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There are so many technological advances made every year but only some reach the top. It totally depends on the utility of those gadgets. Although, mobile application development is getting widespread and providing a lot of services to avail gadgets have their own benefits over this. So, here follows a new list of gadgets that have sparked out of encouragement to provide you with handy and useful functionalities:

  1. Halo Earbuds

The company Meizu introduced the Bluetooth enabled earphones, which are connected with each other through a highlighted cable. The headset has a control unit with a microphone and a battery, which powers the headphone and illuminates the cable lights.

This unique design of cable achieved through a special conic fiber, which illuminated by laser diodes. These laser diodes give a smart glowing effect. These halo earbuds have 3 modes of lighting, namely, normal, musical and flickering. In the musical mode, the light flickers according to the beat of the track.

These earphones are capable of reproducing sound between 20-20000 Hertz. The battery life is about 5 hours, which lasts the brightness of light by 50%, whereas, with lights off, it can work up to 15 hours. The price of these headphones is $158. You can connect with your friend on the channel and listen to the same podcast or music.

  1. Spectacles V2

The American company snap has created a waterproof spectacle with a built-in camera. It is simple to control the spectacles along this V2. There is a special button in the spectacle that allows you to take a picture. With a short press of that button, you can start recording videos.

It usually makes short videos of 10 seconds by default, but from the settings, you can set it to maximum 30 seconds. This all could start by wearing the specs alongside. The built-in microphone removes wind noise, and it lets you take photos, videos underneath the water. This could be a great tool for mobile app developers for their AR-enabled applications.

It comes with a charging case and it turns on enabling a Bluetooth. It can record up to 70 videos without getting a recharge. Being a small gadget, it is easily portable. It costs you $150.

  1. Safeskin

This plain looking case with a leather inset on the back panel is, in fact, an entire security system. If you forgot your Smartphone anywhere, no one will be able to remove it without knowing the special lock code.

The two hops of the cover can’t be separated without the lock code. Safeskin comes with a small keychain, which connects to the case and verifies whether the Smartphone is near. As soon as the signal is lost, the mobile application development services, which is associated with it, turns on the lost mode.

This will make the alarm to go loud and the power button will be locked. In addition to antitheft features, the cover protects the Smartphone from scratches and other damages. It will cost you $85.

  1. Air 33 – electro bike

Meet the electro-bike “Air 33”. It has ultra-lightweight, its eco-friendly and foldable bicycle. It is not just a bicycle; it gives you various ice-breaking options. The electric battery/motor attached to the bike allows it to work in three different ways: first is traditional pedaling, hybrid pedal-assist and completely electric.

This is a healthy option to go with, burn up your calories by riding this amazing bicycle. The battery is lockable and removal, making it easy to charge and difficult to steal. It weighs only 33 pounds and is foldable from 4 hinges.

It’s a cost-effective alternative for daily commuters. You can just rover it when you are not using it. It brings three benefits: quality, convenience, and sustainability. This is the next step to bicycle innovation, which will redefine urban mobility.

  1. Odin Aurora

Odin Aurora is the first ever laser projection mouse in the world. It is intuitive, responsive and very easy to use. On the outside, the device resembles the head of a transformer robot with bright red eyes, projecting laser beams on the table or straight surface.

It is portable due to its small size, that is, it can be easily carried and store in the backpack and pockets. The device eventually projects a hologram on the surface that looks like the touchpad of the notebook. It named as ODIN because, in Norse mythology, Odin is the God of war.

It draws out and provides a clean area for you to drag your fingers. The sensing area points to the curser on your screen. You can easily go with this mouse by connecting it to the USB port on your computer, no mobile application requires this device.

It has resulted in smoother user experiences. It uses usual gestures of fingers like the use of two fingers to enlarge an image, flip the image, etc. it costs $49 and it’s a breakthrough for all the limitations of handling a mouse.

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The importance of these sci-fi tech flicks is now recognized by top rated mobile application development companies. These gadgets have paved ways for eco-friendly solutions to the lethargic lifestyle. The companies are trying to develop something that can count on healthier living options. Some of these gadgets are accompanied by mobile application development, for their enhanced feature use.


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