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Playing games on your iOS devices can be fun-filled and full of excitement. Moreover, it would be thrilling to have access to those games in offline mode. Imagine playing your favourite games even without turning on your internet or using up your daily data limit! Undoubtedly, the best iPhone game development practices are used to develop these mind-blowing games. 

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Top 10 offline iPhone and iPad games that you can play in 2021-

1Alto’s Adventure & Alto’s Odyssey

It is a unique endless runner game where you can snowboard through unique landscapes. You will have to jump and perform tricks to tackle the game’s levels. The game has 180 goals to complete, including stages that need quick thumb work. Odyssey also has the same endless running feature which also requires tricks but in the desert. You will also find other features like wall-riding, water surfing, tornadoes, falling platforms, and balloon bouncing.


Minecraft game has an interesting gameplay aim. You will have to build a small farm on the grasslands and try to survive amidst the challenges. The game’s latest update includes several new features in its Village and Pillage update. Minecraft has been available for the PC since 2009, but various updates have created a diverse game structure to explore even on your iOS devices.  Free Solitaire Game  technologies are used for developing such apps.

3Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an arcade game where you will be asked to jump through the street’s busy roads without dying. Meanwhile, you will have to overcome barriers like trains, cars, and rivers. The game offers a default character of 8-bit chicken and also offers the option of choosing from 145 available characters. Multiple iOS app development techniques are deployed to make these offline games give you an enjoyable interface. 

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4Brother in Arms 3

If you are into action games, then you will love this one. You will play as a shooter in this game and will have to fight with the enemies on the battlefield of world war II and try to capture the war chest that includes various strong armors, weapons, maps, and powerful kits. You can even take the help of your brother when there is a mortar fire, airstrike, rocket blast, or any other attack. You can unblock new brothers and upgrade them accordingly. 


If you love brainstorming while solving puzzles and creating words, then Wordscapes will help you explore more. Wordscapes has very simple features and can be enjoyed by all kinds of people- young and old. The game will let you explore over 4,700 puzzles of spell Blitz, word chums, and mix two. This game gives you one of the best platforms to make your mind do some exercises just by sitting at your home. 


Drop7 is a simple game that can be played even by beginners. This game has some very simple objectives like dropping discs and matching their colours in multiple columns or rows on the game’s screen. The main objective of the game is to make as many chain combos and score as many points as you can before the board is filled. The game will allow you to go through various fast and calm modes to enjoy it as you like. 

7Fallout Shelter

This game will ask you to manage your settlers, build new rooms, and ensure that everyone survives for as long as possible in the gaming interface. Made with the best iPhone game development techniques, It is an important part of the Fallout franchise that has other exciting games credited to its name. Fallout Shelter is just one of those fascinating games that will let you have fun even without having internet access. 

8Knights of Pen & Paper 2

It is one of those games that has retro-style gameplay making it stand out from most of the gaming apps. The best part is that this game can be played even in offline mode. This game resembles a tabletop RPG that allows you to personalise your characters, fight with enemies, and enjoy the impressive pixel-art graphics on the way. The game will leave you filled with thrill even after playing it just for once. 

9Smurfs Village

In this game, you will have to create and maintain the villages. The game has a strong storyline of the Smurfs that are small human-like characters that live in houses shaped like a mushroom. In Smurfs Village, you live a life like Smurfs and create homes, bridges, bakeries, and farmlands for yourself, where you plant your crops and SmurfBerries. You can even stretch your lands and decorate them with gardens, flowers, and celebrate festivals like Christmas.


This one is also known as a straightforward and reflex space game where you need to swipe your finger across the screen for controlling the black ball on a zigzag twist to guard it against falling off. You can even win extra points if you gather all the purple diamonds in the game. Swiping quickly may seem difficult initially but you will love it once you get accustomed to it. Such phenomenal iPhone and iPAd games are designed in such a manner that they can even compete with the ones developed by enterprise app development companies.

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