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Strategizing the best app marketing plan is equally important as it is to design a good app store optimized mobile application. This is an established fact that any mobile app developer needs to chalk out a proper marketing and sales promotion plan to ensure that the application reaches out to the maximum user base. The ultimate goal for a dedicated mobile app development company is to successfully reach out to the target customer base. Simple designing and uploading the application will definitely not serve to achieve that desired result. Proper marketing and sales promotion strategies come handy at this point to offer that much-needed leg up for the applications.

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There are few useful marketing tactics especially designed to give that extra boost pertaining to the type of application designed and also the budget constraint of the project.

Let’s explore the mobile app marketing tactics:

  1. Guerilla Marketing

If you Google this term, the definition that you see states that it is an advertising strategy focusing on low-cost marketing tricks that yield maximum results especially benefit entrepreneurs having a tight marketing budget.

  • Perks and incentives give away branded items completely free of cost to keep your target audience hooked to your application.
  • Hiring brand ambassador gets your app message across through word-of-mouth marketing strategy, sharing the application with their friends and acquaintances.
  • Free Snapcodes connect an app store link to a snapcode when scanned redirects users to the app store.
  • App-launch party is applicable for those mobile app development companies that have quite a huge budget at their disposal to invite people to the party making sure that each one of them has installed your application
  1. Online

The World Wide Web is a wider space which a mobile app developer can exploit in more ways than one to gain visibility and promote the brand name of the application. There are many tactics which can be utilized such as:

  • Build up a personal brand for the mobile application
  • Start and maintain company’s blog is a part of inbound marketing to compose contents pertaining to your app’s niche
  • Email marketing to convert the blog readers to email subscribers.
  • ‘Kickstarter’ campaign is a crowd funding platform for raising funds and gain brand awareness.
  • Create a great landing page and killers’ trailer video since landing page draws most of your traffic and promo videos will best describe the purpose of your application
  • Get invited into the product discovery platform, ‘Product Hunt’ to share your application.
  1. Social Media

This is one platform that connects mobile developers to a much wider audience since actively socializing and following in online media is the current trends.

  • Feature the application in a video via YouTube Influencer offers both indirect and direct product placements, where a brand is either mentioned in reference or actively reviewed.
  • Incentivize through social media giveaways such as offering prizes for contests specific to the target audience of your mobile application draw the high volume of engagement, emails, and page likes for your brand.
  • Active participation in other social site activities such as responding to tweets, posting creative images or videos on Instagram to build up your brand name, replying to questions asked on Quora for professionals etc.
  1. Paid Ads

As the name suggests, it is but obvious that the app developer is likely to share quite a few coffers in making investments to such paid ads to boost up the application visibility in the search queries. The few popular tricks are:

  • Pay per install Ads is an affiliated marketing program paying off a publisher commission as soon as the application receives one installation.
  • App store Ads such as bidding on competitors names and advertise the applications in the search queries.
  • Facebook video Ads get a large user engagement with your application advertisement at minimal cost.

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  • Google Adwords- Create mobile app campaigns to match up the intent of the search terms thus pushing the advertisements up at the top of Google’s search results.
  • Hiring mobile app marketing agencies that will make a proper study of the nature of your application development process and target such platforms that will benefit the application objective specific to your core concept.
  1. Product

This particular campaign category is entirely application objective centric.

  • Push notifications in the form of catchy yet crisp messages pushed into the user’s mobile device to re-engage them back into your application.
  • Deep linking is again used to drive user engagement by taking them directly to the specified page or perform an action on clicking an external link in the device.
  • Addictive marketing by continually incentivize them with offers and keeping them glued to your application round the clock.
  • Referral system such as discounts to both the referral and the referee to target the word-of-mouth marketing strategy.
  • Request regular app users to pen down their usage reviews to build up the application brand image.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Utilize ASO and cross-promote with other applications entails more investment to boost up app placement and increased app visibility in search queries, also cross-promoting across other startup sites offer a dual win-win situation for both partners.
  • Optimize app review sites prior to the launching of the mobile application by granting a sneak peek into the application before its launch to get your application well rated by them. Also, submitting the application to win awards in different categories actually expose the application to a wider group.
  • Make use of email signature along with site links and icons connecting to your social media accounts can maximize the application download and finally.
  • Get featured in ‘App of the day’ on other sites or observing cordial relationships with other sites may generate some increased traffic for the application.

Time to wrap up

Simply applying such tricks is just not enough. Make sure that you have a well-organized system to continuously monitor the app downloads to identify the strategies that best worked for your application. Hiring dedicated mobile developers such as Fluper takes away the burden of marketing the application. The top-rated mobile app development companies such as Fluper has in-depth knowledge on which app marketing strategies to harness that will best serve your application’s purpose. Their teams’ dedication can be relied upon to gain optimum benefit out of their service against your investment.

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