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There are 2 million apps available in the iOS app store and entering such a crowded market is not an easy task. Mobile apps are built and published at a continuous basis. If you want to pass Apple’s rigorous review process then you have to Apple’s guidelines strictly. According to Apple, 88% of rejection occurs due to most common faux pas. The major objective of Apple’s App Store is to keep app society safe and to protect users from hostile applications. If you are ready with your amazing iOS app, then this is something, which you can’t miss for iOS app development! In this blog, I am going to discuss key considerations to save your iOS app from rejection.

8 Definite Reasons for Rejection of Your iOS App

iconViolating Apple’s Guidelines

If you are neglecting Apple’s guidelines then definitely your app will be rejected by Apple’s store. You have to properly read guidelines before the process of mobile app development. This is because if your app is not fulfilling Apple’s guidelines then all your efforts will get wasted. Massive modifications not only affect designing and development but also steal the entire charm of application.


Ambiguously using Apple’s name

If your app is using Apple’s name in any form either in the content or somewhere else then the app may get deserted. On the other hand, if you are using images of iPhones or frames with prior permission then the app may move to the rejection zone without any single glance of evaluation.


The App has performance issues

None user doesn’t want to use an application that has performance flaws. If your iOS app is extremely slow, no doubt such things are bad for user engagement. Make sure the downloading must be quick so that the user does not face any complication while using it. Although looks matter but what is the use of the app if it is not loading on the grounds of heavy traffic.


Lack of Testing

If you want to see your app live in the Apple’s app store, ensure that it is free from functional defect otherwise, it will be rejected. Don’t ignore any teeny weeny fault as such things are not ignored by Apple. So, test your application as much as you can and don’t ignore any single glitch.


Avoid using your own payment system

If you are deploying in-app purchase to unlock some features then make sure payments should be done through Apple purchasing system. It is illegal to use a personal payment system but if you do so then your application will be spontaneously discarded.

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Works Online

There are innumerable mobile apps that run online but if the app fails to detect the network then make sure it informs the user through notification.  In fact, users must know which services are available online and which one is offline. It is necessary to informed users about everything i.e., how to run the application. Otherwise, they will think that the software is not working properly while the actual problem lies with the network.


Inappropriate App Description

If the app description is inappropriate or the content is not relevant according to app’s features then the reviewer can reject the app. Ensure that app description is written clearly, free from grammatical mistakes as well as there are no false promises. Any blunder in the app description might be responsible for app rejection.


Copyright Issues

During iPhone App Development, you need to care about copyright issues. It is a must! Sometimes, it is seen that the original app lose its credibility because of duplicate apps. If copyright issues exist then it will be responsible for app rejection.

Perform these crucial things if Apple rejects app

Study the reason

If your app is rejected, don’t panic. All you need to do is analyze the reason for app rejection. Apple sends email regarding why your app is rejected. To know the exact reason, first of all, log into your iTunes Connect Account. Once you logged in, tap on My Apps and then choose your rejected app from the list.  Now a red-highlighted message will appear on the screen. After that, tap on “Resolution Center” and that will give you a rejection code with a short description.

Fix the issue and resubmit

In the next step, you have to fix the issue and then resubmit the app in the App Store. It is the responsibility of app developers to fix the crash issue. Well, there might be numerous reasons behind app rejection so quickly rectify the issue and resubmit the app.

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Check other people’s experiences

Apple provides you the proper reason for rejecting the app but what if you don’t understand the context of that reason. There are various persons who have faced similar issues and already documented the problem. Conduct proper research form your end to find out the solution posts.

If you are still confused, leverage communities

There are various forums for app developers from where they can find the solution for specific app rejection issue. Such communities are built to help people who need reliable answers to most pressing queries.  There are various communities where you can post queries such as Stack Overflow, Reddit, App Entrepreneurs & Marketers Group.

If you feel there is some kind of misunderstanding or they have made an unfair conclusion then submit your appeal to Apple’s Review Board.

Wrapping Up

To prevent your app from rejection, properly study the guidelines from the beginning. Check the stringent guidelines properly and make sure every aspect of your app is designed properly.  As a top-rated  Mobile App Development company Fluper is well-known for delivering innovative apps that leave remarkable business footprints on customer’s mind.

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