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The rank of each Mobile App Development Companies is usually based on analytical results across different parameters. Developers to hire are probably in millions waiting in the market to be chosen by individuals or companies. But, how can one be sure that the choice made is accurate and genuine? Appointing partners often do not come at cheaper rates, therefore, such a decision definitely entails extensive research and careful analysis. However, this blog can be of some help here.

According to a report put forward by Statista.com, the mobile and android app developers of UK are ranked under different categories.

Since Statista.com yet again claimed there are approximately 42.4 million smartphone users in the United Kingdom itself, the demand for best mobile application developers increases as well. Hence identifying the most fitting partner is crucial.

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So, here, listing out the top 10 mobile application developers, currently in high-demand for the UK market.


Popular among the top 10 developers across the Globe, Fluper has successfully survived 6 years of its existence in the app development world. The different applications piled up in its portfolio are the living examples of their in-house app building skills.

Want to learn more about Fluper?? Drop by https://fluper.com

2Hedgehog Lab

Known as Global technology consultancy, Hedgehog Lab builds software that meets the expectations of the world’s best-known brands. A world that is dominated by smartphones, it is highly likely the applications will capture the major attention of the customers. The high-demand for applications compels professionals like those at Hedgehog Lab to develop digital solutions accessible by smartphones. Abreast with AR, VR and other technologies, the team is experienced in designing applications that command maximized installations.

Why not drop by their website: https://hedgehoglab.com/

mobile app development company

33 Sided Cube

The company is empowered by creative problem-solvers in the application development field with one singular aim. Bringing about a strategic change with their designed apps is what they aspire for with the developed apps to make a difference among people. Understanding common problems, studying client requirements and market trends frames up an ideal mobile developer. Defining the most fitting solution to counter all the issues makes up the ideal app building company, deserving rightfully a place among the top 10 UK developers.

Chelsea Apps Factory

The team of builders of Chelsea Apps factory is ambitious and experienced with products that are disruptive in nature when delivering ideas into workable apps. They are unique in solving problems with technologies that alter a cultural change when enhancing the lives of clients and employees. Cutting-edge technologies incorporated into the mobile app development framework have astounded the users and keep them engaged for hours with the same app.


This mobile application development company unfolds a wealth of expertise in the app building sector scattered across multiple platforms and varied sectors. The innovative strategies formulated by the development team build up intelligent apps with engaging content to keep the users hooked up with it for hours. Right from business consultancy, project management to design, integration, development, and testing, each and every task is met by the dedicated team of developers and designers.  Staff productivity raises customer engagement that cares to transform the business process into lucrative business opportunities for the companies. Hiring them as app building partner will be the wisest decision undoubtedly. Applications like ‘Shop Direct Limited- MyVery App’ and ‘UNITE- Maintenance App’ are few noteworthy works of the development team.


‘Information in the right hands has the power to change’. The team of Brightec strongly upholds the logic strictly to be reflected in the applications designed by the dedicated team of developers. Their objective is to place the user first to offer a life-changing experience with the applications designed by them. The ever-changing landscape offers bundles of opportunities that are rightfully exploited by the team to define the road to success and growth.


The applications that get featured amongst the top app list of the Editor’s choice under each app store have the experienced touch of developers from Fueled. Developing for Android or iPhone, the team specializes in engaging content-rich apps that are successful in fetching maximum installations. Startups or big brands, each stand a chance to win from their knowledge and expertise along with added aid for brand building and user acquisition. Apps such as ‘QuizUp’, ‘KeyMe’, ‘Warby Parker’ are few astounding examples of their app building artistry. They build apps that catch users talking and converting them into trends.

8The App Business

Mobile technology is continuing to connect continents together. Therefore, such an expansive market demand more and more participants capable of inducing some major changes into the traditional approaches to conducting work. The App Business is a company that deserves to be amongst the top 10 list of UK’s Android and iPhone developers. They are the largest and the most experienced team of mobile experts with a singular objective in life, and i.e., to convert a mediocre idea into the most engaging mobile application.

9Octal IT Solution

One of the leading providers of application solutions, the company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified with a physical presence in countries like UK, USA, India, Singapore, and Dubai. Clients are spread across the globe with more than 1100 mobile and web applications lying in their kitty and serving over 700 clients coming from different corners of the globe, placed the company among the top 10 app builders of UK. The team of 150 + professionals, has been appreciated repeatedly by different review companies, such as AppFutura, GoodFirms, Clutch, AppLancer, Appdexa, and Extract.

Konstant Infosolution

Award-winning web and mobile app development company, Konstant Infosolution carved out a position for itself among the top 10 developers of UK with their first-class app solutions lying in the app stores. Thirteen years of experience speaks louder in the development outputs for their worldwide clientele. 170 + employees specialize in app building across multiple platforms for different genres. Big brands like Nestle and Holiday Inn are the esteemed clients of Konstant Infosolution.

Final Takeaways

Approaching the most eligible application development company is definitely not a day’s task. Proper background research is essential before the name can be finalized. Also, the success of the application in the long-run depends highly on the competency of the hired mobile developer.

Companies must scan the market minutely since a lumpsum amount is at stake. The list of the mentioned Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies for the UK market including Fluper can help you in making your decision.

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