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Google I/O has come up with exciting technology solutions and smart features to play with for developers on the 11th conference for developers across the globe and the ones who missed it still caught the show on youtube live. The event is an annual thing for Google which also keeps them innovating to introduce something new for the developers ease in all sort of technology development may it be mobile app development, electronics or web development. With the millions of people coming onboard with technology every year via mobile, tabs or desktop makes it even more challenging for Google to not let the expansion of network affect the working process of the technology rather an optimised solutions are introduced to deal with the minute problems faced by technology used to make it easy to use for every individual and not just for the learnt.

Android P and deep learning

Android P has a lot of changes and as mentioned in the conference, Google partnered with Deep learning to figure out how the operating system can turn off the apps not in use in order to save the battery life of the phone. A new dashboard will be introduced which will have the summary of the activities done on the device which will help users to create a healthy life balance.

Google Assistant Conversations

Google eliminates the need to say “ok” Google and “Hi” Google with an advanced conversational assistant which can even book appointments in real time by having a conversation with the service provider person without any clue of who made the appointment and to make the same interesting different voice textures will be added with later updates. Android and iOS app developers can use the same APIs in the apps to increase the user interaction with the app.

Smart Displays

Smart Displays for assisting users in coordination with the mobile phones is already out there on Amazon and Google is going to roll out its products too in the summer to make a statement with better features like pulling Jimmy Kimmel live on the YoutubeTV with which many mobile app development companies can work on the apps to synchronise with smart displays.

Smart Compose on Gmail

Next time you update your Gmail application, the smart compose option will be available and the idea is to generate regular emails using the Artificial Intelligence to predict the line for the user and instead of typing the entire thing just hit enter and choose the faded statement just like it happens in google when we intend to search something instead the similar searches pop up and we just select and enter.

Social Google Maps

Even though google maps has given the confidence to travel alone still sometimes you end up in the real locations which are under construction, blocked or gates closed. With Social Google maps one can track the nearby locations and update the conditions accordingly for the other users. The tracking of nearby food joints, gas station and public stations can be seen on the map apart from the destination.

AR directions in Google Maps

AR directions are introduced in the google maps with which one can use the camera to track the physical images of the road and the directions are augmented on the board depending upon where the road is headed. Many iOS and Android app development involve using the GPS enabled feature such as online food delivery apps for tracking the order after it leaves the food outlet so this augmented direction can make things easy for the delivery person to locate an unknown destination.

Copy Real world text with Google Lens

Google lens probably was introduced in the field of Art where one could simply scan the Artpiece and entire information of the Artwork is displayed on the screen. Now the text can be scanned from the real-time manuscripts, hoardings etc and can be copied to the text editor of the mobile phone. This is another interesting feature that can be added to the existing mobile apps to enhance the user experience.

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Google has led a web network across the globe and is just evolving with every passing day making the mesh even denser and the management even denser. Google I/O is literally a festival for developers with all tech talks and interactions with the expertise of different field. The event shares the possible innovative changes technology can get in the existing world to solve the problems of the poor and rich at the same time. To sum up what Google has for this year is pretty clear from the three-day conference held at San Fransico with thousands of web and mobile app developers participating to look forward to elite software development kits to play with and develop technology solutions.

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