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“Reality is often disappointing”, yes! It is true but, with VR, it isn’t a thing to be worried about. Since the introduction of Virtual Reality in the app development industry, we’ve witnessed one of the biggest breakthroughs in mankind. With that being said, VR is currently somewhat limited to the gaming industry, but it’s just a matter of time when we’ll be able to use VR applications on our smartphones.

Forecast of VR market size

As you can see, that since the year 2016, the market revenue of VR is only growing and it is doing so at somewhat on a constant rate, and this number is only predicted to reach heights. The reason behind that much popularity is its capabilities of fulfilling fantasies.

Most probably, you must’ve seen people using VRs with handheld or even head-mounted viewers, which are initially the ways through which VR can be enjoyed to the fullest. Devices like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR are perfect examples. If you are an iPhone user, then you may like to experience the likes of VR. But, the point is, VR is a bit more vigorous for Android, but there are some ways through which you can get the most out of VR on an iPhone.

What Exactly Do You Need To Use VR on A Smartphone?

This is probably the most asked questions when it comes down to using VR to the best of its ability. And we, being a leading VR app development company, have listed the components that you’ll need.

The first thing that you need is Google Cardboard or the Gear VR, that provides a user with two lenses and immersive environment required for the VR experience.

Apps that deliver the best VR content

That’s it, all you need is, these two easily accessible commodities and you are all sorted.

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How to Use Virtual Reality on an iPhone?

Once you get the hold of the two things that we mentioned just above, using VR on iPhone is a pretty simple task to pull off.

All you have to do is just open the app on your device, and then put your iPhone into the viewer with the screen facing towards you. Raise the viewer to your eyes and once you do that, you’ll be in the world of Virtual Reality. It’s that simple. Depending on the viewer hardware that you are using and the apps that you have, you may or may not be able to interact with content in the apps. Some of the apps out there are passive – which means that you can just watch the content which is being showcased to you, for instance on TV – while the other ones are more interactive, like games.

Compatibility Is Yet To Be the Area of Concern

 Perhaps the most famous and impressive VR systems available in the market right now are quite complex, like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR. All these devices are being powered by high-end computer and they even include controllers to let you play games and otherwise interact within VR.

Well, that’s one thing that the iPhone is left behind at.

As of now, the VR experience on iPhone is not one that you experience with other devices, which means it is quite passive where you can only view content, though some viewers that include buttons to interact with some apps. Devices like, Samsung Gear VR headset includes a feature through which you can scroll through menus by just tapping on the side of the device.

Well, that is something that hasn’t introduced for iPhone as of now, but some iPhone-compatible VR apps let you select items by focusing an onscreen target for a short period of time.

Notable VR Apps for Your iPhone

 You won’t find as many VR apps on the Apple’s app store because there are only quite a few available, not only the app store, even on Google Play Store and on the Samsung Gear App Store as well. But, there are still some worth checking out apps that you’ll give you a taste of VR is capable of. So, if you’ve got a hold of a VR viewer, you need to try these apps:

iconLife VR: You’ll get VR content from some of the biggest publishing brands known to mankind, including Time Magazine, People, Sports Illustrated, and others.

iconDiscovery VR: In this app, you’ll be experiencing stuff coming straight out of the Discovery Channel’s universe.

iconInception: Explore the world and performances across the globe. This app will take different parallels of the world and performance spaces.

iconYouTube: Who doesn’t know this app? Now, along with videos and music, creators are now uploading VR content as well. So, go check them out.

iconSisters: A VR Ghost Story: Horror genre has always been intense, but with VR it’s a whole another experience. And this is something this app provides a user with.

iconWithin: It is a full-fletched collection of narrative VR experiences, including the one from the USA TV show Mr. Robot.

 Some of the iPhone Compatible VR Headsets

If you are shopping for VR headsets for iPhone, then you need to know that there are only a handful of headsets that are compatible with the iPhone in the market. And we being a Good Samaritan have enlisted them just down below. With that being said, let’s jump right into them.

iconDodocase P2: It is a similar device as Google’s Cardboard. When it was launched, it used to be available to regular users, but now it is sold in bulk to other companies.

iconGoogle Cardboard: It is a simple, lightweight, and a basic viewer. It is one product that you can start things out with.

iconView-Master: This is basically designed by kid’s slide-viewer brand, but with VR headsets and apps.

iconZeiss VR One Plus: It is a much more complex device than any other ones on this list. This device supports AR applications and the backing of a fashion brand.

iconHomido VR: It is a headset that emphasizes on comfort, compatibility for people who wear glasses, and lenses. You can adjust the device as per your preference.

 Why VR isn’t as good as other devices on the iPhone?

There are quite a few reasons why VR is not enjoyable than on any other devices. Like we’ve said earlier, on iPhone, VR is really a semi-immersive 360-degree experience which is relatively passive nature. The iPhone VR is evidently flat in every major aspect. A viewer can only look around, but cannot interact beyond the capabilities of navigating from place to place.

The other aspect on which VR is really not the thing you can enjoy on the iPhone is the fact that iPhone’s Retina display isn’t good enough for VR. And along with that, there is no dedicated operating system for iOS. This makes iPhone users unstable as Samsung’s Gear VR is leading the way in every major aspect, like design and navigation. Other than the Gear VR, Google’s Cardboard app is also the one to consider, since this is one such app which is compatible with the iPhone.

What’s the Future of VR on the iPhone?

Things You Need to Know About Virtual Reality on iPhone VR

 Virtual Reality on the iPhone is currently at its development stage. And it’ll stay like that until Apple decides to build support for VR and VR headsets/viewers into the iOS. Whenever Apple adds core support for new features and technologies to the iOS, adoption, and use of those technologies tends to take off.

 Final Thoughts

Are you looking forward to making a VR app like the ones we mentioned above? If your answer is yes, then all you got to do is just contact us and that’s it. Being a top-rated mobile app development company in USA, Fluper will be very happy to help you out in the best possible way. We have an enormous team of highly skilled developers and designers who’ll do their best to satisfy you at all cost.

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