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Creating and maintaining an app indeed takes a lot of effort. But if it succeeds, you might be able to rely on it to support yourself until retirement. This means you need to build future-proofing applications. Hence, you need to be proactive in anticipating and resolving the pains related to the growth. Then only you can go through a seamless app development process. If you focusing on the best practice of creating mobility solution, you can find there are three main App Development Pillars in 2023 that gives sustainability to your app.

The V.P of BMW said, “The new app platform is built on three pillars: user-friendliness, safety and reliability.” Here we discuss those App Development Pillars in 2023.

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3 App Development Pillars in 2023

It is reported that the total application number in Google Play Store is 3.3 million and in the App store is 2.2 million. Even every day many new apps are launching in the app market and only a few of them can get success and visibility. To develop a successful app, you need to build the app based on 3 key App Development Pillars in 2023 and those are as follows.

Most important app development Pillers


A user-friendly app ensures a fantastic user experience, both online and offline. The user should still be able to use your application to some extent even if they don’t have an Internet connection.

Slow down of internet connection or going out of network do happen any time. If the app doesn’t work when it happens, it’ll disappoint the users. So, you need an offline strategy to eliminate the problem. Data synchronization works well in this case.

Another important measure of creating offline mode is freedom of data and transparency that helps the users to access data online and offline.

Suppose, you have a note-taking app and when you are doing an edit in the app your network has gone. The data synchronization measure will synchronize immediate changes from offline mode to online and eliminate duplicate entries.

The key to making an app user-friendly is showing users that you care about them by designing an experience that satisfies their expectations, demands, and behavioral patterns. Thus user-friendliness is one of the most important App Development Pillars in 2023.

Security and Safety:

Mobile app security is primarily concerned with the application security posture of mobile apps across different operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Many types of security issues happen with the app if proper safety measure hasn’t been taken during app development. These are as follows.

  • Storing or accidentally sharing private information in a way that other mobile apps could read it.
  • Using weak authentication and permission checks could be malicious for users and the app both.
  • Internet transmission of sensitive data without encryption.

Hence, if you want to build an app considering Safety or Security as one of the crucial App Development Pillars in 2023, you need to hire a top-rated Mobile App Development Company that can develop a robust app for you.


A reliable mobile app is faultless, doesn’t cause downtime, and works as intended in every circumstance. There is an application reliability matrix that consists of Robustness, Security, Risk, Compliance, Productivity and Technical Debt. When an application fulfils these criteria, it is called a reliable app.

So, App reliability is one of the important App Development Pillars in 2023 that ensures acceptance of the app. You, need to hire a genuine Mobile App Development Company that can build a reliable app for you.

Upcoming app development Pillars:

Apart from those app development Pillars in 2023, there are also a few Upcoming app development Pillars that helps the application stand out in the crowd. These are as follows.

An application with financial sense:

Mobile app development for your business is no doubt a big investment. An app needs to make financial sense for a community or business to use it. Even without an e-commerce component, there are several methods to make money from an app.

Mobile applications have the potential to add value for a business outside of direct revenue production, from enhancing your brand and expanding the visibility of your product offering to developing a feedback loop and community of brand enthusiasts.

If you are partnering with a reputed Mobile App Development Company, it will guide you well on how some marketing tool can help your monetization strategy without hampering the normal activities of the app. Hence, financial sense can be one of the most valuable Upcoming app development Pillars as it generates revenue for your business.

An application with marketing strategy:

A mobile app is a great tool for promoting and expanding your business. There are many strategies of mobile marketing that helps the app to stand in the competitive market. Working on the brand icon, and image of the application can increase your brand visibility as people spend most of their time on mobile. Doing App store optimization helps the mobility to come in the search. Different app launching tricks can also determine the success of the mobile app.

If you hire a leading Mobile App Development Company, it can give you a proper marketing strategy to stand your app out from the competition. Thus, a proper marketing strategy is one of the best Upcoming app development Pillars.


The above-mentioned App Development Pillars in 2023 and Upcoming app development Pillars for successful mobile applications will help you to be alert of your app development project holistically. If you’ve been thinking about your mobile app development but are feeling hesitant since there are so many moving components, get in touch with a top-notch Mobile App Development Company for additional details. They have the expertise to turn your vision into a reality and a success.

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