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Generally, it is seen people are always curious about the results of their work. In order to achieve success, it is extremely important to know the consequences and get feedback. To know how people use your app just use Analytics tools.  If we talk about the mobile app industry, the number of app downloads; app ratings etc. are used to calculate the output in terms of revenue. But it is quite difficult to manage these numbers and this is the reason we require mobile app analytics tools. The professionals who are working into Mobile App Development domain, app analytics is extremely important for them.

Fundamental Metrics That Are Involved In the App Analytics

Once you get familiar with analytics tool, it’s time to set future goals. According to researchers, the global mobile analytics market is expected to increase by 24% by the end of 2030.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance

Checkout the main metrics –

Activation – It is the first experience of users with your app.

Retention – Retention is the total number of people who interact with your app on a normal basis.

Acquisition – Acquisition refers to the various social channels through which users came to your app.

Daily Active Users – These are those people who regularly interact with your app on daily basis.

Monthly Active Users – These are those people who interact with your app on monthly basis.

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools of 2019

App analytics is the best way to know how your app is performing and how its performance can be improved to attract more users. If you want to deliver outstanding Mobile app Design services then it is extremely important that your apps are delivering better performance.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance

Just have a look at mobile app analytics tools –

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  Google Analytics

It is a free tool that covers mostly in-app analytics. Its premium version is specifically designed for mobile app development companies as it provides information in a more detailed manner. This tool majorly focuses on user acquisition, revenue, and activation.  If you want to use this tool, just sign in with your Google account and use it smoothly. Besides this, this tool also provides you with a better understanding of what users expect from your application. The biggest advantage of Google Analytics is that it is free and it works on every platform.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  Apple Analytics

This analytics tool is developed by Apple and this one is also available free of cost. If you want to boost your app’s performance in platform like macOS Mojave, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 then this tool is perfect for you. It provides you valuable information through which iOS app developers can make the necessary adjustments in your app and attract more potential users. Apple Analytics mainly focuses on measuring revenue, referral, retention, & user acquisition. The major advantage of this tool is that it provides you detailed info on subscription activity of users.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is a paid tool that has custom-made pricing too. AppsFlyper works smoothly on various platforms like android, iOS, Windows, Web, Unity, Amazon, TvOS and Amazon. AppsFlyer don’t have financial relationship with any affiliate or ad networks. For marketers and gamers, this is outstanding analytic solution that mainly focuses on retention, referral and user acquisition. It offers solution on mobile attribution, deep linking, powerful integrations and marketing analytics.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  io

This analytic tool is free to launch and it has a startup plan of $59 per month. Branch.io provides customized auto-generated app previews with deep links.  This tool provides the easiest way to show the preview of your content to the users i.e., without redirecting users to the Play Store. It provides you exact analytics reports and hence you can easily set your new goals. Overall, it offers an effective solution to Android app developers in measuring data that is associated with links, app use, and link clicks.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  Criteo

It is most essential tool for marketers that have worked with retail giants like Adidas, Target & Sephora. Criteo measures the current performance of your app as well as webpage. Besides this, it also provides outstanding solutions to marketers, retailers to gain more audience. Criteo offers audience match, predictive bidding, app retargeting, engaging video ads as well as sponsor products for retailers and brands.

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Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  Apsalar

Apsalar is an official partner of Twitter, Google and Facebook. This analytic tool offer best solutions for regaining cart abandoners and engagement with new users. It entirely focuses on revenue, retention and attribution. Apsalar is the best tool for measuring app performance, synchronising app marketing audiences to partners, and analysis advertising campaigns.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  Amazon Mobile Analytics

This analytic tool is a part of Amazon Pinpoint Analytics. This tool is specially developed to empower
mobile app developers In other words, it is measuring tool for app developers through which they can track the users who are coming to your app on regular or monthly basis.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  Flurry Analytics

This analytics tool covers a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Android, Java, Windows Phone and Blackberry. When it comes to measure different types of analytics this tool is considered as the best one. Its analytic dashboard includes various things such as active users, session length, user retention, demographics.

Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance  Countly

Like Flurry Analaytics, Countly also supports various paltfoms such as as iOS, Android, Java, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Because of its open source nature, marketers can easily host their app on their servers. With the help of its cloud version, users can easily track and monitor app analytics in a hosted environment.


This analytic tool is insightful as well as informative that can be used for multiple purpose i.e., tracking app performance, downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews. Like other prominent tools, AppAnie can be used on multiple platforms such as Google Play, Mac Store, and Amazon Appstore etc. This tool helps app developers to monitor, visualize as well as analyze important trends.

Final Thoughts

App analytics tools are required to manage app-related numbers effectively and efficiently. If you want to track all information surrounding the app i.e., how people use your app then you can take advantage from analytics tools. If you want to offer unique web and app experience then get in touch with Fluper i.e., award-winning Mobile app development firm where top-notch solutions are offered that bring growth to your business.


Best App Analytics Tools - Track Your App Performance


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