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Flutter is a cross-platform Framework like Xamarin and React used in cross-platform mobile app development. The market of the cross-platform app has slowly taken over the market of Native app development for its time-saving and cost-effective nature. Hence, the popularity of the Cross-platform framework has reached sky height.

What is Flutter and why do developers like it most?

What is Flutter and why do developers like it most

Flutter is an excellent choice for developing a cross-platform app. Google released this open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) in December 2018. Flutter is very famous among Cross-platform app developers. To estimate Flutter App development Cost, you need to know the key features of Flutter.

Key features:

  • It has an inbuilt graphic engine that aids developers to make a single interface for both android and iOS.
  • Flutter uses Dart programming language in place of JavaScript. The developers can write more structured programming codes with dirt. It allows them to customize the UI layout of the app and create platforms, structures, and widgets that can be reused easily.
  • This high-performance cross-platform app framework gives the feel of a native app while working on a different OS as it can produce 60 frames per second (fps) performance speed which is the same compared with native apps (java/Swift).
  • The Code reusability (80%) feature of Flutter makes it ideal for deploying the app on multiple OS with a single code.
  • Flutter has the widgets of a high-performing rendering engine that provides faster, quicker and highly flexible code-reusability.
  • The Hot reload feature of Flutter allows the developers and the testers to create and check the quality of the application faster.  It saves both development costs and time.
  • Flutter can work on six different types of OS Android, iOS, Blackberry, Linux, Windows and Linux-based Google Fuchsia.
  • Moreover, flutter provides the support of its huge global community of developers and Google also. This allows the developers to solve many critical problems using flutter more innovatively.
  • Some popular apps like Google Adwords, GPay and Alibaba use Flutter as their framework.

The growing popularity of Flutter:

The growing popularity of Flutter

Flutter gains so much popularity over other cross-platform frameworks like React Native, and Xamarin that it has reached 2 million users within the two years of its released.

As per the records of Statistica, Flutter has ranked second most widely used cross-platform Frameworks by Mobile App Developers after React Native.

If you go to the Flutter vs React Native comparison, you’ll see flutter users increased from 30% to 39% whereas the react users remained fixed at 42%.

Another reason for increasing the acceptability of Flutter is that flutter has pre-made widgets that are created and tested by Google. Hence the developers can easily use those widgets for developing custom UI rather than making it with Javascript and JSX of React. This takes the Flutter up in Flutter vs React Native comparison.

Flutter App Development Cost Structure:

Flutter App Development Cost Structure

If you want to calculate any basic Mobile app development cost by using the Flutter framework, you need to consider the following factors.

1. Flutter App Developer’s cost:

Development of a simple app with Flutter takes approximately 200 hours of developers’ work. That means, it’ll take around 3 months to develop the app. In India, the average cost of developers is around $25.

2. Features:

Flutter App Development Cost highly depends upon the features added to the app. Some must-have features that any reputed Mobile App Development Company commonly adds to every app are as follows.

  • User-friendly responsive Interface
  • A search option
  • Chat support/Call back Function
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Location maps
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • Data Caching
  • Multi-device synchronization

Normally basic app development cost is around $2000 to $10,000. But, using Flutter reduces this development cost by almost half. A short development time and availability of different widgets and free features lower the Flutter App Development Cost.

3. Complexity of the App:

The complexity of the app deeply impacts Flutter App Development cost. Three types of complexities- Low, Medium and High are found in Mobile App Development. The following factors decide the complexity of the app.

  • The deployment architecture model
  • Third-party Integration tools
  • The ability of a Flutter app to use the inbuilt features of a device.
  • Admin panel development
  • Addition of the technologies like- Blockchain, AI, AR, IoT, etc.
  • Integration with the legacy system and other hardware devices.

4.  UI/UX design:

The visual representation of UI depends upon the type of layout you use in your UI design. A good layout gives well user experience. The layout cost affects any Android app development cost. The price structure of the layouts includes its complexity, animation material and Interaction between programmer and user

5. Server cost:

If the app requires processing and storing user-generated data, the server space rent will be included in the Flutter App Development Cost. It’ll cost $1650 per year for an AWS server.

6. App category:

 Flutter App Development Cost in India highly depends on the type of app you want to build as a different type of app needs different kinds of technologies like real-time access required for social media apps, 3D graphics, AI-enabled features require for Gaming apps and more.

7. App designing: 

Some basic design components like Colour, image, animation, number of displays and dynamic representation impact the Mobile app development cost by using Flutter.

8. Backend Development cost:

The backend supports real-time chatbots, app security, app data, and data backup of any app. Hence, any Android app development cost with Flutter must include the Backend Development cost.

9. App Release price:

Flutter App Development Cost also includes the cost of its launch on different platforms. It is $25 (one time) in the Google play store and $99 (per year) in App Store.

10. Maintenance and Support:

This cost is 15% to 20% of the total Flutter App Development Cost in India.

So, the average Flutter App Development Cost in India will range around $16,800 – $22,400 for middle-complexity apps and $22,400 – $33,600 for high-complexity apps.


If you want to think about developing a cross-platform app with Flutter, you need to hire a reputed Mobile App Development Company in India that can provide you a better-performing app at the best price. The guideline about Flutter App Development Cost will help you to estimate the budget of your app.


Q. How much does it cost to hire a dedicated Flutter app developer in India?

Depending upon the experience level of the Flutter App developer, it’ll cost $20 to $50 in India.

Q. What makes Flutter the right choice for mobile app development?

Flutter is a high-performing cross-platform Framework that helps to develop fast and responsive mobile apps cost-effectively within a minimum time.

Q. How much does it cost to build a project on Flutter in India?

A mid-level complexity project will take around $35,000

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