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When we think about building mobile app the first question arise in everyone mind is how much cost is involved in mobile app development? What is the average time to develop an app? Every app idea comes with baggage of expectations so building a mobile app is not an easy task. The number of enterprise mobile apps is increasing day by day on the app stores. Businesses all over the globe are adopting mobile apps as they significantly help in improving productivity, client engagement as well as mitigating risk. But the bitter truth is not all apps are good so we are revealing the true factors behind a successful app. In order to make an outstanding app, you have to consider various aspects.

Let’s find out some underestimated factors that play an important role in app success –

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful App

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppUser Interface & User Experience

The successful mantra for successful mobile application is “User Interface + User Experience = App Success”. For hassle-free user experience, it is not easy to offer great platform. The main reason behind this is that it involves a lot of planning, designing, and testing. All the efforts that are made for developing stunning mobile apps do not come in a blink of eye. Actually, it requires a tremendous amount of time to come up with apps offering outstanding user interface

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful App

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppCustom Application

It is not easy for iOS developers to work according to custom requirements.  While developing a custom mobile app, various key challenges arise such as integration of apps, unavailability of analytical tools, non-uniform mobile policies etc. Besides this, there also exists few concerns for respondents i.e., uncertainty about time, testing, finding bugs and fixing them.

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppResource Availability

While developing mobile app, having team members that are fully dedicated to project and ensuring they are proving best service is a prerequisite. There are various reasons that can cause the delay in the project deadlines such as hire the right professionals, waiting time to finish existing work etc. If team members are unavailable, definitely it will cause a delay in starting the mobile app project.

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Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppApp Security

In order to protect user data,mobile app developers have to be vigilant and they should know how to avoid security issues to avoid that are affecting users. In fact, they have to offer amazing user experience without compromising on data security. To offer vulnerabilities free app, it is responsibility of app developers to conduct testing properly before releasing the app. Although no app is safe from attacks of malware so it is mandatory to test every inlet of security issues. Once app testing has finished, it’s time to publish it in app store. Although waiting time may vary from one week to few months and thus the overall procedure take time to let the app be available to users.

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppApp Designing

Effecting design play a vital role for creating powerful applications. Every app is build for a specific purpose. Suppose you are building a restaurant app then you have to create something that offer most relevant results so that users can get expected results quickly. To provide instant results, designers have to use latest technologies that can make users’ work quite easier.

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful App

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppNumber of Screens, Devices, Platforms

If you want to reach wider audience, Android app developers have to build mobile application that can run on multiple platforms. Although it is effective to build multiple apps simultaneously but designing, developing and testing require a lot of extra efforts. Needless to say, extra time will be required to build apps catering to multiple devices. Well, the more number of screens in the app, the more time will be taken for mobile app development.

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppFeatures

The most primary element that determines how much the time will be taken to develop mobile application is the number of features that are involved in application. In other words, the more features an app has, more time will be taken for designing, developing and testing. It is always a good idea to develop a MVP for mobile app so that you have a clear idea from the beginning. Being aware of users’ needs and making amendments on the go always saves a lot of time and efforts.

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Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppUnderstanding Business Logic

The basic criteria to figure out the timeframe for Android app development services is that you must have crisp understanding of app idea. Various times it becomes extremely difficult for app developers to achieve similar service of web service over mobile device. To keep the work on track, it is essential to understand the business logic so that you have a market-ready app as soon as possible.

Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful AppComplexity of App

After deciding features of the application, still there exist various factors that play a critical part in deciding the delivering time of the application. For instance, if you are developing an e-commerce app without images then definitely it will involve fewer efforts in the development phase as compared to gaming mobile application.


Hope, all factors will help you to estimate how much time will be taken for a mobile app to hit the market. To achieve business objective at right time with least hassles, it is essential to focus on right criterion. Do you need ideal app for your audience? Being a top-rated Android app development venture, Fluper is well-known for building elegant apps that are designed according to clients’ business requirements in best possible manner.


Revealing the True Factors behind a Successful App


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