devices.

  • Workflow-

    Entrepreneurs usually get overloaded with piled up work especially in the initial years of their business. Proper management of time gets all the more difficult. But such an application can help you in bypassing certain time-wasting tasks customizing the application according to your requirement. Example: You can call an Uber way in advance of your scheduled future calendar event or create a button to give your mom a quick call.

  • iTranslate Voice-

Mobile application developers have come up with this multilingual application that can perform the role of a translator. The budding entrepreneur can easily travel and communicate across UAE comprising of 170 countries segregated by multiple dialects. This application serves the purpose of a translation tool that breaks down such language barriers through the voice-recognition feature that offers you the choice to speak out the words instead of typing them down. All you need to do is just start speaking out the words and the app recognizes your voice, transforms your spoken words into text and translates it into any of the 60 languages spoken across UAE. There is an option to select between a series of different dialects, gender voices and even control the speaking rate.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader-

Any entrepreneur needs to make a lot of journey to different places in the initial years, constantly making small journeys between banks and government departments. The Acrobat Reader application comes in handy here. You can easily read and sign documents even when you are traveling.

Time to wrap up

So, if you are planning to launch your own startup, consider looking up for any of the above-mentioned mobile applications which are specially designed to cater the requirements of the entrepreneurs.

The pace with which Dubai is expanding its business sector, it will soon form the very center of Global business. This, in turn, will open up ample opportunities for the mobile app developers around the world to start investing in this booming market.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, has equipped itself with appropriate skill sets required to entertain mobile applications pertaining to the Dubai market.




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