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Gone are the days when availing flight service was considered a luxury for most of us. Now this industry has but emerged as a necessity. Pretty similar to what top mobile application development companies aspire in converting the smartphone into one of the life-sustaining component compelling, users to remain glued to their phone by pushing endless notifications to repeat user engagement on their apps.

But!! Why are we speaking about altercations here?? Well!!! The rapidness with which modern technologies are getting implemented into unimaginable processes, the traditional approaches to rendering such services is triggering obvious replacement rendering a completely different meaning to them. Identity crisis and top of all the fear of losing jobs are prevalent nowadays when mobile app development technologies followed by other hi-tech inventions are offering more convenient ways of doing even a complicated job. Where does this aviation industry feature in all these?? This is not just a sector that is only concerned with flights and aircrafts. Its way lot broader than you and I can imagine. And few latest disruptive technologies have grouped up to generate a lasting impact on the industry.

Let’s find out which are the technologies that can be positively leveraged to ameliorate the field of aviation??

  • Blockchain Technology has long captured the spotlight since 2016 and continues to ride the wave in the coming months, a disruptive force to be reckoned with in aviation and any other industry, in particular by intermediaries. This offers amazing opportunities allowing the technology to travel beyond the realm of mere financial transactions, gaining popularity through Bitcoin and projects initiated by major international banks.
  • Flying Drones have reached the heights of popularity since they were introduced during the World War 2 and extensively used in the militaries since then. Now they have become highly affordable and the year 2017 witnessed their entry into the commercial space. Amazon has gained the patent on the use of a flying warehouse to display where things are headed. It is an affordable mode of delivering goods from one place to another. And if utilized properly, can be used for pilot training and air traffic management.
  • Augmented and Virtual merged with the physical world to render an experience of either world and has proved its capabilities in different sectors wherever they are applied either in sync or individually. But AR is likely to penetrate the airline and airport space, also proving fast adapting technology in comparison to the VR.

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  • AI-Bots have already proved their benefits with their multi-sector applications either as an alternative to customer support in the form of Live Chat option utilized by enterprise application developers for their shopping apps. And their application into airline sector will undoubtedly benefit both the authorities and the passengers alike where information can be shared without any involvement of human intermediaries. The forthcoming years are likely to be the year of dialogue around different yet consolidated chatbot engines acting as a single gateway for customers.

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  • iBeacons is yet another gift of modern technology that tracks the position of visitors inside a mall through GPS like component aptly guiding the customers seamlessly across the different sections of the mall and feeding their smartphones with useful information such as discounts and offers available for them befitting their requirements. The same technology is used in airports to better aid the visitors with customized services as they travel through the airport terminal.

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  • Distribution Capabilities of airlines are making calculative headway towards a dynamic model rendering more control to the airline authorities and travel agents empowered to offer opportunities to build new products and services. The new distribution capability industry program is the driving force making necessary standards and guidelines available for the industry.

Finishing strokes to the picture

The world is slowly adopting the fresh inventions as modern science and technology continue their work of experimenting with the unthought-of and unexpected elements hand-in-hand with the top-rated mobile application development companies. Fluper like best app developers waits eagerly to mobilize the latest find into their developed apps’ framework to capture the hard-to-find users in an already saturated market. Aviation is one such sector that has been the late riser but did not manage to steer away from its undeniable iron grasp. Statistics reveal that whosoever remained detached from the influence of modern technology eventually fizzled out. Even the mobile developers continuously battle to remain ahead in the competition hence any untouched sector will not remain virgin for long.

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