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After its launch, Yolo became the highly popular app by allowing teens to ask for unidentified replies to questions they ask on Snapchat. At present, the app is still among the top 100 iOS apps and has more than 10 million active users. Now, the app is going to launching its new smart feature for spinning up unidentified group chats, motorized by $8M in the latest funding.

The company is trying to create the latest kind of network in which there is variability to identity. The co-founder of the Yolo tells that, we are still ranking at the top and there is a huge opportunity in anonymity beginning with Snapchat Q&A.

Best Cross Platform App Development CompanyThe biggest profit for Snapchat’s Snap Kit platform is the Yolo app which allows developers piggyback on its stickers, login, stories, and Bitmoji avatars. This allows a small development team to create an app that can be used by millions of peoples, especially teens and they are able to sign up in just a few clicks.

Yolo Application Raise $8M

The basic motive behind the Yolo app is to write a question like, “What do people think of me?” or “Who’s my celebrity look similar?” Then you have to switch over Snapchat, where you can put these questions in your messages or Story with a link of Yolo. When people watch it, they can anonymously reply to it which you can post.

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This allows your followers to comfortably giving you a real reply. Each time people receiver messages, they have to open Yolo, which helps the app in getting 26 million active users globally.

Yolo releases its new feature of a group chat where you can create a chat room, provide it a name, and produce an invite like which you can post on Snapchat. Your friends can easily join the group chat and they are represented with the help of Bitmoji instead of using their name. The app also suggests that users can join party mode chats where their close friends are active.

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What makes the app more special is that users can use the superpowers button of the Yolo app to send a totally secret message to the group. The company said that the group chat is all about chatting with your close friends and you can restrict this group to your contacts which helps in limiting the number of strangers.

The app also works on the safety of the users as it blocks offensive content. It also works with Snapchat to provide safety to group chat features. The app doesn’t recommend chat amongst minors to adults. So, by creating anonymity more private, it has a chance to remove some of the bad elements of human behavior.

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