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A 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid sedan was caught in a fire on Tuesday night in Haverford, Pennsylvania. According to the chief fire officer for the Lower Merion Township Fire Department, Charles McGarvey, when the owner was at its wheel, this incident happened.

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Tesla started deliveries of this new Model S Plaid, which is a high-end performing version of its flagship electric sedan, in June. After Elon Musk had said on the podcast of Joe Rogan Experience that they will start in February. In April, Musk explained that its development was associated with more tough challenges than their expectation and also said, “it took quite a bit of development to ensure that the battery of the new S and X is safe.”

Tesla started deliveries of this new Model S Plaid


The attorneys of this car owner said that he observed smoke coming from the Model S Plaid car’s back and he tried to unlock it and open the door but he needs to force it to find the way out of this car because the locks looked to malfunction. When he left the car, it started to move on its own and flames engulfed it. 

The car owner’s identity has remained private, is being demonstrated by Mark Geragos of Geragos & Geragos in Los Angeles, and Jason Setchen of Athlete Defender in Miami. 

There are two firefighters crews have worked on to put off the fire on that scene for just more than 3 hours dealing as an emergency, said McGarvey. AR VR app development Company

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