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In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, businesses are seeking various ways to grasp consumer attention. And, the best medium for the users to connect with their target audience is via website and mobile apps. Due to this, web and mobile app development sector has grown significantly over the past few years and created fierce competition, therefore companies involved in the sector are in race to be the best. Whenever we talk about mobile apps and website, one of the best ways to increase conversions and turn website visitors into paying customers is incorporating great user experience (UX) design. A well-crafted UX enhances a customer’s journey with your product and brand. If you are going to launch a website or mobile app, then why not get some amazing UX tips? In this blog, I have come up with some awesome UX design tips that will help you design better!
First of all, it is important to know what exactly UX means for your business and how it gives value to your business effectively. Here is the short intro-
“UX, or user experience is the process and interaction your business has with people on your website, mobile site, apps, and online properties or services. In fact, the goal of a better UX is to help users do what they want to do when interacting with your business.”
As mentioned earlier, the market is highly competitive. Therefore, UI/UX designers are constantly searching for useful tips to improve the design and make it user-friendly. It has been recommended that by keeping your audience’s feelings in mind, you can create strong UX that arranges all of your information and interactions in a way that’s pleasing to people.
According to researchers, it has been analyzed that mobile app revenue is estimated to rise to $189 billion by the end of 2020, and the Android and iOS app development industry continues to expand due to the evolution of smart devices and changing technology. However, 24% of apps are only used once, on the other hand 57% of apps are deleted within a month.

Here are the prime reasons why users uninstall an app-

Awesome UX Design Tips and Tricks For 2019
As you can see, the biggest reason why people delete your app is bad UI/UX designing. Therefore, providing a great user experience should be of paramount importance for all app publishers. In the last year or so, UX design has advanced considerably, and it’s poised to change even more in 2019. There are some useful tips that could reform how top mobile app developers approach UX in the coming year-

6 Beneficial UX Tips For the Designers

Awesome UX Design Tips and Tricks For 2019

6-Beneficial-UX-Tips-For-the-DesignersFocus on Usability and User Goals

As a user, one thing which you’re hoping to get done as soon as the app opens is to perform tasks in the quickest way. Top UI/UX designers team should create a UX flow that allows users to book a cab and food or anything else in minimum time and steps. It should be not time taking, and irritating, it should be pure simplicity in the way the user expectation is met!
For instance, if you are going to develop a cab-booking app, then let’s not force the user to act on things like rating and reminder of low balance because that is not their biggest pain points.

6-Beneficial-UX-Tips-For-the-DesignersInstantly Recognizable Navigation

The prime aspect of pleasant user experience is by gaining their attention to the content that they want to view. That’s where a seamless navigation role comes in! It helps them in getting to the content easily. A user-friendly and seamless navigation system is designed to attract visitor in the least amount of clicks as possible. They should be able to locate information easily on the site itself.

6-Beneficial-UX-Tips-For-the-DesignersTime Saving Design

This year,iOS and  android mobile app designs trends are migrating toward designs that are simple and intuitive. There are a lot of trends and designs introduced on daily basis, but it has been suggested that you should focus on time saving design instead of tricky one.  In today’s era of information overload, working within the design standards that a user is already familiar with, you mitigate the potential of scaring new users with unfamiliar subject and theme.

6-Beneficial-UX-Tips-For-the-DesignersContent Focused Experiences

Currently, a UX Designer’s role is not simply about understanding user thought. Of course, there is no point in creating an exceptional product if no one knows and understand it. In 2019, one of the biggest trends for the designers will be the ability to tell compelling stories around a digital experience. To do this, it is important for UX Designers to obtain data on a customer wants. If you are going to integrate a video in your app, then the only thing that can attract audiences is the content.

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6-Beneficial-UX-Tips-For-the-DesignersDefine a Clear Action Button

Another important thing that designers should keep in mind is related to the action button. Whether iOS and Android, the app should define the action clearly. For example- In the cab app, the action button could be ‘request a cab’ rather than a plain ‘submit’. It will explain the purpose better to the user. Moreover, it is also important that the action button should be easily visible and approachable. It is hard to reach the top-left corner of a mobile screen for a right-handed user or using both the hands.

6-Beneficial-UX-Tips-For-the-DesignersPut Important Elements on Main Screen

The main screen is the crucial aspect of any website and mobile app. And, users are going to scan the site page and not going to read everything. In that case, you can design the page with the focal point on a certain image or topic, which will be central to the idea of the page, and then proceed to match elements where the eyes of the viewer should focus first. It should be definitely beneficial for your next project.

Wrapping Up

For every designer, designing strong UX does not need to be more complicated, and you don’t need to be tech savvy to map out customer-friendly experiences. I hope that these tips will help you improve your mobile app UX and increase your user retention. Next time, you hire best app developers, then make sure your app should meet with the above criteria. Without any doubt, you can hire Fluper, where the team of best UI/UX designers can design better apps with aesthetic appeal.

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