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Text messaging and calling apps have paved way for better communication along with several exciting features to connect and build relationships with mass population. Fongo is such an amazing app with tons of features that offer absolute convenience to take communication at a whole new level. The free calling & texting app offers a real phone number that can be used for unlimited text and media messaging among all Fongo users. The Canada-based app also comprises some paid features through which you can enhance your experience with this wonderful text messaging and video calling app. Apps like Fongo are gaining huge recognition worldwide and launching an app like this will really prove to be a great business idea to earn profits. This blog will guide you on cost to develop app like Fongo and some other crucial aspects that you must focus on.

A Quick Overview of Fongo Mobile App

Quick Overview of Fongo Mobile App

This Canada-based free communication app was launched in the year 2012 that offers Canada-wide free communication with some paid features which are optional. The services offered by Fongo app includes mobile app, home phone, small business, and home internet. It offers unlimited calling with a local Canadian number for Fongo-to-Fongo texting & group chat. The app also caters to low-cost home phone service with call waiting, forwarding, voicemail, and caller ID functionalities.

Moreover, the business phone system includes self service online dashboard, automated receptionist, and unlimited calling features in it. The unlimited high-speed internet service gives people an extra edge over internet usage at a minimal cost. The app’s primary focus is to provide absolutely free unlimited calling and texting services and generates revenue through its optional add-ons that people can buy as per their requirements.

How to get started with Fongo-like App Development?

When you proceed to develop an app like Fongo by hiring an Android app development company, you need to focus on different aspects and one among them is Instant messaging. For this, you need to consider a highly dedicated and secure server to store backup files.

 Fongo-like App Development

Another important aspect is the calling feature and for this you have to consider voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP). This will allow app users to make unlimited free calls using the internet with high-speed calling without any interruptions.

User Panel

This is another indispensable part of free calling and texting app development. Make sure that your mobile app development company in Canada offers a smooth and uninterrupted user interface so that users can easily make calls and send free text messages through the app.

Easy Registration

Make your registration process as simple as possible so that users can easily register them on your app and get started for a wonderful experience.

User Profile

This section will allow users to create their respective profiles with some important information that the app will use to help them connect with several other Fongo-like app users.

Allow them to instantly make changes into their profile to keep it updated. Moreover, the security aspect should also be focused for developing a faith among users that their chats or text messages are been safely stored on your app’s backup.

The Admin Panel

This is the place from where you will have complete command over your Fongo-like app. You can manage updates, design, backups, profiles, security, privacy settings, analytics & reports from this section of your app. You can also add, delete, or edit messaging layouts and easily monitor user activities to prevent any fraudulent actors on your app.

Push notifications

Using this section, you can send alerts and updates regarding any new update on the app or about recent offers that you want to offer through your messaging app.

Cost to Develop App like Fongo

Cost to Develop App like Fongo

To be very honest, the total cost of development for an app like Fongo will depend on multiple factors like

  • Type of Platform to be used (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux)
  • Type of Android App development company
  • Number of features to be incorporated
  • Location of the development agency
  • Size of the team
  • Type of App; Native, Hybrid, Cross-platform or web-based

Moreover, it would not be a wide decision to develop a Fongo clone, hence, you must look for some amazing and advanced features and functionalities that set your app apart from other competitors.

Still, to give you an average idea about the total cost of development, it may cost you somewhere between $ 16000 to $25000 with all similar features like Fongo.

Choosing the Best Development Company

After all, it’s the development agency that will put your ideas and imagination on practical terms, hence, make sure that you hire the best mobile app development company in Canada or from your respective country.

Making communication free for people will definitely take their excitement to a whole new level and with increased number of users, you are surely going to make maximum out of your Fongo-like app development investment.

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