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Pricing strategy is a very dense word. To make it lighter it is branched into two words. Price is the value measured by undergoing to obtain something in return, similarly strategy is a systematic and elaborate plan of action. Fundamentally, it is the strategy to gain money through your app. This is the step which is quite elusive to determine the correct cost rather than building up an app.

It is quite difficult to create an equilibrium between the cost of producing and maintaining it and the final pricing to see how many users are ready to pay the price demanded. There are various professionals who spend their entire career to understand the Mobile App Technologies and psychology involved in ascertaining the price. It’s all about a perfect balance the cost of producing, customer needs, perception about brand etc.

So basically ascertaining the best pricing strategy is nothing more than a business model which would envision the mode of generating the revenue.

Paid vs. free model

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Paid is a type of the business strategy which is marked by paying up some sort of money either one-time or in the form of subscription. This has been one of the most evident strategy, but unfortunately this is not effective the way it is expected. According to a survey which demonstrated the fact that there has been declining in the number of paid apps. The reason is that the competitors might have some sort of robust strategy which can satisfy their goals without building up a paid app.

Paid can be effective only when if your customers are somewhat loyal towards your brand or you have something very desirable for your customers.

The most popular among the paid apps is education app which are worth enough to generate a splendid revenue.

Free model may be out of courtesy or complimentary for a consumer, but may not bring so much welfare to the developer. It has been observed that free apps are built either in the service or product extension of their main offerings.

It may not prove to be revenue generating directly but by giving sale notification or in-store coupon, they can successfully generate the app in the long run.

So which one is ahead in generating revenue…

Although people may expect that the paid version can be beneficial for the mobile app developer but in the long run free can successfully give rise to the revenue.

Freemium model

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Freemium is a business model, which is combined with the word free and premium. An app which is although free to download but exposed to a very limited functionality. In the beginning of the year 2009, Apple has allowed the developers to charge for adding any extra feature or extra lives in case of games.

But the freemium strategy can be further branched into various types. Among the common one, an app which is free of cost with limited features supported by ads, similarly a premium version that costs extra with the additional and worthy feature with no ads.

This strategy is more fruitful in case of games, where the app is although free of cost but features, and the advanced levels are the real ones to cost.

Freemium cannot be fruitful or may sometime exposed to the burden on consumers when they are required to in-app purchase as soon as they complete with their level especially in games. If your app offers education service then it would prove to be somewhat tricky and may show some opposite results.


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This strategy is although not very common among the users and may prove to be unprofitable in the short run, but in the long-run it can be profitable and give the new reasons to users to continuously make new purchase. For mobile app developers it generates a stream of ongoing revenue.

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Since this strategy is emerging which provides the potential to unlock revenue stream.

It has certainly made its own space as far as navigation app, music app and various social networking apps are concerned.


Pricing model is quite phenomenal. Top Rated Mobile app Development Company spends a considerable time in determining the best pricing strategy. To generate maximum revenue do the upfront research. Although the pricing strategy cannot be strictly enforced. There are various costs involved which can hamper the norms like bugs and errors after the launch, but don’t hesitate to go for it. Because in the long run, it would prove to be fruitful.

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