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In 2016, tech savvies declared that the wearable tech are expected to bring sea changes in the world of technology. Wearable with the combination of pros and cons, but the way it is proceeding is expected to stake its claim in the future. Till date wearable have covered from stem to stern. Last year, even few tech savvies anticipated that 2017 would bring to an end of the Sports technology. But with the growing trend, and the hard-work of wearable app development company it seems trend is not going to die soon. Rather various wearables which are supported by the apps, is streaming from sports to grow bigger and bigger.
With the advent of wearables, people have appreciated the way it has impacted on health. According to Gartner, wearable has successfully enabled the consumers to go farther towards the more sophisticated Virtual Personal Assistants. So wearables have brought the battalion of possibilities for various type of organisation.

Future of wearable Tech

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  • Fashion and functionality

It has successfully driven from sea to shining sea. Wearable app Development Companies changed its domain from device to textile. In the year 2015, an amazing blend of fashion and functionality already invaded the market. Wisewear by Iris Apfel, a 94 year old fashion icon has crafted a seamless blend of fashion and function. She created a technology which can be worn like a piece of technology to help a women to lead a healthy, balanced and fashionable lifestyle.
Like Fossil, it has ruled the hybrid watches with a delighted combination of innovation and subtle-design that fit with the extensive trend. In 2017, Fossil is expected to expand its exclusive collection to more than 300 with complete variation on the core device by embracing special collection for wearable.

  • Miracle of Wearable in Textile

According to Wearable Technology Conference 2016, it discussed on the expansion of wearable on other arena. This wearable is initiated to improve the lives healthier for Parkinson’s disease patients. This year it is expected to come with the smart gloves that will embedded with the fingers and thumbs in order to measure rigidity and tremors which are considered to be the common symptoms of Parkinson’s.
Similarly socks for those people who suffered the strokes. These socks are embedded with software and sensors that will pass along the information of patient’s pace to the physical therapists and doctors in order to get ready with the rehabilitation therapy to the consumer.

  • Hearables

Transition of wearables to Hearables is quite intrigue. Alexa, Amazon has set to demonstrate the biggest quantum leaps in hearables in CES 2017. It is expected to be done with the VoiceGenie. This is a system which is considered to be low-powered recognition technology to wireless headset and headphones.
Another interesting innovation took place in Australia Nuheara IQ which would successfully eliminate noise but also enable to focus on the audio from the outside world. It would act like a hearing aid in order to cut through the background noise and enable to hear well.

  • Security

Wearables have not restricted on just fitness and health but also extended its tentacles to the privacy and security. In this contemporary issues, there are rising issues of hackers. Big data which is the most valuable things for cybercriminals. There are various connected devices in order to identify the hack. Recently various security devices have been initiated in ordered to alleviate the problems of cyberscams LahH, BaliROB on, Jimmy on, Searching4Truth on etc. So in 2017 CES, it initiated the notion of Security of Things.
In 2017, various body camera which started with GoPro Hero, Narrative Clip, and Garmin VIRB Elite etc. are expected to invade the market of wearables.


Just like mobile has turned the concept ubiquitous. This year wearables have started the notion of hearables and security of things. Day by day, it is approaching towards making the wearables omnipresent and hopefully reaching it to the consumers as well.
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