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Parents try their best to keep their ward away from smartphones. But do you think this is possible considering they are born in the digital world surrounded by hi-tech gadgets? And since nothing is bad without being good for something, mobile phones have proved more than once that it is a worthy device to own. Also, mobile application developers try their best to bring out apps that are worthy enough to occupy space in the user’s smartphone screen. Yet not everything is rosy about mobile technology. Cybercriminals and offenders lurk here to victimize some hapless adolescent without their parents’ knowledge. Young adults are exposed to the grimmer side of the world courtesy the same technology. It is hard to admit but is a fact that there are few mobile developers out there do very little to address such damaging social issues just for the sake of earning some extra cash. GUYS WAKE UP!! You are messing up with the future generation. This has to be a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility. Anyways, it is often not possible to restrain each and every offender. So, charity begins at home and hence it is the ultimate duty of parents to track the movement of their children for their safer growth. Otherwise, few responsible best mobile application developers out there feel the same pain and did pool in their ideas to come up with few very interesting applications designed for parental control over their children. And, here is the list of 6 parental control apps to monitor a child’s activity online.

best parental control apps

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 DinnerTime serves the purpose to limit device usage especially during dinners, study, and bedtime. The teenagers and young adolescents remain glued to the smartphone screen for endless hours. This particular application comes handy for those parents who find it really tough to check their kids for prolonged use of mobile phones. This app instantly locks and unlocks child’s Android handset even from a distance to make them spend more quality time with parents, friends and focus on studies or sleep. Also reporting on the exact duration for which your ward and the apps, as well as the sites, accessed the device visited.

Theonespy is an ultimate tool supportive of both Android and iOS devices. It is bestowed with outstanding features such as tracking Whatsapp, SMS, call logs, location tracking, and a lot more. It is undoubtedly the best application to offer security to young kids. It also monitors total internet usage, scan browsing history, website URLs and bookmarks, GPS tracker to locate the phone if lost to remotely wipe out saved files and other personal stuff as well as investigate any new contacts added and forthcoming events marked in the calendar. ”

VideoMonster is useful especially when your kids are too much attached to YouTube videos. This goes without a doubt that this application is entertaining and educational at the same time. But at times the contents are not so safe for your kids to access such as pop-up ads and other related video links to redirect them to sites which you definitely do not wish your child to visit at a young age. This app lists out safe videos to watch, filters out unwanted ads, and links to inappropriate content.

Qustodio offers a dashboard to help parents monitor their children’s activities online. A free version of the application tape on your ward’s web and search engine usage, track her Facebook and Twitter logins along with setting time controls. Wherein the premium version allows guardians to not only perform the above-mentioned functions but also track kids’ location, block certain games and applications, monitor their calls and texts exchanged and a lot more. A perfect weapon for the guardians!

The major concern of any parent is to protect their children from cyberbullying, suspicious social media contacts and other abusive contents, which might prove damaging to their online reputation. Avira social network protection is here to extend their helping hand with a focus mainly on monitoring their movement on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Form Spring. It is no secretive spying tool and needs their cooperation to have it installed on their device. Later you can easily log in to any other to receive updates and warnings on different types of activities and areas of concern. Real-time email notifications to warn you of any suspicious movements.

As the name suggests, ‘PhoneSheriff: Runner-up’ gives you the role of a real-life cop. But I guess if you have growing children you have to be. So this application can be considered one of the best yet pricey to avail the services. A tougher program to install but loaded with robust features making it a simpler app to use. Reviewing apps installed on your kid’s phone to block those, which are objectionable and setting time limits on the device are few such helpful functions. Also, tapping on texts send by them, blocking suspicious contacts, setting white list and blacklist of numbers, alerting as soon they leave a specified area, monitoring web browsing and panic button to alert you to his/her location in case of emergencies etc. are other features availed at a price but is worthy enough to protect your child.

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Final words

It is pointless to say that keeping children away from modern technology will protect them from cyber criminals. Or else you have to shift your base to some remote area where technology failed to make their presence felt. So the most advisable thing to do is you become smarter and lookup for few such best parental control apps available in the app stores in numbers. Top-rated mobile application developers similar to Fluper are always out there to develop similar to the 6 mentioned applications in order to help the parents and guardians in protecting their children.

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