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Do you have battery troubles with your smartphone? We know that most people would respond with a yes. No matter you are using an android and iOS device, one common complaint of mobile users is that the battery does not last as long as promised. It is well-known that smartphones have become a necessity for people. In fact, top mobile app development companies have grabbed the benefits of the smartphone by developing unique apps in order to make customer’s lives simpler. Considering that the tasks we perform on smartphones in today’s time are so demanding, it is actually unsurprising to see so many people carry power banks. Reason? Obviously poor battery performance. If you too own a smartphone that does not have a long lasting battery, you should know these tested tips for android smartphone’s battery life to extend your smartphone battery life by a few hours.

Just suppose that you need to send a critical email or make an important call, you get an obnoxious low-battery warning. I am sure, this will irritate you if you don’t want to walk around with an adapter and looking for an outlet to recharge. In this case, following some essential tips to prolong your phone’s battery life is all you need!

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Without any doubt, a decent battery is the root of any smartphone. It ensures that you can get the most out of your phone anytime, without worrying about battery drain. More importantly, it’s the fundamental factor behind whether or not you can listen to tunes on your device when you’re on your way home after a long day at work. Keeping battery issues in mind, smartphone makers across the globe have been launching various models with better battery life. Recently, leading research and statistics portal Statista have presented a graph displaying the comparison of smartphone models by battery life in 2018. Have a look-

As per the graph, Xperia XZ2 holds the top position with a battery life of 2,161. However, the Apple iPhone X has an average single charge battery life of 1,940 minutes.

Tested Tips for Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

Must-Follow Tips to Improve Your Android Battery Performance

Now, the users have become choosier when it comes to buying a new smartphone. They prefer mobile with better battery backup. However, there is a time come when your battery does not perform well. There could be many reasons behind this, one of the prime reasons is heavy use of internet and mobile apps running in the background. This consumes battery very much. If that’s your case, I am going to discuss five useful and easy-to-do tips that will help you save a lot of battery on your Android smartphone-

Tested Tips for Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

Control Your Location Settings

The strongest way to improve your phone’s battery life is to shut off the GPS function completely. Well, I know that disabling GPS is actually not a practical piece of advice. Therefore, it’s better to taking control of how your phone and apps use location. Android Smartphone offers turn off location services with one “mains” switch. This stops apps from using your location. You can control this in Settings > Google in an Android device.

Moreover, you can find the option App-level permissions under Location tab. From here, you can disable the apps which you think don’t really require your location or the ones you don’t use too much.

Switch to the Dark Mode

Tested Tips for Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

This is one of the beneficial ways to improve your battery performance. Google literally admitted that dark mode consumes less battery on any Android smartphone. If your smartphone has a system-wide dark theme, enable it right away. If your phone has an OLED screen, switching to a dark theme helps to preserve the battery. YouTube, Android Messages, Twitter, and Pocket are examples of apps that support the dark theme. Considering this, top mobile app developers have also started developing apps with multiple themes.

Use Lite and Go Versions of Apps

Some of the most popular Android and iOS apps currently have cut-down versions intended for low-power phones with limited RAM and entry-level CPUs. App development companies offer them to make the experience better on underpowered phones. They use less data, fewer resources and tend to consume less power too. You can check the battery usage of all of your apps in the settings of your smartphone.

Some of the popular apps available are Facebook Lite, Google Maps Go, Facebook Messenger Lite, Opera Mini, Skype Lite and Files Go.

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Manage Background Data Access

Tested Tips for Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

Do you know that many mobile apps stay active on your smartphone even after you exit them? These are called background apps. To check this, you only need to go to the Settings and click on Apps & Notifications. Then, go to the app’s page and tap on Battery and then go to the option of ‘Battery Optimisation’. Here, select all the valid options to save battery that is being used by the app. Similarly, you can minimize data access for the apps you don’t think should use it in the background.

Turn Off Google Assistant

Google Assistant is obviously one of the trendiest features in a smartphone, which has been appreciated by the users as well as
mobile app developers. It makes things fun and easy, but on the other hand, it can use up a lot of battery from your device. So, if you are not heavily dependent on it, then it’s better to disable it. You only need to follow some easy steps- Head to Google app and select ‘More’. Tap on Settings and then go to Google Assistant header. Here, tap on Settings again and select Assistant. Press on Phone and switch Google Assistant off. You are all done!

Wrapping Up

I hope the above information will be helpful if you are facing some issues with your mobile app performance. There are so many different factors that can affect battery life; it’s impossible to say which solution will work best for you. I would recommend using these tips. Moreover, there are many android battery-saving apps created by top mobile app development companies which can be useful for you as well. If you also want to develop your own app then you can share your idea with app experts at Fluper.


Tested Tips for Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

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