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What do you understand by the perfect website? The answer to most of us is that, which website looks attractive and easily engages users with it is the perfect website.

But here we are wrong. There is no doubt that these are the important features to make website good, but still, it requires something extra to make it perfect. So, to make it perfect, it should deliver all the useful information to the users with high clarity.

Nowadays, most of the websites contain more than required content and it makes it messy. Due to this, it is unable to deliver the proper information and also inexpressive to users. To get the attention of the users, it becomes necessary for websites to deliver valuable information through content with having an intriguing design to deliver the message with clarity.

So, there is good news for web Development Company that helps them in developing the perfect website to get success. In this blog, we are going to know about the top website trends in 2020, which helps you in fulfilling the latest demands and also keep updating your website.

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Top Web Design Trends 2020


Voice User Interface (VUI)

It helps in providing the same experience on the website as we have with Alexa or Siri. A VUI enables spoken human interface with computers possible. The technology takes the help of speech recognition to understand the verbal commands and immediately answers the questions.

We have to understand that voice control is going to become one of the biggest parts of our daily lives, still, this technology is not able to take complete control over our web experience. But in the future, this technology will be going to make it easy to access the website to everyone. Due to the benefits of this technology, most of the big companies are investing a huge amount to enhance their AI assistants.


Video Content

The power of the video content on the website can’t be ignored. As we all have seen that most of us usually attracted to the video and that’s why video content becomes an important part of the success of website. Every web design company must have to put video content at the front of their brand. You have to deliver better user-experience with video and also answer their queries with the videos to fulfill their requirements. Some of the best ways to engage users with your video content are;

iconWith the help of video, you can show the culture of your company.

iconCreate a short video about our products as it helps users to feel the products in a real-world.

iconYou also have to put videos of interviews with employees and also about the services of the company.

iconYou can also create a thank you video for your consistent visitors.




Most of the people visit websites to get the answer to their questions and the biggest question of most of the customers is what the price of the product or service is?

So, now most of the websites come with the pricing on their website. Let’s talk about an example of the online shop, where you expect the price of each product. If they start hiding their price, it becomes hard for consumers to assume the amount and they leave it without completing a purchase.

When you show the price of the product or service, it creates trust on customers regarding your agency. So, it is important to provide all the information about your services with pricing details. This helps in creating better relations with customers.

Website Trends to Enhance your Website


AI and Chatbots

By merging the latest technology like AI and chatbots, you are able to deliver instant customer support with a better experience. Now customers want 24/7 services from the company and these technologies help in delivering it. With using chatbots you can easily reply to every message of customers at every time.

AI and chatbots help in delivering innovative solutions to the queries of the customers and keep updated them with every aspect of your website. Now the demand for our customers to get a simple answer as fast as possible, neither they go with another company. So, our job is to deliver the best service to them and stay ahead with our competitors. These technologies help in providing a better website to enhance the experience of visitors.


The mobile-first Experience

This is not the latest trend, still, it is the most important for a long time and in the future, it is going to enhance. There is no doubt about the fact that the majority of Internet traffics comes from mobile phones. So it becomes necessary for websites to deliver the mobile experience for their users.

Most of the visitors on your website are mobile users and you have to provide a better mobile experience. So, to make it easier for visitors, you have to follow these steps;

iconMake your searches voice-friendly and super easy on mobile.

iconThe seamless checkout process in your mobile

iconCustomize the experience to visitors with personalized choices

You also make sure that there is not any unnecessary design element on your website that distracts visitors and also provides the fast processing experience on mobile. You can also perform a Google test to known about the performance of your website on mobile.



Including exciting design elements helps in attracting visitors to your website. But if you are using too many designs than it becomes messy and confusing for your visitors. On the other hand, if you add a good amount of whitespace in your website around design elements could look better and deliver complete knowledge without any confusion.

It is not necessary to add white color as you can add any color of your choice. Most of the designers don’t take it as serious, but it actually helps in highlighting the important information on your website.


Color Blocks

It is a way to split the screen into more than two parts to deliver more information on just one page. These blocks can be changed to different sizes and colors to deliver clear content with better design. You can also use visual images under these blocks and you need to be careful about the alignment of the blocks to make a better overall design.

So, it becomes necessary for designers to use the color blocks in order to make an attractive look and provide a better experience to the visitors on your website.


Split Screen

It is just like the Color blocks as it helps in displaying more than one message in a single page. It helps in enhancing the design of your website and delivering more information in less space with an attractive design. The design also attracts visitors to your website and engages them with you.

You can design these two parts in different styles and also merge different features to enhance its design. The split-screen is one of the best website trends that help in increasing the visitors on your website.


It becomes important for the designers to create a perfect website to engage visitors in the website. There are various options for designing the website, but you have to choose the best according to your requirements. The trends in the website designing are continuously changing with the time as every time designers come with something unique. In the blog, we have discussed some of the best trends of 2020 in website designing.  So, to stay ahead in the market, it becomes important for the designers to keep eyes on the latest trends.


Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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