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Although it cannot be overlooked with the fact that a compelling description can successfully entice as many people as possible with the ultimate motive to download it. Even a great mobile app won’t be attaining the ultimate success, if not marketed properly. An app description which is although well written increases the chances of getting it conquered on the Google Play or App Store. Although there is no insta-feature solution, a good app description may more likely increases the possibility to create the waves in the respective app stores.

According to “RST” there are millions of apps that are available considering the leading app stores where various strategies must be followed in order to get the app featured. Well, in case to enhance the chances of getting the app discovered, then writing an enticing app description is must.

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It must consider the following attributes:

Understand the ultimate purpose of app description

As far as potential customers are concerned, app description certainly give some essential insights what the app basically is and what it really does. But considering the point of view of mobile app developer then, it is a source pitch. They have the idea and it is your sole responsibility to tell people why they should download your app rather than others.

Understand the ultimate purpose of app description

You must understand that your app has been found after the search by the user, hence besides dedicating your effort to write the appealing Mobile app design, you must take additional efforts to make the name as well as screenshots equally delightful to see. It looks for resources as well efforts investment by the Top Rated Mobile App Development Companies as well.

Forefront Initiation

As far as app description is concerned, then it is emotive call to action since there is less room to entire the customer. You may even take a look on the iTunes, iPad screen, preview website as well as iPhone screen. Since you have two to three sentences at display, here you have to make some splendid approach.

Forefront Initiation

Considering iPhone screen which is rather the most limited one where you have to show your creativity with 225 characteristics, although the entire Mobile App Design & description is restricted upto 4000 characteristics, but those 225 characters act like decisive point whether the user will read the entire one or not. Here comes some of the copywriting rules that are applicable over here:

  • SLAP: -Grab attention with Stop, Look, Act and Purchase. It encourages not only action but simplify the meaning as clear as possible.
  • KISS: -it elucidates Keep it Simple Stupid. It highlights not to use jargon and no room for filler as well.
  • WIIFM:- What’s in it for me? Here it will judge the value proposition and what will customer end up with, if they download it.

Mentioning achievement as well as reviews

This is although considered to be the one of the great ideas to amplify your app with the mentioning of achievements, awards that the app has managed to earn. Don’t overlook the importance of worthy reviews. For some sort of inspiration then Down to Launch, a social networking app has done a splendid job after mentioning all the achievements as well as reviews.

  • You can also mention the qualities and qualification of mobile app developers.
  • In case the app is already featured in newspapers like NotreDame, or College Brochure.
  • Or featured in magazine like Top notch.

Nailing down the list of functions

Although it is quite advisable to display 3-7 functions in the list. They must have a particular name while displaying with the short description. For inspiration, you can follow “Zillow” , whose main function is property search where search is the most utilised word as far as app description for the app store is concerned. But there are few of the considerations which must be kept into the mind:

  • Avoid making feature description to be too long.
  • You can place the two most important features at the beginning and remaining at the end of the feature listing.
  • Every function must begin with a new word, where all these words must belong to a particular part of speech.

Highlight the reason why your app is so much distinct and why should they pay for it. But it is although advisable that the premium content must be displayed once thee user download the app.

Understand the importance of localisation

Understand the importance of localisation

Reckoning the data, entitled “Can’t read, won’t buy” elucidated that 55% of the respondents will respond to the website where all the information is nailed down in their language. An interesting fact that more than 50% prefer to have atleast some of the navigation elements whereas some content are available with restricted English. Hence localising the app description is considered a smarter way in order to boost the download. But you need to ensure that a professional localisation firm must be engaged since it must have the same refinement as well as seductive appeal which a direct translation really can’t attain.

                                                   Wrapping up

Although the main procedure of app description is to prepare, write, polish and then proceed forward to update. Aforesaid are really some of the strategies which can make the ultimate essence of app description successful. Hence ensure that it must be regularly updated with any changes of the app. Regular improvements over the description is also appreciated along with the highlighting of awards and accolades.Disclaimer

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