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Grubhub is a USA-based on-demand food delivery app that allows users to order food from their preferred restaurants. The company has a network of more than 3, 00,000 restaurants in more than 3200 cities.

The trends of such on-demand food delivery apps are increasing day by day as people love food and want them in their comfort zone. The mobile app is the way to order food at any time anywhere in the city. Hence, many entrepreneurs and experienced organizations are also focused to develop such food delivery apps as it generates huge revenue in future. But, the thought first comes to mind before investing in such apps is what will be the cost to develop an app like Grubhub.

Market Share of Grubhub-Like Apps:

Market Share of Grubhub-Like Apps

If you consider the market size of these types of apps, you’ll see the impact is increased after the Covid-19 pandemic condition. Now, people want everything at their doorstep. Hence, the statistics say, the global market share of Food delivery Apps will increase by $62,836.97 million in 2030 from 6,752.32 million in 2020 if it is growing at a CAGR of 25% from 2021 to 2030. This picture tells that investment in Grubhub-like food delivery apps will be a wise decision. So, you need to know the cost to develop app like Grubhub.

How do Grubhub works?

How do Grubhub works

To estimate the Grubhub like app development cost, you need to know how it works. Grubhub mobile app works on three Panels and those are as follows.

User Panel:

  1. Users can explore various kinds of foods prepared at their nearby restaurants and choose dishes from their preferred ones.
  2. They can also search for any specific dish at their nearby restaurants by using the advance search option.
  3. Users complete their order placement process by the checkout option where they have to place their delivery address and choose the payment option like COD or Any online payment options.
  4. After placing the order they can track that.

Restaurant panel:

  1. The restaurant owners can exhibit the products at their online store.
  2. They can monitor their customer’s demands and serve them according to that.
  3. They can only confirm and proceed to prepare the food when the customers confirm their payment process.

Delivery Partner panel:

  • They get notifies when their nearby restaurants send the notification to pick up their prepared foods.
  • They can share their live location with the app that allows the customers to track their orders.

Must-Have Features of Grubhub-like apps:

Must-Have Features of Grubhub-like apps

The Cost to Develop app like Grubhub is based on the features and functionalities of the application. Before creating this type of app, make sure that you have chosen the right Food App Development Company.

Any on-demand food delivery app like Grubhub consists of four different interfaces. The features of the four interfaces are as follows.

User Interfaces:

  1. Hassle-free registration and profile creationwith social media ID or Email ID.
  2. Advance search options by adding a Voice search feature(optional) where customers can order food based on some specific criteria like offers, nearby restaurants and more.
  3. Cost calculation and Order placement: Customers can place an order by adding dishes from their chosen restaurants to the cart where the Cost-Calculator shows the total cost considering delivery cost and others.
  4. Easy payment Gatewaywith safe and secure integrated third-party payment apps like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  5. Customer can track their order through Real-time GPS trackingthat uses an API like Google –Map.
  6. By using the Rating and Review featurecustomers can share their feedback about their experiences with any particular restaurant or dish that is very important for the business.
  7. The feature of Offers and Promoscan play a significant role in customer retention and win brand loyalty.

Vendor/Restaurant owner Interface:

  1. Log inand register their restaurants to display their prepared-food items in the app.
  2. Order management: They can accept and reject customers’ orders after their payment
  3. They can send a notification to the available food delivery personsand after delivering the order they can track their location by Real-time GPS tracking feature.
  4. Storing Customer’s ratings and reviews helps the business to increase its visibility in the App.

Delivery person’s interface:

  1. Registration of their essential details.
  2. They can show their visibility by the Duty on/off option. They can accept and reject the order after getting the notification from the restaurant.
  3. They can update the current status of the order like “waiting at the restaurant”, or “order picked up”.
  4. The most important feature of Accurate GPS-enabled navigation allows the delivery person to accurately navigate the respective customers’ locations and deliver the respective orders on time. This feature preserves the integrity and transparency of the online food delivery business.
  5. They can track their payment through the app.
  6. They can store and display the ratings received from customers.

Admin dashboard:

  1. Managing Payment of Vendors and delivery executives.
  2. Maintaining Live-database of the business by real-time tracking of staff joining, new restaurant partnering and more.
  3. Getting reliable business insights through statistical reports and analytics.
  4. Business improvement through CRM.
  5. Providing customer support through chat or call.

Important tech-stack for Food Delivery App:

The cost to develop app like Grubhub also depends on the tech stack used in the app. You need to ensure that you are selected a reputed Food App Development Company that can implement the following tech stack to your app.

Features Tech-stack
For restaurant listing Grubhub API and FourSquare API
For Payments Square API, Stripe, Paypal
To find user location Core location framework
To find direction Google Map
For cloud AWS, Azure
For registration Facebook SDK Login
For Storage Amazon Cloud Storage
For Analytics Google analytics

Grubhub like app development cost:

If you want to estimate the cost to develop app like Grubhub, you need to consider some factors, like the developer’s charge and location, app platforms, time for the development of features and their complexities, etc.

If you go to a genuine Food Delivery App Development Company for creating an on-demand Food delivery cross-platform app, it’ll take $30,000 to $50,000 including app Launch and app testing in the potential market.

Any good Food App Development Company takes approximate 720 hours to develop all the features of the app using proper technologies and it’ll cost $43,550.

In addition, UI/UX design and Testing takes approximate 80 hours and that’ll cost $3000 to $3500.

So, approximately, the total cost to develop app like Grubhub is $47,550 if the assigned Mobile App Development Company charges a $50 per hour development charge.

Final thought:

The way on-demand Food delivery industries like Grubhub are growing; this is the right time to invest in such booming market. Our guidelines about Grubhub like app development cost will help you to estimate the budget for developing the app. Hence, if you plan to launch a Grubhub-like app, you need to connect with a notch-level Food Delivery App Development Company. They can guide you properly to launch a better-performing app at the best price.

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