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Applications are being made on daily basis. As the demand of applications increases, the development and release of application is also taking place at a quick pace. Many applications were launched in month of May but only some get in the limelight due to their excellence in performance. These apps will help you in getting the best out of your android device. The best releases of May are as follows:


Want to manage money? Here is an application “BudRey” – Personal Budget & Expense Manager for Android. It keeps a track of how much money is spent and how much is to be paid. It also manages the expenses and aggregate spending history. That’s what you need to help you remind about your money pacts. You can quickly customize your budget and have a quick overview of your expense. Now you don’t have to worry about your expenditure or hire a finance manager for budgeting.


Edge Screen- edge action

Edge screen app allows users to use slide feature which is present in Samsung Galaxy S8 to every android mobile. It keeps the recently and frequently used application together. You can easily access your favorite and important apps from the sidebar slide available. You can replace your hard keys like back button and home screen button from soft key on this sidebar. It promotes one-handed accessibility and clean home screen. It is customizable and convenient manageability of your application usage habits. android app developers are now making such comfortable user interface available, like this application can be used in variety of devices. It is not bounded to a specific one.

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Indian Railways Integrated Mobile App

Indian Railways has made the travelling easier and hassle-free. This government app promotes digital payments and eliminates the use of tickets on paper. Booking for season tickets and platform tickets will also be availed from this android mobile application development. What makes this app much better in working? Its features that include hiring taxis, porters and also the e-catering business through a single click are turning out to be advantageous. The major crisis that one faces is in reserved and unreserved ticket bookings. This issue is also solved in this application development. The direction work was given to Best Taxi App Development Company which actually promoted the feature of map routing through e-taxi.



It allows users to search freely through vast variety of books and gives users the freedom for making book review so that other users know about the book. User can make a reading list as soon as you finish with one. According to the taste of books you search, they form their own groups and suggestions for you. The company is currently owned by Amazon. The website grew rapidly when it launched due to its free subscription, they can see what their friends are reading and participate in the discussion platform about the book. One of the finest features one can avail from this app is that users can have an interaction with the author and author’s blog.

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What happens when you move out from your local location and you are vegetarian? It could be difficult to find a purely vegan restaurant especially when you are unfamiliar with the place. This app solves the purpose. It locates the vegetarian restaurants near you. It has various filters to apply so that you get the best-suited cafes and restaurants according to your health and diet. HappyCow shows you directions, cost and the menu of the nearby restaurants. As the world is tilting towards a vegan lifestyle, millions of users are getting involved with this vegan online hub. Food delivery App Development Company for Android now has vegan perspective.



Video editing is still in its early development for smartphones, who says that? FilmoraGo has got all the features from basics to the complicated and smart ones. The video editing could now go on the different track by having speed controls and animated text options. Earlier to this, one could only trim, add music and transitions to the video. But now you can have a more powerful hand on adding features to video. This application also has some good video transition effects that can be purchased. This application is good for people who depend on their smartphones too much and hate to use those complex PC video editing tools.


Podcast Addict

This app finds you a list of best podcasts available from an enormous stack of podcasts. Podcasts are getting on the boom; leaving behind the radio. Nobody wants to hear advertisements and get breaks, hence; podcasts are awesome and this app has so many to pick from. You can actually save your time, searching through the taste of music and episodes that you like. You just need to select one podcast that matches your interest or mood and similar type of podcasts would be added to your list. But it’s not mandatory to listen to them all; you can create your own queue. It has a “feature-packed” player installed with it which grants you all the functionalities that one would want.


Opera Touch

It’s the newest browser which is just released and is excelling very quickly due to its feature of being handled by one hand. It has got a shiny interface and is solely responsible for business use. It has great options for image search. It is designed in such a manner, which makes it easy for a user to navigate to recent tabs through Action Button that is always present at the bottom of the browser screen. You can shift from your handheld device to PC in seconds, just scan the QR code and you are on the same front. Therefore, application developers have made it the fastest web browser that gives you convenient access to its usage buttons.


4K Wallpapers

This application has ultra HD 4k wallpapers with a very high-resolution image which can be used on the Android mobile phones. This is a new application and has thousands of good, beautiful images for free. The best part about this application is that the wallpapers get refreshed regularly so the user is surprised to notice every new glance of the image. The wallpapers are smartly categorized; they range from cartoon wallpapers to attractive nature’s wallpapers. The user can choose according to his/her taste and the random rotation of wallpapers will take place from that particular category. Usually, the wallpaper applications available for Android are not free but this one is.



As the application name suggests, what is on trending list. Time is limited for all; the only handy thing you have to make use in free time is your smartphone. Trendy is one app that saves your time and makes you go through only the important, trending news of the day. It has various categories defined to search for what is getting on the headlines. Moreover, the news updates are concise and crisp. Everything is briefly explained to get you aware of short information about the topic. News and Magazine App development companies have released so many news apps but that contains all news, including important and unimportant information. This app also has its own list of trending wallpapers from which you can choose from. It flashes news based on your location.


There are more apps scheduled for June release as mobile app development companies are widening up their scale for mobile app developers in the market. People are keener to use mobile applications instead of desktop ones. Mobile Commerce App Development is having deeper roots now; as you can see how many applications are delivered every month. Some of the gaming and budget applications will be announced soon, which will be having more enhanced features and newer visualization of UI/gestures.

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