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A North-American country famous for Rocky Mountain range and Niagara Falls is also the safe abode to many mobile application development companies. Mobile technology has since then taken over the entire service sector completely. These developers design applications with the intention to increase human dependency more on smartphones. Yet to stay at par with the changing technology one has to be friends with them. Therefore, the altering market trends and rising human demand has compelled more and more startups to invest in app development sector. However, the number of app building companies makes it all the more difficult to narrow down to the most fitting partner.

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To make your work a little less complicated, the list of top 10 android application developers in Canada is mentioned here.

iconIndiaNIC Infotech Ltd.

Occupying the top position among the 10 best android application developers is not an easy milestone to achieve. But the team of IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd. has proved otherwise. The developers enjoy playing and juggling with creative ideas to come up with an application, which is attractive enough, to steal a million downloads. Android and iOS app development is their forte, therefore, have benefitted thousands of clients with exceptional app development solutions to date. Web development along with mobile and console games are yet other areas of their expertise.


Synergo Group

They are known to create effective mobile and web development solutions at affordable rates along with free consultations. Established in the heart of Toronto, Canada, the company has branches in Brazil, Germany, Mongolia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, and the USA. The team of experienced developers is communicative and their experienced advises are highly reliable to convert out-of-the-world ideas into workable applications. Make them far-reaching and engaging with Synergo. The company has won many accolades for their work such as Certified Mobile App Developer by Applancer.


Y Media Labs

Creating digital products to have a lasting impact on the clients is what the top-notch app developers’ team of Y Media Labs aspires. They design experiences and not just mere applications. Anyone can come up with a mind-blowing idea but converting such ideas into workable applications is the responsibility of a developer. The team has proved to be embedded with excellent app building skills and foresightedness to understand the changing the market trends when designing an application. ‘PayPal’, ‘L’oreal’, ‘Staples’ are examples of their craftsmanship which definitely deserves appreciation and thus occupying a top 10 position among others in a Canadian market.



Sphinx Solutions

The team ‘Inspire’, ‘Innovate’ and ‘Evolve’ with the changing market trends to make the most of the opportunities the altering situation has to offer. The team is well-equipped with the latest tools and weapons to counter any form of challenge the market can throw at them. They count their success by the differences their designed applications have winningly bought into the lives of the customers. The team is experienced with Android, iOS and web applications, e-commerce and hybrid/cross-platform apps.



‘Survival of the fittest through a struggle for existence’. It is a famous quotation everyone is pretty familiar with. This applies to Fluper too. The company came into existence only in 2013 when the market has become quite competitive with top-notch developers struggling to find a scrape of place for themselves. Yet the company gradually made a place for themselves amongst the top 10 android application developers in Canada. The entire credit actually goes to the team who are dedicated towards their work marked on proficiency and app building excellence.

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247 Labs Inc.

Top-notch app development excellence and value-added service obtained but at a price much lower than the market standard when 247 Labs Inc. is hired as the hired partner. The company most deservingly carved out a niche for themselves among the other players in the market. They study carefully the project plan, understand their needs and strategize on their pain points to offer fitting app building solutions. Located in the heart of Canada, 247 Labs Inc. bring app development services to clients situated elsewhere across the globe.



Personalized and customized yet innovative applications designed to fit any device is ultimately the role played by the team of developers at Cortex. ‘BrainUltra’, ‘Maitre’D’, ‘bella’ are few applications that have been designed by the team. There is no point spending extra words to define the team of developers. The designed applications exemplify their skills aptly. The company rightfully occupies a position among the top 10 Android developers.


Hidden Brains Infotech

One of the leading Android application development companies in Canada, Hidden Brains Infotech has covered both the android as well as the iOS market for the enterprises and startups. Delivering applications across different platforms to cover varied devices is the talent of any top application developer and Hidden Brains houses many such professionals. They have achieved quite a record for themselves with 5250 projects across 39 industries worldwide. It has definitely earned the position among top 10 mobile application developers for Hidden Brains Infotech.



Servicing innovative ideas of clients globally is the ultimate purpose of this top android developer, AppStudio. The team of developers is proud owners of ‘Bookmi’, ‘PhysioTherapy’, ‘Scoutt’, ‘ITAXI’ ‘TrackiT’. Their designed technical solutions understand business goals, target audience, and a process of the clients and therefore deserve a proper place amongst the top-notch android application development companies in Canada.


14 Oranges Software

Custom mobile app development solutions along with web applications across Android and iOS platform are the purpose of mobile app developers teamed with ‘14 Oranges Software’. The team is qualified with stunning applications, which are easy to understand, and simple to use. ‘City of Hamilton’, ‘Vergo Woman’ and ‘Washington State Pharmacy Association’, are few such examples of the developers’ craftsmanship. These apps are equally engaging as well as technologically updated.

Summing Up

Building applications is not an easy task. Therefore shouldering the responsibility on the deserving partner is a wise step undertaken. The mentioned list of Fluper like best android application developers can help any client in Canada to get the best advice at affordable rates from such a partner.

Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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