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We have often spoken about why iPhones have proved way better than their major rival, the Android handsets. But if we analyze the real picture then we will discover that Android phones rule the major market in comparison to iPhones. Also, the Android mobile app development companies prefer developing applications solely on the Android OS since Google is less stringent towards new applications as against Apple, who has defined a set of rules for iOS app developers to follow, making it quite a difficult task to launch an app in the Apple app store.

CIRPS’s research clearly reveals that Android has accounted for 67% of US phone activations from April till June 2017 compared to 63% in the same quarter last year. iOS activations, on the other hand, has dropped from 32% to 31% in the same stretch. There are obvious reasons that have led to its continued popularity. It’s time to figure out such 12 factors that have contributed to its popularity among users beating Apple:

  1. Endless choices- If you are planning to choose an Android handset, you get multiple options to choose from either in term of good camera resolution, resistance to numerous accidental drops or a big screen, you get choices to fit your taste. But the camera, screen, internal hardware and other such factors are pretty much same in all the handsets of iPhones with minute differences such as the size of the device.
  2. Customization- Android handset can be customized as per your choice. You can download the third-party keyboard to avoid the boring standard keyboard or change the layout to that of the windows phone and many other such options. Apple, on the contrary, prefers to keep the entire UX/UI simple and user-friendly.
  3. Quality device hardware- No doubt Apple can beat Android in the software and operating system it uses in the devices but can never outdo Google in the hardware of the handsets that too available at such an affordable price. If you refer to the hardware specifications of both Apple and Google’s current flagship phones: Apple iPhone Xand the Samsung Galaxy S8+, you will get your answer to which company offers better hardware to its range of handsets??
  4. User-friendly Google play store- But, obvious all the mobile application developers especially the Android developers and few iPhone app development companies will agree that launching and uploading an application in the Google Play store is the lot easier and cheaper in comparison to the Apple ones.
  5. Multitasking and widgets- Android handsets facilitate multitasking enabling you to access two applications at the same time. As far as the widgets are concerned, Android has always beaten Apple since the latter does not support too much cluttering of the home screen. Widgets can be anything from a custom clock, weather, alarms, and direct calls to contacts in your phone, flashlight, email, messages, and so on. Apple, recently, have included limited widgets in its latest iOS 8.
  6. Huge storage with expandable memory- Apple has never supported the option of offering expandable memory rather they will prefer you to shed some more of your earned money in purchasing to upgrade to a more expanded memory. But the Android handsets already offer quite a large internal memory space such as Galaxy S7 Edge with 32 GB of internal memory to which you can add an extra 64 GB expandable memory in the form of an external micro SD card priced at $19 only. No doubt Android is better.
  7. Removable battery- Most of the Android devices have a removable battery that is easily replaceable or send for servicing as soon as it loses its capacity. Also, the battery is purchasable on Amazon or any other popular mCommerce websites at a minimal price range. However, Apple does not give such an option to its users. iPhone users have to visit the Apple store for servicing or continue live with the poor performing battery.
  8. Multi-device usage of phone chargers- Most of the Android smartphones have the micro USB chargers that come in the package along with the device. Such a charger can be used to recharge other Android phones. A Samsung charger can easily recharge a Motorola device. Using the USB port, the phone can be recharged from the laptop or PC. Apple added innovation to this factor that just resulted in losing your pocket a bit more. The original iPhone chargers have been replaced with lightning cables that do not support the older versions of Apple handsets that normally used 30-pin charger which is capable of recharging only iPhones.
  9. Durable device material- Samsung makes use of polycarbonate rather than aluminum to build their phones and Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge make use of durable aluminum with glass fronts and backs. Also, the external plastic case offers the extra protection to the device. This is something that lacks in iPhones.
  10. More free apps in the store- The Google play store have more applications and most of them are free of cost in comparison to the Apple app store and iTunes. Despite few quality issues concerning the free apps, there are more alternates for you to choose from. Out of the 2.5 million total apps for Android, 2.3 million of these are free. Android mobile application development companies enjoy the freedom of uploading apps in the store without facing too many hassles. However, their rivals, the iPhone app developers do not own such a luxury which justifies the limited yet high-quality applications.
  11. The wide range in device price- The Android handsets offer a wide range of prices for the handsets that are affordable matching the different salary range of users without any compromise made towards the quality of the product. But iPhones are practically unapproachable for those who have limited means.
  12. Integrated with Google- Android is an open source project that is only led by Google but not owned by it. Google designs its own version of Android and then make it available to other manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony. Thus Google services such as Google Maps, Docs, Drive, Gmail or Chrome form an integral part of Android.

Time to wrap

This is the phone for the masses, the cost of such handsets have made it available to a wide range of customers irrespective of their age group and class. The mobile app development companies prefer developing applications for Android handsets more since they can reach a much wider group and have to face minimal hassle to upload such applications in the Google Play store. So if you are planning to launch your very first mobile application, the above-mentioned points are enough to convince you in opting the Android version. Also, it is advisable to avail the service of a competent mobile app developer hired to relieve yourself from the unnecessary burden

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