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There is a warning for most mobile users to navigate safely and beware of fake apps that have become very popular recently. You would be shocked to see some of the widely used apps on the list. 

In this blog, we will see how to check whether the app you are using or downloading is safe. Also, look for ways to be on the secure side. 

After the widespread adoption of mobile phones, they have become an essential part of our lives, and we have become dependent on them for our daily needs. However, this convenience comes with its own set of risks, especially from fake apps. These apps can access and save personal data from your devices without your knowledge, leading to privacy & financial issues.

The Rise of Fake Apps and Their Dangers

Fake apps are usually third-party apps designed to attract users by showing multiple benefits. These apps are not well recognized and use third-party ways to advertise them to minimize the risk of noticing by the government and other concerned authorities. Once you install them, they track your activities and sensitive banking information. Fake apps are also a critical reason for the increase in cybercrime. 

Common Tactics Used by Fake Apps

  1. Impersonation of Popular Apps

Fake apps attempt to imitate well-established apps by replicating their icons, user interfaces, logos, and more. The primary goal behind this is to attract attention from customers who are searching for a premium app.

  1. Malware Distribution

Many of these apps contain harmful malware, known to extract your confidential details such as banking information, personal images, and chats. Once installed, they can operate without your knowledge.

  1. Phishing Attacks

These applications are designed to send fake login notifications to make users panic. By misleading them, the goal is to trick users into entering their card details and other banking information to steal their money and information.

How to Stay Secure from Fake Apps

Firstly, it is essential to be cautious when attempting to download any app or software not available on the Google Play Store and when you try to download it through a third-party system. Below are steps to enhance your security.

Verify App Authenticity

The first thing you have to understand is to always download the app from a trusted source like Google Play Store, Apple Store, and more. Before downloading the app, always check for the developer’s information, reviews, and ratings. If you see something doubtful regarding the app, avoid downloading it. 

Enable Security Features

Enable security features in your mobile phone to keep it safe from unwanted viruses and harmful apps. You can also use Google Play Protect, which is the first tool that you can use to scan your downloaded apps and keep your phone software updated to protect against known vulnerabilities.

Monitor App Permissions

Be aware of the permissions that you are given to the app you downloaded. If an app requests irrelevant permissions, it may be a red flag, so it’s best to avoid granting them. For example, a flashlight app should not need to check for your location, so avoid giving permissions like these. 

Use Security Software

Using security software is very important to use to preserve your important data. Find good security software and download it on your device. This software adds a layer to your mobile phone for detecting and blocking malicious apps.

Examples of some fake apps

  1. BankBot: This app is a kind of replica of banking apps, created to deceive users into providing their login details as banking information and OTP. 
  2. Joker Malware: Joker malware is among the numerous apps that present risks to user privacy and security on compromised Android devices. This software is taking multiple permissions unknowingly without the user’s knowledge. 
  3. Fake Antivirus Apps: Most fake apps or applications use antivirus software to appear legitimate, but they scan your information and passwords to take control.

Fluper: Protecting You from Fake Apps

Fluper is a leading name in app development company. They are not only known for their app development services, but they are also exceptional in ensuring the safety and security of your mobile applications. Here’s how Fluper helps protect you from fake apps:

Stringent Security Measures

Fluper follows all the necessary security measures for the app you want to design. Fluper is a well-established name in the industry and has a long list of over 1000 clients for website development. Their team of testers is fast and accurate in identifying bugs. Security is crucial when creating and managing any app.

Contact Us for More Information

If you are also looking for ways to protect yourself from fake apps or you are looking for an app-developing company, connect with fluper today. Our team of professionals is ready to help your app stand out with outstanding features and top-notch security. Fluper is dedicated to enhancing your experience. Visit the Fluper website or reach out to us directly for a consultation.

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