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The Covid-19 Pandemic has dramatically reshaped the e-commerce and parcel delivery services. Mobile apps have certainly added to the ease and flexibility in accessing different products and services, and this have further increased the demand for pickup and drop apps. More than 15.5 billion deliveries were reported to be completed worldwide during the year 2020 and the figures will surely rise in the coming few years. More than 65% worldwide users prefer door-to-door deliveries rather than conventional shopping. So, if you are pondering over pick and drop app development, you are certainly on the right track and this blog will prove to be a good source of required information that you need to focus on before getting started with your app development process.

The Right Approach Towards Pick and Drop App Development?

Any business project requires thorough research and planning at its initial stage. Hence, you must focus on some key factors that we have mentioned below.

Understanding Your End Users

No matter how great your idea is or how highly advanced technologies you have used in your Drop & Pick app development process, failing to understand your customers’ need will prove to be a futile investment. Your app must satisfy what people look in a pick and drop app. Look for their convenience, flexibility, and some other crucial factors which can make them completely dependent on your app.

Market Research & Analyze Your Competitors

Conduct thorough market research on pick and drop services in your locality, city, country and then prepare a strategy accordingly. Also, don’t forget to evaluate your competitors. If there some pick and drop apps already functional, look for their functionalities and try to figure out the flunks & flaws within them. This will help you develop a more customized pick and drop app for your target audience.

Key Features for Pick & Drop App Development-

For any mobile app, its features are the key factor behind its success. Ask your Android app development company to develop three different panels; Admin and Delivery, Customers. All these different panels must have some unique and exciting features that will be the driving force of your pick and drop app.

Features for Customer Panel

  • User Registration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Select Services
  • Schedule pick up date and time
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Picking Drop location
  • Map Integration
  • Add Comment
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Integration

Feature for Delivery Panel

  • Login Details
  • View Request Details
  • Accept/Reject Requests
  • View Customer details
  • Payment History
  • GPS-assisted Route Navigation
  • Push Notifications

Features for Admin Panel

  • Sign-up
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Services
  • Manage Delivery Agents
  • Order management
  • Manage Notifications
  • Reports & Analytics

With all these basic features and functionalities, you can surely launch an effective and convenient pick and drop app that will yield fruitful results for both your customers and you. You always have the choice to choose some extra features as your niche.

Cost to Develop Pick & Drop App

If you are going to chose for build from scratch option, the total cost of development will depend on various crucial factors like:

  • Type of App: Hybrid, Web-based, Cross-platform, or Native
  • Type of Platform: Android or iOS
  • Type of Taxi App Development company
  • Number of Features Required
  • Use of Advanced Technologies

However, developing a pick and drop app doesn’t include any severe complexities, so, you can easily get a pick and drop app developed by a renowned app development company between $20000 to $26000. This will include everything from developing MVP, designing, development, testing, quality analysis, and even post-launch technical support.

If you choose to incorporate some highly advanced features, the cost may go as high as $ 40000 for your pick and drop app development.

Choosing the Best App Development Company

Your choice to select a taxi app development company or any other mobile app development company must be based on thorough research. After all, it’s the app development company that will bring your imagination on practical ground. Hence, just don’t hesitate to hire the best in the industry.

Visit some top-rated companies and their profiles, look for their successfully delivered projects, and clients’ reviews. A better way is to look for these companies on some trusted rating agency sites like Clutch and GoodFirms. Here, you will get a detailed view of that company’s development process with all relevant details on their approach and performance.

How to Monetize Pick & Drop App?

A well-planned approach towards this concept will keep you relaxed and much confirm about revenue generation. Pick and drop apps are making good money through the delivery fee that is charged for the service but there are some other ways too, that can fetch you much more money. Here are some common ways that you can consider to monetize your pick and drop app in the best possible way.

  • Delivery Fee Charge: It will be the price that you will charge your users for the delivery service. Try to keep it reasonable and competitive. The delivery boy will also get a fixed percentage on this amount and leaving that, will be your profit.
  • In-app Paid Features: You can choose to add some extra features on a subscription basis in your pick and drop app development and allow users to have access to these personalized features when they pay a fixed amount for that.
  • In-app Ads: The more user base your app will develop, the better options you will get from various businesses to showcase their ads on your app’s interface.

Considering all these aspects in a well-planned way will surely prove to be rewarding and you will get some surprising results withing few months of launching your pick and drop app on app stores.

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