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Does nothing ever go wrong with Facebook? Standing at 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is really enjoying a monopoly hold over the market, not counting the user-base of Instagram and WhatsApp.

The current picture does prove Mark Zuckerberg did not err when strategizing for the most dominant social media platform in the digital world. Developers around the world including the top mobile application development companies had yet another conference to look forward to and it was F8 Developer’s Conference scheduled for 1st and 2nd of May’ 2018 and hosted by Facebook itself.

However, for those who are not that familiar with this conference, F8 is:

It is usually a two-day event organized this year amidst the beautiful landscape of San Jose, California. Facebook plays the role of the host to perfection bringing forth the latest technology in the digital hemisphere that can be explored and wisely implemented along. Mobile developers and other experts gather to experience the two-day interactive sessions with Facebook product experts and have a one-on-one rendezvous with the global developer community. An event of equal importance to that of Apple’s WWDC and Google’s I/O yet less popular but promises of announcements that can alter the way the world perceives the social media platform.

The application development companies and other players in the market as well those unfortunate ones who failed to catch up with the year 2018’s F8 highlights, here are the key takeaways to recapitulate the bombs dropped by Facebook.

The event gradually unfolded the ambitious plans CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been keeping under wraps. The platform that has attracted the attention of the Social Media Giant is the-

Rising popularity of Tinder like dating apps.

The singles around the world can consider this an alternative to seeking out dates online especially if they are worn out by the ‘Swipe left’ policy used by Tinder and few others. ‘FaceDate’, the extended feature will be a completely different, distinct and a separate experience from Facebook itself. The profiles will be hidden from the user’s Facebook contacts and will not be matched with any of them. Talk about privacy and here it is. However, Facebook stuck to the high morals by eliminating those users who have clearly indicated ‘Married’ or ‘In a relationship’ right on their Facebook profile, from using this new feature.

Questions privacy amidst controversies

Not long before, the leading social media platform was plunged into an endless controversy pertaining to the breach of individual privacy and data encroachment. Therefore, F8 came up with this option for the first time in Facebook’s history to eliminate all the data collected from sites and apps. The possibility to clear browsing data from Facebook’s servers is likely to enjoy more control over their data and privacy.

Dwell in the Virtual world with Oculus Go

Both the android as well as the iOS application development companies had a lot to gain from this much-awaited feature of Facebook. And when the entire world is literally going gaga over the extended possibilities of Virtual and Augmented Reality, this very announcement by Facebook proves that the social media giant is in no mood to stay behind in the technology expansion. The Virtual Reality headset Oculus Go is available for sale at oculus.com across 23 countries including UK and US. Experiences such as ‘Watch Party’, ‘Multiplayer Games’ and ‘Live Concerts’ will be supported by $199 VR headset owned by Facebook. Oculus TV hub is yet another feature bought into the audience’s notice at F8, which will allow users stream contents from ESPN, Netflix, Showtime, and others.

Refreshed Facebook Messenger

Facebook is trying to paint a fresh outlook by stripping off the ‘camera’ and ‘games tab’ feature from the messenger. Eradicating the language barrier with ‘Translation’ of chat threads and simplified look to the existing messenger are two noteworthy features that promise a refreshed look to the original messenger.

The creative touch to WhatsApp and Instagram

Bullied comments and body-shaming remarks are quite in trend nowadays especially in the social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Facebook has decided to deal with them stringently especially for the Instagram users. Therefore, video chat and group conferencing topped up with an anti-bullying feature is sure to revamp the entire user experience with Insta.

Group video calls and emoji stickers are few of the minor updates that are likely to enhance the overall user experience with WhatsApp.

Augmenting user experience through AR

At a time when the best mobile application developers are expressing skepticism towards Augmented Reality technology, Facebook has already released its ambitious plans of becoming the biggest AR platform on the planet. Third-party AR features are likely to roll out in the family of apps such as Messenger and Instagram. ‘AR Studio’ is one such tool highly likely to be implemented by the team of Facebook sooner.

And, finally…

There is no escape from Facebook

Michael T. Zimmer, an associate professor at the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, pondered, “The ubiquity of ‘Like’ buttons and ‘Login with Facebook’ features across the web means it is nearly impossible to avoid touching Facebook in your daily online activities.” 

The ever-expanding popularity of Facebook reflects the foresightedness of the founders who took the right step at the right time. Paul Levinson, professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University, rightfully commented, “Either you give enough people in the world what they want, or you don’t succeed. And Facebook over and over again is giving people what they want.”

The announcements of the two-day conference just proved that the CEO of Facebook is looking up to developing a singular platform in social media.

Fluper like top-rated mobile application development companies has a lot learn from such conferences so as to offer a better app building solutions to its clients and users, which is different from Facebook.

Vinay Kumar

Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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