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Currently, the world has witnessed a successful convergence of technology and the commercial world. Ever since mobile technology entered human lives, there has been a continual upsurge of innovative applications where technology blended smoothly with our routine lives. Experts involved with mobile applications such as the mobile app development companies found an entirely new invention to explore and nurture their app building creativity.  

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Now the question is what iBeacon is and how is it related to mobile applications??

iBeacon is another example of Apple’s innovative technology that entered our lives way back in the year of 2013. Since then it has successfully retained the initial buzz it did manage to create post its launch. iBeacon is a Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology that establishes a different way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones and other iOS running devices. iOS application developers gained a competitive edge over the Android app development companies before this technology was made available for the latter. Now it has strongly infiltrated almost all the sectors, successfully catering to the requirements of varied industries such as retail, education, and museum and finally the tourism industry.

But how much this technology can actually meet the requirements of the travel and tourism industry??

To answer this question we have to explore the benefits that can be drawn from the iBeacon technology.

We begin with:

  • The benefit for Travelers- The mobile developers engaged with designing travel and tourism applications can deliver an incredible user experience through seamless airport navigation right from the ‘check-in at the airport’ time, going through security checkups and finally ending at luggage collection at the time of departure and or arrival. Along with this, there are other benefits to be obtained such as aviation industry promotion, gate updates, booking cabs and also gathering information and data of the passengers based on their proximity. Also, the role of iBeacons is just not restricted to merely serving the tourists at the airports and hotels but rather aid in exploring the place, replacing the role of a tour guide. The tourists gain knowledge about the history of the place of interest along with key places that are of interest, major conveyances, shopping malls, amusement parks and places to dine out etc.  
  • Boosting Hotel and Hospitality Industry- This is one particular sector that has obtained quite an attention from the iBeacon technology lately, proving to be quite an asset and valuable marketing tool for the hospitality industry, also aiding their guests as well. It has displayed its productive side replacing staffs to offer uncompromised guest services right from the time they check in at the hotel till the time he or she checks out, also notifying them on their devices guiding them across to the hotel. There will also be special offers and coupons pushed to their devices. It is easier to maintain a healthy relationship with the guests by servicing them suited to their personal preferences.
  • Sales and ancillary promotions- The term, ‘ancillary’ is applicable to the aviation industry where revenue is generated through non-ticket sources such as baggage and onboard foods and services. The guests availing the services of such aviation companies stand a chance to gain valuable insight into the status of the flight as soon as they near the airport and avail the day pass to access information pertaining to the lounge and long-haul planes.
  • Generating personalized offers- The main objective of any profit-making organization is but to maximize revenue earning. The hired mobile application developers have discovered the best way to achieve that particular objective is by providing personalized offers to the targeted audiences which are achievable through iBeacon technology. The travel agents make use of historical and current data of their visiting customers to push custom notifications and messages.

Wrapping Up

It is estimated that nearly 44% airlines will soon leverage this technology to enhance their customer service by the year 2018. Since over 70% of the global population currently has access to mobile phones, it has boosted the mobile application developers around the world. The iBeacon technology is optimized in mCommerce apps mostly to render a personalized experience to the users. The hired mobile app development companies harness the ability of iBeacons to source customer data based on their physical locations, activities and personal interests that provide a huge window of opportunity, targeting customers with personalized and contextual experiences that guarantee business success.

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Likewise, your tourism business can taste the fruits of success on availing the service of a dedicated mobile app developer such as Fluper who have proven their talent in merging iBeacon technology with the mobile applications developed by its team.

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