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Be it or not, today Geo-location features cover more than 90% of your mobile app permission access. Love it or hate it, these are the most contextually efficient for any successful app in the market. In today’s world, Geolocation apps are not just limited to location and navigation apps, but these are now spreading their wings to the gaming and entertainment industries. A few years back, Pokemon Go was launched, told people that mobile games can be played down the streets.

Based on a coordinate system, geolocation is a resource that helps in getting the precise position on Planet Earth where an object is located. These coordinates can be acquired using several sorts of signals.

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Today every functionality is now resting on the geo-location apps. Creating a geolocation-enabled application has become more vital for businesses seeking to differentiate themselves in the market. With so many gadgets available, the concept of creating a geolocation app appears to be becoming increasingly appealing. It is a fantastic chance to improve services by providing users with a more unique and comprehensive experience, boosting the likelihood of gaining new consumers.

What is Geolocation Apps?

To be clear, here’s what I mean: A location-based app is a piece of software that gathers information about the user’s present position. Businesses may provide tailored services based on where the user is right now or the point where he is heading using this sort of software. Typically, location information is sent via GPS (Global Positioning System), Cell ID, or WiFi.

Viable Ideas to Develop a Geolocation App

To help you with the groundbreaking revolutions of a geolocation app, we’ve compiled some of the best Ideas for Developing a Geolocation app.

  1. Retail Stores

Many retail stores and shopping outlets are using geo-location features to give their customers an unparalleled experience. The geolocation feature helps users to get the exact location of the desired retail store or the outlets. With the help of AR, some of the outlets include an indoor navigation feature.

  1. Location Tracking and Safety App

Most of the devices in the market come with built-in location tracking features, helping users to get reminders of important geographical notifications. It is also helpful to track down any of the lost GPS-enabled devices. Many trustworthy Android App Development Companies are now developing their apps that are powered with strong geolocation features, to immediately detect any suspicious activity through your device. Whether there is an unauthorized activity or suspicious login, you get the notification in no time. This feature can also be useful in keeping your loved ones safe by enabling or setting up the geofencing features(limited app support).

Location Tracking and Safety App

  1. Real-time Tracking (e-commerce)

The geolocation feature is something that no on-demand service provider can afford to ignore. To pull off the harmony and enhance the credibility, every e-commerce has advanced order management and interactive map, tracking agents in real-time is now a lot more enjoyable with the Geolocation feature. It gives consumers the control to track their deliveries with the flexibility of scheduling them.

Real-time Tracking

  1. Travel, Leisure, and Tourism

Geolocation features now make traveling more enjoyable than ever. You can have access and the list of famous tourist places without having any trouble getting swindled. No hotel booking app works with the navigation feature, and it’s pretty understandable. With the help of this life-savior feature, travelers now can book their accommodation options nearest to their destination or hotspot.

Travel, Leisure, and Tourism

  1. Dating and Social Media

To survive in this cruel environment, having friends are no less than a blessing. The geolocation features are helping people to get a chance to meet new ones. This could be a crucial feature for locating local individuals that like the same routes or share the same interest. Many people prefer to participate in sports in groups because they feel much better than when they practice alone. Your users will gladly spread the word about location-aware apps that help them meet new people and, thereby, it will improve and add value to their lives.

Dating and Social Media


It’s true, many of the above-mentioned ideas/industries are not innovative, but if you think you’ve some ideas that need to be nurtured or yet to be invented, feel free to reach out to us. At Fluper, one of the best Mobile App Development Companies in the USA, assisting clients to re-imagine their objectives and make them into reality. Get in touch with a professional development team with expertise designing location-based applications to help your company stand out from the crowd with a distinctive and scalable solution.

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