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At the stage of maturity features simultaneously increases while creating mobile application development. But the development is backed by robust strategy for creating something incredible. With millions of Android app, you might be perplexed enough to select the most desirable one.

In the beginning of this year 2017, various companies predicted the best android applications that should be accommodated in your Google Play Store. Even with the help of comprehensive research, I have concluded the best android mobile application development that must suite into your Google store.

Thinking on behalf of Android mobile app developer you might be reasonable enough to aware ins and outs of the Android system in order to accelerate the process of creating it. So here are 10 most used words of suggestions to create the most agonistic android mobile applications:

Strictly adhering to the Android Design Guidelines

Android App Development

As an android application developer, you can leverage the benefits of Android Design guidelines, which Google has taken liberty to create it. If you are still not willing to follow, then it may be a critical decision for your future. By strictly adhering to the guideline, it would rather help the users to spontaneously understand the working of the app, rather they would enjoy it using much more.

You can take the help of a navigational drawer which is one of the components of guidelines for UI elements. This navigational drawer existence can easily be witnessed in a well-designed Android apps. The main motive behind the designing of the guidelines were to keep the app consistent as well so as to bring the spirit of uniformity.

Develop the app for masses

android apps security

Although everyone waits for the latest version of Android with all the latest stuff. But this is quite unfortunate when it comes to the Android smartphones on the market, the scenario is somewhat opposite and doesn’t follow the same pace of the release of official versions. It is essential to do a preliminary check before get into the coding. It is although quite obvious that the new smartphones conveniently absorbs the older versions but not true in case inverted. Hence always look for the dominant one and try to create the app according to the masses. Hence potentiality can be raised against the standard set.

Keep yourself aware about the latest trends

Android Trending

Top android application development companies, at regular intervals, Google always looks for releasing new updates to its current SDK, which looks for the android app developer to do the things freshly. For instance, with the debut of Android 4.4 KitKat, Marshmallow 6.0, and Lollipop 5.0 it also came with the introduction for the new design techniques. Navigational bars and translucent status are some of the latest app concepts as well as trends.  It is quite essential to update the app regularly, hence you would be rather first to implement these new features. Users would appreciate these indeed, and your app will be able to modulate in this competitive world.

Judicious selection of IDE

Most of the top android app development companies revolved around Eclipse, although app developers already coded few of the applications by using eclipse of UI drag-and-drop interface. It is quite impressive though.

Look for developing multiple devices

One thing that really distinguishes Android from iOS is the freedom of choice. With the different screen sizes, Android are compatible enough with a wider range of variety. With the increasing number of devices, it is quite impossible to test the application on every device. Here density-independent pixels can be somewhat beneficial in order to maintain the uniformity instead of pixels according to the layout.

Android is efficient enough to evaluate the right amount of pixels keeping in mind the user’s specific device which leads a consistency among the wider devices.

Look for modular UI structure

The amount of XML in order to create a decent UI can be somewhat intimidating. Hence by employing includes and fragments components in order to reuse within the different layouts can easily be fabricated. Although Fragments were come into existence in version 3.0. But for earlier versions, support library can be a boon.

Mind to take the help of Miracle tools

Always beware of the products that although pretend to make the app development convenient across the board, for instance, Android, iOS, and Blackberry all at the same time. Hence beware of those miracle tools and make sure by testing them first then developing an app which is although simple but significant that can easily be deployed all of them. It should be prioritised to the fact that each and every app should look like a native on each and every operating system. In case you are creating a web app that can run on the mobile device, then there is no requirement to be obsessed.

Don’t unfriend Google

In order to be enlisted in the top android app development companies in the future then it is suggested not to unfriend Google. Although the process of documentation as far as Android official sites are concerned, it is quite extensive. For instance, Stack Overflow ensures to provide more insights rather than the official does.

Start optimising your app

The Google Play is updated with thousands of apps but it is quite essential to get the visibility and highest rank it deserves. Hence optimization of the quality of the app is quite significant along with the higher user ratings which is directly proportional to the positive publicity. Hence optimization of the app can be done by:

  • Go for a comprehensive research before the launch
  • Listening even after the launch
  • Regular measuring, analyzing and responding according to the user behavior
  • Complete analysis of installations and ratings
  • Tracking and analysing by organising Marketing campaigns
  • Improvement over stability and elimination of bugs

But one mistake that is committed by the Android app developer is addition of unnecessary variables. Hence optimization of app at regular interval should be followed.

Regards your users

Although developers work very hard to earn money. More frequently, it has been witnessed that a fine line is always negotiated. It has been observed that many great apps have failed to invade the market ever-since the android app developers opts for unnecessary and invasive advertisements. Although there are various ways to encourage the million dollar idea of mobile app but without compromising with the user’s experience. Android users do not mind with in-app purchase but the users should be regarded with their requirements.

So it is quite essential to android app developers to follow these word of suggestion so that their hard work can be encouraged to create more innovative app even in the future.

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