6 Essential Mobile App marketing Metrics


It has been observed that only 1/5th of the apps downloaded are not used more than erstwhile. Users are markedly affected by the promise but often these high expectations turn into disappointment when their expectations are not met while experiencing an app. Mobile app marketing Metrics are quite vital when it comes to the way they are being responded by the users. With the help of their response it can generate an understanding what they expect from the new version and what all features are needed to be added so that it can prove fortunate and roaring in the future. What age of the audience must be targeted so that you can best of out of the app. And also to alleviate the probability of Jill of all trades. This is so essential since it involves flourishing by the sweat of one’s brow.

Number of apps downloaded

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It enables to get you a perception that whether your app is a winner or defeated. First few day may not be so encouraging, but then you need to begin with traffic campaigns, adjustment of ASO and many more strategies. Then why to be snowed under so much hardwork. Since it helps to improvise the recognition among the competitors,

But most importantly this is one of the measure which will decide ROI, how well is it going impact on the monetisation system. Because download of apps is directly related to modulate its step in the intense competition. This is the most direct measure of marketing metric in mobile app development.

Average Revenue per User

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This is the ratio of the revenue from the average customers. It varies by the revenue model and app category. It is very important since this criteria will demonstrate the user commitment. It ensures an inference of app’s success.

ARPU= Total revenue generated in a particular time frame/Total number of active users within a particular time frame

It can also be used in mobile marketing by optimal budget.


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There is no standard definition for engagement in mobile app development. It discusses about the phenomena where mobile app is used longer and more oftentimes. There are various concrete metrics that comes under the engagement.

  • Session length- how much time a particular user spends in an individual session.

  • App screens in particular session-In a single session how many screens are being launched by the customer.

  • Interactions-What percentage of customers readily respond to the message.

  • Opt-ins- Just for the sake of notifications how many customers readily sign-in.


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Acquisition is defined as the number of users installed your app from a definite location through word-of-mouth, organic search, in-app referrals or paid campaigns. This would enhance and keep a track through paid partners like facebook. This is basically to keep an eye how much their apps are downloaded, and how there apps are basically acquired by the users.


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How many customers are ready to be active after the launching of an app even after one week? One month? One year?

This is one of the criteria that depends on the robust behaviour of the mobile strategy and distinctive app. With the help of return it gives a better denotation of current-customer base and app’s achievement.

With the help of retention, mobile marketing metrics gives power to determine these amazing powerful levers;

  • It enhances more value to each customer by increasing the revenue directly increasing Average revenue per user.

  • With the help of customer, more revenue is generated

  • More focus should be given to the retention rather than acquisition by proper designing of the market strategy.

Lifetime Value

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The most essential revenue metric, which represents the economic value of the app and how much the customer is worthy in his lifetime. This is to keep an eye revenue per customer, and demonstrates directly to in-app and across the other channel for entire expenditure.


To attain and keep the users consistent it ensures the optimization for the right engagement. Personalization and engagement is guaranteed by the in-app purchasing, advertising and paid subscription. There metrics encourage the development of the app and ensures more and more social engagement.

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