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Boutiqaat is a popular beauty and fashion E-commerce app in the Middle East. It provides the largest platform for selling internationally branded beauty and fashion products for men and women from its website and app. In 2015 Boutiqaat originally began as an online distributor of cosmetics and goods in Kuwait and has expanded significantly the business of selling the trendiest range of cosmetics and beauty products to the premier locations of the Middle East.

Now, it’s a well-known beauty hub that offers unrivalled experiences to users of both makeup and fashion. Boutiqaat is a virtual makeup boutique where customers can find personalized recommendations from the Middle East’s most popular celebrities and shop their picks on the go. It offers a hand-picked mix of beauty and fashion products from over 700 international, local, and some unique in-house brands. It is the most favourable spot for all the fashionistas and make-up junkies as they can fulfil all their fashion and make-up compulsions here.

Iphone app development Company In India

If you want to build Boutiqaat like fashion App and are interested to know the estimated Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app, this article is for you. But, before discussing that, we’ll see the market output of this type of app.

Market share of beauty and fashion apps:

The global market of the beauty and fashion industry is growing exponentially since the pandemic condition over. It was valued at USD 422.72 billion in 2020. But, it is expected that if it is growing at the CAGR of 4.82%, it’ll reach USD 558.12 billion by 2026.

So, undoubtedly, planning for a beauty and fashion Ecommerce app like Boutiqaat is profitable choice for your business. Moreover, the fashion-conscious populations of Dubai always crave such Ecommerce platform that provides on-demand beauty products at their doorstep. After its launch at Google Play Store, Boutiqaat has received over 5, 00,000 downloads debut. It generates $100 million to $200 million annual revenue and it is recognized as the most popular beauty and personal care e-commerce app in the UAE region.

Hence, once you plan for Boutiqaat like fashion App, hire a reputed Ecommerce app development Company, that can give you fare estimate of the On- demand beauty app Development Cost.

Key features of Boutiqaat like Fashion App:

Key features of Boutiqaat like fashion app

The Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app is highly dependent on the features of the app. The workflow of this type of fashion app operates with the combination of three different apps and an admin panel. To develop this intricate app, you need to hire a top-rated Ecommerce app development Company that can build a high-standard, feature-fledged app for your business. The features of the four operating panels are as follows.

Customer App:

The features of this panel are designed for customers or users to provide a seamless workflow for online shopping. Once you hire a renowned Mobile app development Company, it’ll design these features according to your business goal.

  • Hassle-free registration:

Users can sign up for the app by their Gmail ID Phone number or social media handle and access the app immediately after log-in in without any hassle.

  • Advance Search 

They can customize their search from the search bar through this feature that offers them the options like category, rating, product type, offers and more for advanced search.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways:

Integrated payment gateways help the users to pay online by EWallet, Paypal, Debit or credit card and confirm their purchase. It needs to consider that third-party integration increases the Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app.

  • Hassle-free Checkout

If you hire a leading Ecommerce app development Company, it confirms that the process of checkout must be fast and hassle-free. It helps users in quick purchases and provides a seamless shopping experience.

  • Order Tracking

After placing an order, users can track their order in real-time.

  • Push Notifications:

They can also get order updates from the vendor and delivery agents through this feature.

Vendor App:

The Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app also considers the development cost of a vendor app that helps the vendor smoothly manage their business through this type of multi-vendor e-commerce app. Any reputed Ecommerce app development Company crafted these features inventively.

  • Product listing:

After sign-up and getting approval of access from the admin, the vendors can list their product in the app dashboard.

  • Manage inventory and order:

Depending upon the availability of the product the vendors can add, edit and remove any product from the list. Even, they can also cancel the product if it is not available or deliverable at the customer’s location.

  • Manage accounts:

They can get a complete report of transactions for every order with commission amount, marketplace fee, payable amount, shipping cost and more. It helps them to track their earning perfectly.

