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Mobile application development is not the last step that you take to complete application development process. The last step is actually the promotion and marketing of app. It is the most important part of the mobile application because even if you have developed an extremely innovative app, it will not reach out to people if you don’t promote it. However, there are some simple steps that mobile application developers should know to make the application appear in the top of the list in the app store.

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There are simple practices that can be carried out for mobile app promotions.

Dos for App Promotion

iconCheck metrics on a regular basis

Mobile application developers need to set and track their key metrics regularly. They have to develop a framework accordingly to perfectly analyze the data up-downs. If there is not much traffic hitting through your application, then you will get to know what steps to take.

These analytics help stakeholders to view your performance and provide a meaningful way for your business growth.


Have a look at your users at a cohort level

After the app is released, the development team is responsible for maintaining a category of target users and sees what types of users are actually using your app. If your app turns out to be a successful one, you can focus more on narrowing down to teens and age groups. It might turn out to be valuable to focus more on advertising those users.


Put efforts on strategies that are working

The in-app market, there are thousands of fluctuations in using conventional tricks as well as accommodating the new ones. There is no point in sticking to only one type of technique. Try to listen and analyze the data collected as much as you can.


Retention rate is important

Good retention rate matters a lot; this makes your app to capable of the monetization profits. You can fix your monetization by improving retention over time. If you want retention, then you need to provide continuous improvements and updates, with new offers, and amazing user experience. Without good retention rates, the development of application goes vague, which genuinely tells that users do not like your application.


Involve with ad networks

Once you get aware with the key metrics and you know how to monetize them. It is time for you to introduce different ads networks so that you get a hint from where the users are coming from. Involving yourself with paid services in the app itself helps the developer to know what the market requires.

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Don’ts for App Promotion


Throwing money fully on advertisements

Ok, advertising your product is necessary but overdoing any task is harmful. It is better to perform advertising in limits because monetizing balance is a must to keep. What if you are not getting enough as much as you are investing? Therefore, be on the safer side.


Don’t overestimate your app

People tend to find their app very unique and special than others in the market, but this myth makes you overconfident and therefore you do not use proper promotional strategies. Don’t always think that your app is best, just focus on how to make it better than what it is now! Never make this mistake of showing off your mobile application as the best.


Don’t hold back a failing promotion campaign

“if campaigns are not performing then stop them dead- every day you don’t is costing you money” – Martin Macmillan.

When you get aware of the fact that some of the campaigns are not working successfully then, doesn’t try to hold them back. Let them fall but focus on the facts and metrics that are actually trying to tell you the thing people are getting interested more in. knock down the ones which are failing; it is a good strategy to maintain the user’s focus only on the unique feature.


Don’t forget to analyze your metrics

Don’t ever forget to check your data analytics, people have a habit of setting and forgetting as soon as the market starts using the app. Interpreting data helps you to expand your business in the correct direction. You cannot choose the audience yourself, but data can help the right audience to choose you.

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The ever-changing trends of marketing affect mobile app promotion strategies. The conventional methods get discarded as quickly as a new style of promotion seeps in. It takes a lot of efforts to get a grip on something that is taking a new shape every moment. Top mobile application development companies focus on mobile app promotion very much, because this is the most significant step that counts afterward the mobile application development is complete. So, if you want your business to be scalable, you need to plan before heading for app marketing.

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