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If the above statement was shocking to you, then you are really in a big dilemma of security of your mobile app. When the mobile app development has been increased, it also raises the concern of security. App developers have to take the charge here, they need to assure the security of their apps. Security is essential, but the app used by a user is secure or not will define its security standard and the measure has been taken into account. Especially when it has the sensitive data from users and their personal information, security needs the priority.

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What does the first thing come in your mind when there is a question over the security of an app? That could be the worst nightmare ever, you might lose your personal life, your private life will get exposed to the world and of course, if there is any way your bank details get disclosed, you can imagine how worse it could be.

Well, this is what a user will find, but what about from the developer’s perspective; the best mobile development companies in UAE should take an initiative here. They focus on assuring the security of their apps. And why not, the user trusts on the developers. We can’t forgive the Facebook Data breach scandal, that was the worst ever data security breach for users. Users had a blind-faith with Facebook, I repeat, blind-faith, which will never be with the company.

Before user makes it a point, not to trust an app, app developers need to get this issue fixed. Here, we have some real rock-solid security standards which developers should adopt and ensure the data security with their mobile apps.

Encryption – decryption

Tech-savvy knows that encryption is the best way to keep anything secret, this is helpful to make hackers task a bit more difficult. Encryption makes sure the security of your apps data, and why not. A 256-bit data encryption is really difficult to crack, hackers need a good work to get the decryption of data, and here just thin-air chances to get success by the hacker.

App Prototyping

Prototyping is the best ever way to ensure security with an app. This works well to identify the problem area and can be fixed easily at such security point where an app is lacking. Additionally, these restore points help to fix the break down from the latest successful prototype point. Tracking is easier with Prototype-method; mobile app developers should incorporate this method into their working.

Reliable Certificates from Variety of Devices

The application development should be focusing on the various devices so the data security loophole can be avoided. Especially the Android-based apps need this assurance as it has a wide-range of devices comes under its umbrella. Also, there should be a description of the devices which doesn’t support or works with your app, so you can use this exception to avoid any blunder. The use of these reliable certificates makes it easier for your apps to integrate perfectly with the source codes as well as hardware too.

Painstaking Testing

What more we can do as a mobile app developer; go-back-to-basics. The painstaking testing will ensure all the flaws to get fixed instantly and give best of the product ever. Developers can use multiple testing methods here to make sure that there would be no flaw and loophole. In an expert opinion from best mobile app developers in UAE prefer a dedicated testing team to give it the best shot in an app development process.

Fix bugs and release updates

Nothing is perfect; app developers apply the same to their apps. This is always good to release regular updates for your apps and some minor changes in the source code. The bug fixing will make it “bullet-proof” and updates will make it flawless. This has been observed in the recent past, constant updates develop confidence with users and increase your app rating too. Indirectly it saves your marketing budget by a decent margin.

Final words…

“Precautions is better than cure!”

We can’t deny this fact that hackers are also developers or individuals who understand app development process with a different mind. Whatever the security measures and methods are available should be used in the initial phase before releasing your app. As recommended by the tech lead of Fluper, developers can additionally use the feature of “remote data wipe” in case user lost his/her phone, so at least it won’t go in the wrong hand. Also, provide an option for backup of data in the cloud so the user won’t lose any precious data.

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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