Delivery agent’s app:

Through this app, the delivery agents can maintain the bulk order and obtain real-time information about the order.

  • Quick access of the app:

With an easy sign-in and verification process, the delivery agent can onboard themselves in the app and begin their job.

  • Order tracking:

They can get the order details with pick up and drop location in real-time and can also estimate the time for delivery.

  • Quick On boarding :

With an easy sign-in process, the delivery agents can get themselves quickly on-boarded to the e-commerce app and get started with their job.

  • Track Real-Time Orders:

With an easy-to-use dashboard, the delivery agents can get complete details of order pick-up and drop information along with the estimated time of delivery.

  • Order Updates

They can update the order statue to the customer in real-time.

  • Rating:

They can monitor their performance by customers’ ratings and reviews.

  • Track Payment: 

They can track their payment daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Admin Panel:

This is a very crucial panel that controls the business through the app. So, make sure that you have hired renowned Mobile app development Company that can craft this panel innovatively and saves the Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app.

  • Manage product:

Admin can manage all the products by adding and removing, customer reviews, vendors and delivery agents.

  • Control inventory

With an intuitive interface, the admin can keep inventory organised and up to date. Utilize inventory management to maximize supplies, save costs, and improve the effectiveness of the supply chain.

  • Track Performance 

Using AI-powered analytical tools admin can track the whole performance of sales and orders.

Advanced features of Fashion Apps:

Advanced features of Fashion apps

If you hire a genuine Ecommerce app development Company, it will recommend you to add some advanced features to your boutiqaat like fashion app to stand out from the crowd. Initially, it can enhance the Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app, but, later it can generate huge revenue. The features are as follows:

  1. Chatbot: Integration of this feature creates smart interaction with customers and solves their problems. On the other hand, it saves your investment and time.
  2. CRM: Integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you to channelize your marketing strategies and monitor customers’ activities to make any business decision.
  3. Multilingual: Customer can use their preferred languages to access the app.
  4. Product recommendation: Recommending personalizes products to the customers can add an edge to your fashion app.

Tech- stack used in Boutiqaat like App:

Tech- stack used in Boutiqaat like app

Choosing the right tech stack for Android and iOS App Development is a very important thing because the Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app varies with the cost of the technologies. Once, you hire a leading Mobile app development Company, it’ll suggest you right technology stack.



Real-time app analytics BigData, Apache, Hadoop, Spark
Payment gateway Stripe, PayPal
Data management Datastax
Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase,
Push notifications Apple push notifications, Firebase cloud messaging
Cloud AWS, GCP
Voice, SMS, phone verification Sinch, Nexmo, Twilio
In-app chat: QuickBlox Chat


Estimated Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app:

The Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app depends on some factors like the number of features, the complexity of the app, tech stacks, development time, developer’s rate, UI/UX design, number of App platforms and more. When you go to any leading mobile app development company, it’ll give you an estimate of $10,000 to $50,000 as the Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app for one platform. It can vary with the complexities of the app and developers’ locations.

Wrap Up:

Boutiqaat like multivendor fashion app development is growing exponentially. Hence, Boutiqaat like high-standard fashion app development with the latest technologies is necessary for the makeup or personal care product business. The discussion of the estimated Cost to Develop Boutiqaat like app will help you to plan for an Ecommerce fashion app that fulfils your business goal. But, it needs experience and skilled developers that you can get only from a top-rated Ecommerce app development Company.


How to start my Ecommerce fashion app?

After creating your MVP and testing it, assemble your development team. They will create an app similar to Boutiqaat for you. The team should be made up of project managers, designers, testers, frontend and backend engineers, and testers with solid experience in their respective fields.

Next, based on the nature of your project, select the appropriate methodology- the waterfall or agile methodologies.

What are the business models for an e-commerce fashion and beauty app?

The business models are as follows.

  1. Commission from vendors from the product listing.
  2. Earning from each order.
  3. Commission from brands
  4. Membership program
  5. Commission from In-app Advertising

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